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bk May 12
"I love you," he said.
"Yes, I know that," I said, "but are you in love with me?"
He paused for a second.
I didn't need him to say anything else.
In his hesitation, I found my answer.

~ An excerpt from a book I will never write.
Sanch May 11
i hate myself for not writing those lines that went through my head
sometimes, a tickle of regret makes me pause for a moment
a helpless try to recover those lines
like trying to grab dunes of sand;
not letting a single drop
but it's just a memory—
words that don't even rhyme

if not for hesitation
who else is to blame for not writing them?
these ones barely survived
it's like wanting to scratch a wound for no good reason
Miss Luna May 10

His words
full of insolence
in the room.


Her tears
full of pain
started streaming
down her face.


This is how
she felt
when he left.
George Bubb May 7
Will I be treated
like an ornament to royalty,
or a sacrifice to your body?
A very new piece, if anything just written on a whim.
Aybidee Apr 6
just delete
don't bother with my idiocy
an equivalent of infidelity
a balance of discrepancy
Johnny walker Mar 11
Helen believed In me trusted me In her time
of need when first met
her she wasn't
Helen almost scared of
me because of the way
her ex had treated her
But she learned to trust
I stayed with when
she poorly even when she got better, but never laid
a hand upon her even though she was so attractive
I look after her cooked meals made her pots of tea
because she was struggling
with health but I was there for her never asking anything of
but that of her company I just loved being with her first time In my
I wanted to be with someone but so different
to other so kind and so caring she
Just wanted be with her all the time I remember sitting talking to
her suddenly I just
stood up and said
It Is my Intention to marry you If you'll have me, I fully expected her to say I'll have to think about
but she didn't she jump up from the settee through arms around kissed
and said yes I was amazed she wanted to be my wife Wow
I was over the moon happiest man In the world
from that day on I never left her side In the twenty years we were
Never apart Helen and I In twenty years we spent together from the day I first met her till the day she died
Saint Audrey Feb 14
It's in obscure recollection
I wonder if it's falsified
Hesitant about the path I can't abandon now
Finding new ways to survive

Bathed in the rays of the sun
Fraught with uncertainty
I wasn't prepared for the atmosphere
Losing my chance to speak

I never had a key
It fell in place
Though I still sleep
I hold to grace
Hoping to recover what's around me

I guess It's still on me
I don't feel the same
Lost in this sleep
I hold to grace
With the colors all around me

But your words
They always bleed through

I'm aware
You think the ways I do

And your words
They always ring true

And your words
They'll always bleed through
DG Jan 26
They make you think they love you
With their soft kind words
They hug you as if you’re treasure
And then leave you for the birds
They come into your life
With their cowboy boots and ***** blond hair
And leave you crying
And thinking . . .
And thinking . . .
On what you did wrong
If he really loved you all along
And then you begin to hate your favorite songs
Because suddenly they're all about him
And they haunt you
And the next thing you know
Another boy is there
With green eyes and messy brown hair
And he beckons you into his trap
And he’s texting you!
But you don’t want to answer because you’re still CRYING
But! you answer anyways
Because you’re ******
And vulnerable
And maybe this boy will be kinder
And will be gentler
When he kills me
And leaves me
For the birds
oh, the damage to be done to this soul
should the smile be evasive
why so unwilling to risk
if the smile not be immediate and sure
and without doubt
i have lost so many
to doubt
i am unwise in the ways of love
convinced that the connection i feel
is a false sign
that you are just being kind
to a lonely soul
what can i do when i fear my words will push you away
rather than pull you in
short of a whispered  'i love you' from your lips
i remain as lost as a glance in the dark
Amy Duckworth Sep 2018
We hesitate because
We are afraid
Take the leap
Count to three if you need to
But it helps you to leap
Then not leap at all
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