Failing at what I thought I could be great at.
This feeling of losing at life and brokenness leaves me in the shadows.  
Come save me.
Hold on to me.
And don't let me fall into my old ways.
in such a way
that others love
to listen to you.
in a way
that others love
to talk to you.
Vexren4000 Jan 3
Unfortunately we parted ways,
Somewhere down the line,
Life gives, and takes away.
Even the most precious of treasures,
Can fade away like sunsets.
Leaving nothing behind but an impression. An echo. A cry for help gone unheard. A day of suffering ended in the peace of death.

Arcassin B Dec 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Praying to the most high , you know that is the way,
Can't look for a way around it , find another way,
Pushing all the boundaries , girl you know you better slay,
Some people give a lot more and the others take,
Gotta be outside the box,
That is the way.
Looking for the upside down,
Ready for the chase.
If plan B does not succeed then go back to plan A,
Soul is trapped in limbo , let it find it's traits,
Say the **** grace , you better clean the plate,
But praying to the mosthigh , is the only way,
Gotta be outside the box,
That is the way.
Looking for the upside down,
Ready for the chase...
Famani Oct 2018
we all have our own medium to take the pain away.
A M Ryder Aug 2018
In such strange ways I strangely cannot understand
The horror of it all is we stay attracted to everything that hurts
We cling to it and never really learn to let go
So perhaps we do want happiness
But we also desire to keep the pain close; close enough to destroy us
Close enough to define us
Close enough to make us all feel a little less cold
Mary Frances Aug 2018
You and your loving
make me feel so grand.
You tugged the strings of my heart
in ways I could not understand.
Nic Mac May 2018
love letters Unsent
because for you? they’re not meant.
though written in this language inspired by you.
this place discovered, with your hand, as it led me to.

but further, we were not to tread.
and some of these words, are not to be read.
thankyou's, are to be sent instead


for opening this door,  I could not find,
illuminating what lay behind
i to be seeing with eyes for the first time
that had not, and did not, see
what had been within my capacity
with shackles shook free.

this rusty heart begun to speak
within the flow of my ink
as paper below allowed words to sink,

but to send..was not on the agenda
you cannot hear what I shout
as past fears on ears pound
it’s not meant for you and me
not to be truly or deeply,
was it not the reason fate had written?
our stars were those, that would simply, find each other,
to find ourselves.
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
There’s a million ways to get through the day
Why can’t I find one?
There’s a million words left to say
Why can’t I find one?
There’s a million thoughts to replay
Why this one?
mysa Jun 2018
i made a promise
that i would never miss you
but we're parting ways
and i already feel an ache
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