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Eloisa Feb 11
in my childhood memories
Oh, sorry! I’m intoxicated.
A new drink
From the bar.
I never have to roam far
For as my tears flow
and my thoughts grow
In insanity and darkness
I get intoxicated off sorrow's drink
"self Devastation."
It is such a rush.
This free drink. Such speaks to me.
The "sorrow's" bartender gives me a drink.
And then another....
I don't need a tab or check for this visit.
As such drinks are paid by "insanity."
Increase our heart rate
for old times sake
Teeth in your neck.
Nostalgia through your veins.
Limited hours of dark remain.

**** off our clarity with champagne
before sunrise scares the **** away.
Hello Daisies Dec 2018
My lips are dry
With no lover
To fix the burn

I lay alone to yurn
Maybe alcohol
Will keep me warm
I should sleep
A H S Dec 2018
The unexpected gem
Shining beneath the surface
A smile so rich

Anchored to those
Ocean eyes
The portal
To his enigmatic soul

My serendipity
Once a dream
Now a sudden reality
Thank you God.
It's been a while, glad to be back..
Iz Dec 2018
The morning after Is filled with
Crusty eyes
And an unstable balance
I don’t think I’m sober yet
Bullet Nov 2018
I'm here for you

I might be...




Even in my

Even if your num

I can still be here for you

Just remember my number
For the girl at the bar
Ava May Oct 2018
The moment the poison pierced her lips she remembered 
The first time he kissed her.
His kisses were an addicting drug,
They always left her wanting more.
She remembered 
the lies
that made its way out of his imperfectly perfect lips.
She remembered when he said I love you.
She took another sip off that intoxicating poison until
She wasn't herself anymore.
She was gone, faded.
By every memory she was one step closer to death.
She held up the pill bottle
and counted out exactly how much it would take to
**** her intoxicated body that she hates the most.
She took
Six pills.
Each one represented a memory.
She fell.
She fell straight into oblivion as her  horrid memories left her poisoned body.
Then he found me.
My intoxicated body that I hate the most laying on the floor.
I could her him yelling he loves me until it all faded out.
I'm gone.
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