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God made them of excellent stuff
They judge others for no reason
To be judgemental without hesitation
They reduced to garbage dump
God made them of excellent stuff
MoDavid Jul 9
I’ll miss you indefinitely.

I know it’s going to be a long time before we get to talk to each other;
Much longer before we see each other. It burdens me to know you’re
Out there somewhere, a desert away from me. I never see your face,
Never hear your voice, but I know you’re somewhere, in some place
Far away from where I am. There’s a chance you might still love me;
There’s a chance you might not. But like it or not, I still love you.

I love you; I’m sorry.

I know it’s wrong. We were born from the same blood. But sometimes
Love is blind and chooses to see what it wants to see. I want to see
You. At first I thought things could work out. But society has made its
Constructs; these we will have to follow. Whence comes my sorrow…
Yet it is hopeless. If you wish to move on, you may do so. Say hello
To another man and I will understand. Life plays its tricks on all of us.

Maybe next time.

I will understand if you have to forget me. It seems, considering our
Circumstances, we just cannot be. But if you do continue to love me,
Know that I will never forget you.
to my first cousin, once removed ;-;;
alam kong meron ka nang iba, pero...

~~Aug 10 2019
JCabanilla Jun 23
Your talents and intelligent was a treasure.
You were a great artist even if you weren't sure.
You are a beautiful gift given by the heaven,
So put a smile that will struck a maiden.
Day 7!! June 24, 2020. He made something for me and he still feel like he wasn't good enough so I want to cheer him up by this poem.
Lianne Jan 12
He who hesitate is lost.
she remains anon Nov 2019
bring in your hands,
pain and broken daisies.
you cry; like nothing in my arms
grieve for flowers and unsung lullabies.
because you see the whole world as alive
never seen the devil and his harm,
while I live my life through maybes
you refuse to understand.
meant to be read as A, B, C, D, D, C, B, ***
Jules Oct 2019
I'm on the boarder
Of losing my mind
What's with this guy?
Can you please choose a side?
Cuz I'm on the fence
With no more time
Em MacKenzie Oct 2019
When I was fourteen
my sister was teaching me how to drive,
I went to make a left turn and hit the breaks; second guessing myself.
“Never hesitate,” she said,
“it’s when you hesitate that causes a crash.”
“Make a decision and go with it.”
All these years later it still rings true.
All these years later I still have yet to listen.
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