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Jaxey Aug 27
"I love you"
Only fell from your lips
When you were intoxicated
So I slipped a bit of *****
In your drink every night
Pretending it was me
You were drunk on
Please love me
faith Aug 22
addicted to clon
addicted to nicotine
addicted to flexeril
addicted to you
addicted to self harm
addicted to restricting
addicted to being intoxicated
8 - 22 - 19
Lee Aaun Jun 25
“ Don't get intoxicated by others poison.
You got your own aura to get drunk on.”

© Lee Aaun
Ava Courtney May 6
But baby u don’t know how to love when you’re sober.
And your too high to realize that i see the smile that your faking.
For your “I love yous” only feel real when your mind doesn’t function on its own, your intoxicated by drugs and i'm intoxicated by you. Your drunk off ***** and tequila shots and I’m drunk off of your love. I'm amazed at how meaningful your words sound when u cant think straight. How you look at me with those drunk eyes as i look at you with my sobering eyes hoping that you won't drink enough to make you forget my name. Because baby i could drink three bottles to try and forget you but the only thing I forget, is my name not yours and how u keep hurting me. Our memories are so deep and so livid that even when the mind gets manipulated and intoxicated, ours overpower them every time.
Rinasekhon Apr 25
I wanted to walk away from the burning desire that is holding me back to be yours for eternity
This desire may cause fire erupting from the volcano and havoc to this peaceful world that is called earth
In my heart, a live fire
Like the morning sun trying to burn my desire for your touch that ignite passion in me
A part of me in this lonely world
I have no idea whether it will trend or not
Finally following my dreams and passion
Eloisa Feb 11
in my childhood memories
Oh, sorry! I’m intoxicated.
A new drink
From the bar.
I never have to roam far
For as my tears flow
and my thoughts grow
In insanity and darkness
I get intoxicated off sorrow's drink
"self Devastation."
It is such a rush.
This free drink. Such speaks to me.
The "sorrow's" bartender gives me a drink.
And then another....
I don't need a tab or check for this visit.
As such drinks are paid by "insanity."
Increase our heart rate
for old times sake
Teeth in your neck.
Nostalgia through your veins.
Limited hours of dark remain.

**** off our clarity with champagne
before sunrise scares the lust away.
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