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Zywa Jun 2022
Seducing someone

to want to go to hell, that --

is really subtle.
In the St. Louis Star-Times of Missouri (November 27, 1937, page 10) and in The Altoona Tribune of Pennsylvania (January 1, 1938, page 6) is published:

A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a tactful way that you'll look forward with pleasure to making the trip.

Collection "Love Mind and Death"
Àŧùl Mar 2021
A poem is not
Your crass, Because

A poem is not a medium to abuse,
Or a collection of cuss words.
Roses should pour from its phrases,
The poem must always be beautiful,
Aye, even if angry or hateful.
My HP Poem #1916
©Atul Kaushal
Suzanne Penn Feb 2021
My older eyes
have been searching lately
through the crowds of people tearing up
My city

I understand
I have protested a bit myself

I understand...
pushing hard
I hate to be ignored

I myself have experienced
quite a bit of
prejudice myself
most of my life

And before anyone pops off
and tries to tell. me thats its different
and trivializes
my experiences

Consider this...
I identify as a an old (60)
Fat (long before it was trendy)
Gay (came out same year as AIDS)

My whole life has centered around
alternative lifestyles
that have not r will or ethical

I have never been able to blend
keep any kind of filter on my opinions
nor conform to authorities
just because...

All that being said...
you should also know
That I am loyal to a fault
and a fixer, maker, creator...

My belief system
is simple
I believe in Good and Bad
and Right and Wrong

occasionally, it becomes necessary
to cross over to the Bad and Wrong side
but as soon as possible return
to where you belong

I believe we are all born
knowing the difference
and how a person handles that
defines them

I have spent most of my life
helping those
who were considered "less than"
by the powers that be

my first real epiphany in life
taught me that fear
was the greatest motivating factor
in most peoples bad behaviour

my second one taught me
that manners , wit, persistence and patience
could head off 95% of those behaviours

my third was a difficult one
it made me quit using the wrongs done to me
as excuses for milking a situation
instead of processing thro them

When I gave birth
I knew innately
that my child was my one chance
to build a person as I believed they should be

That last thing I was going to do
was install "untruths"
pertaining to our behaviors
or perceived inherent rights

You see, moving so much taught me
that facts can change
but truth  is always the same
Yet, perspective is everything  

Now as I was saying
my old eyes
have been searchin the crowds...
And listening to the storylines

the majority are near misses
right ideas
wrong techniques

For instance...
how does one bring about
equality and inclusion
by separating and  blaming

I understand the anger
remember Gay bashing
was (is) a daily danger
yes Black lives matter
but so do all the others

I love my hometown Portland
a beautiful diverse conglomeration
of geeks, tweeks and freaks
with a sprinkling of weirdos ,wackos
and tightly wound wikinuts
add to that a high tolerance
for  the" to each his own"
school of thought

Micro beers and green ****
have fueled grand discussions
and deep conspiracy theories
but we haven"t decided yet

So  if you have the wear with all
to riot violently and demand attention
why is it that when you finally do
have the  worlds attention
why do you not make your point?

And clean up after your selves!
you trashed my home town
and scared the locals into submission
just to say nothing ,
walk away undramatically
and leave my home trashed in your wake

I've thought long and hard
and watched in the wings
for the golden hour to emerge
and have concluded this:

The time is right
The issues are right
The places are right
the leaders have yet to fully develop

it not enough
to see the problems
we must be able to visualize the solutions
and put down  the need to be right
while picking up the need to do right

Take the descriptive language
out of the for front
quit insisting we revisit old wounds
let them heal
All lives matter...period

Also make the rules
we are expected to abide be universal
in no ones world should it be ok
to **** some one because they don"t stop
when you tell them to and if you do **** someone
expect to pay dearly for it,

Just like when we were kids...
just because you can beat someone
doesn"t make you right
it makes you a bully

And finally one last item..
equalize leadership ideals!
Money does not make a hero
courage to stand up for rights does

Re-think our priorities... please!
Quit instilling  $$$$ as a value or ethic
it is merely a vehicle in which we travel
the actual destination is the goal
(ps)-( hint) it's much less fun alone

Keep in mind ... your manners
will get you further
than your mouth ever will
but what we need to be thinking about is  when the dust settles and we arrived at our destination
will we like  the place and people that are here too?

One last epiphany to mention
remember the pendulum
once things are stirred up and more easily rearranged
clean up the mess and set things down in a place that allows them to become common place.
because really our ultimate goal is to become a non-issue
Only when the issues are not even brought up
will it be successful
he"s not a gay man across the street
he just a man
only when we become willing
to be bland and "just another"
will we approach  balance
and  ultimate nirvana
Just an old gals personal opinion after a lifetime of fighting the good fight
AceLione Oct 2020
Milady, are thy in need of a handkerchief?
Or an escort out while we take our leave?
I'll shield you from those who wish to harm
Why are thou feelings so shallow yet so warm?
Must remain my posture even though she makes my heart wild
Even wilder than the desires of Adam and Eve's Child

Oh Milady wait for me, I have an umbrella
Who am I? Oh i am just a mere uptown fella
What do i want? No i do not wish these haunting desires
Anyone who says i am that dishonorable are nothing but liars.
No Milady, please wait! i wish you for who you are
No Milady, Don't leave me now after you have left this scar...
Fufufu, Manners maketh Man.
Poetic T May 2020
I opened a door,
               feminism reaction

my ***** in my throat.
Some times opening a door is just manners...
Indranys Oct 2018
We live to love..
We live to learn..
All the earth won't be enough for us..
If we live without tolerance..
If we live with love..
And even if the land isn't enough..
We live in every heart..
Spread it among all humans..
The mean of peace..
With love and smiles..
Spread it to the world..
The mean of peace...
With love, smile and beautifull manners...
J Oaks Sep 2018
My feet straighten out as I walk up the road
A typha in my left palm and a worn warm stone
Or just the dust of petals in my mind?
I just passed a great big pine
What is mine? Is that mine?
A great fine diner is up ahead;
entrance of town and once my homestead with
a paint chipped door schedule written in lead
Peering through the window
There's no breeze though
but the lights glow
but the plants grow
How can I know?
What do I know
The small bell dings and I crash back
The legs walk in let the door smack
I grab my chest and eyes wet my chin
When did the shudder begin?
Felt a soft red cloth wipe my cheek
Is it her or is it what they think?
a memory
it can be
and certainly hurts
like a memory
A sip from a coffee
she blows on it softly
a snapping blink in the glass
whispering with moments that pass
as much as I want to try to be
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