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Breanna W May 2
The people in my class analyzed poetry
With finely sharpened pencils
And color coordinated pens.
                          I don’t understand.
                                          I thought poetry spewed from within,
                                          Without care,
                                          Out of necessity,
                                          Out of the need to rip the bullet from
                                          One’s heart,
                          Out of the need to
                          Save oneself.
This isn't super good, but I thought it needed to be said anyways.
toleomato Nov 2018
When the temperature is raised
Particles gain kinetic energy
And collide at a greater frequency.
The more particles that collide
The chances of a reaction occurring increases.
How many times have elbows rubbed
In hallways, no matter how crowded
Yet nothing happens,
Nothing precipitates,
Not even a cough
Or a wandering shot
From the corner of their eyes.
People pass
By or away
And yet hallways are still full;
Full of thoughts of other people
Full of longing
Full of the people who are missing.

The addition of an electrolyte
Reduces the coulombic repulsion
Produced by a solution’s ionic atmosphere;
An electrolyte allows ions to interact more freely.
A full bus is void of tension.
A stranger who writes letters everyday,
But crumples the paper before finishing
Is completed by the person
Who eagerly awaits a text on their phone.
A person with a bouquet of flowers
Catches the eye of someone lost in thought.
So many people who compliment one another,
Or an other,
Sit idly on a moving bus
Separated only by people
Who, too, are separated from their second piece.
You meet such people everyday
Who could have been,
Yet are not.

Something that is generally avoided.
An impurity that co-precipitates with the product
Can cause an overestimation of analyte.
Impurities can be caught within
The crystal lattice structure of the compound
Or trapped inside a growing crystal.
It may be hard to understand
Such thoughts still seem foreign
But I, too, have things that I remember dearly.
They are wrapped up with
Lists of groceries, and formulas
About distance and its relation to
Speed and its change over time.
It is all just things that have
Come to pass.
Such memories are hard to keep
When there is only one who articulates them,
But I am sure
Perhaps years from now
You’ll catch yourself thinking
For a split second
And then go about your day.

The breaking up of precipitate
Due the loss of electrolyte
Which strengthens the ionic atmosphere
Around the analyte.
In line at a bus stop
A glimpse is caught
Of the oncoming bus
And people shuffle
As the line moves up.
Never again
Can the same people
Line up the same way
For the same bus
We are too fragile
To construct ourselves in such a way
Where we can meet again.
Fate is too frail
Someone must leave
Leaves must fall
But someone always stays.
Dan Beyer Aug 2018
So many lives in an essence of mind
the possibilities endless
there are so many of me
I don't know which one to give life to
I'm like a deer in the headlights
starring down my inevitable fate
how funny we should die together
Burning Lilacs Mar 2018
All my life I've been starving.
The world offered me feasts after
Feasts but it seemed that even if
I ate the whole Earth
I'd still hunger.

One day a witch approached me
Promised me a magic sack,
With just the right nourishment,
That wouldn't empty
'Till I die.

All she asked for in return
Were descriptions of dishes.
Their taste, shape, smell, in detail.
For she can only
Eat this way.

So I complied with it, gratefully.
She casts charms, orders to eat:
"Just open your mouth, it's there."
Bit groggy, I reach.
I feel it.

Marvellous, juicy, so fresh.
I praise that found piece of meat.
She smiles. "Dig deeper", she prompts.
So I break my jaw,

I lick the blood off my chin,
It's sweet and sour, just served.
How much further must I dig
For this feast's main course?
My beating
Hello I hated these sessions they felt like interviews for her enjoyment not my betterment and I hope my old one's coming from her leave soon...
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Precious memories align
A vivacious melody bursts out in their gleam
A passionate inferno resides inside of me
A universe special to my heart in its shiny appearance
Singing its inner melancholy

In spite of the analysis I yield
For my soul is on vacation
Going for shopping in the paradise of loneliness

The challenge is to create a poem using 10 randomly selected words:

analysis inferno memories passionate precious shopping singing universe vacation vivavious
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