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nim Jul 7
face after face,
i put an X on your face.
cross out all of you wonders,
one wonder after another.
drown you in the spine fluid;
blend you in with the memories.
do not miss me, for i
was just a little phase.
Francie Lynch May 21
Generation X
X Rated
X's and O's
X is the unknown
Malcom X
3 x 2

But if you've lost something you treasure,
Then X marks the spot.
rig Jan 5
the view from my bedroom is ten years old,
a decade-long digital photograph
of a tenth-century building façade:
five windows on the right, five on the left;
four balconies, three cats, two birds, one door.
all this and it’s still one nothing to me,
an x to look at because i’ve no choice.
in two thousand seventeen i woke up
one september morning to the sound of
a life decision: count to ten and go.
rig Jan 5
this map - to be
or not to be:
that is the quest.
Nylee Sep 2020
A tangent drawn over
Below looking for cover
Closely following through
Decide against going after
Elevating my view
Further towards the issue
Glued my eyes toward sad side
Happiness doesn't make my guestlist
It has been a while I've felt good
Jinxed my life with overthinking mind
Kind of never been ever kind
Letters and words, I cannot encompass

Much like my dreams that never came true
Not thinking about it doesn't make them go
Ongoing struggle keeping the feelings inside
Pushing it within, to not hinder my work
Quite unsuccessful attempts, and I see day becoming night
Rays turning dark in blink of time
Stars are no longer seen in the night sky
Turn the page over, how do I
Until almost I tear those pages out
Vanishing away is a thought lingering
What good I am currently exploring
Exploring the tweaks of my current life
You wouldn't want to share one with me
Zero is the number of chance, you'd like me.
Nat Lipstadt Dec 2013
there is not a sexist bone in my body.
not a one.

there is not a bone
in my body entire,
that it's marrow,
but just tinged,
more singed,
nay, more, more,
burnt and burning
****** desire.

****** desire is a concerto
of the
five sense organs:
vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

my body performs Halley's Fifth.
my woman listens carefully.
"She had never heard that symphony before, but she knew that it was written by Richard Halley. She recognized the violence and the magnificent intensity. She recognize the style of the theme; it was a clear, complex melody--at a time when no one wrote melody any longer."
- Atlas Shrugged, Part I, Chapter I
Written on the bus home, just now, that being sort of an apology.
First of a series of three; look for 2 x 3, and, 3 x 3.
Lowkie May 2020
Tick tock real talk
How do I get pass this mental block?
I know
I'll have some of this white rock
Crush it up like its white chalk
Up my nose you go
My brain you have to unlock
Pop a pill to get loose
I mean, why not?
Tick tock real talk
Where's there's smoke, there's fire
Or a couple of stoners getting higher
I wonder who’s their supplier
Maybe he got what I need
To satisfy my desire
Tick tock real talk
I can hardly walk
One shot
Two shots
Three shots
Four shots to many
I can hardly see the door
How did I end up on the floor?
I think I had enough
But there's this voice telling me
"You'll be okay, drink some more"
And that's when it hits me
I'm intoxicated to my core
Inside my head, its war
Control over my body
That's what we're fighting for
No more
I want all these substances gone
But it’s too late now
I'm already torn
Lowkie May 2020
Excuse me while I get this off my chest
You packed your bags and left
That was probably for the best
You probably moved on
And I probably can't be compared to the rest
I guess love isn't really love until you put it to the test
Today I had nothing better to do
But to sit here and think about you
Believe me it wasn't something I planned to do
It just happened out of the blue
And it got me wondering
Do you still think about me too
We both went our separate ways
But the memories still haunt me
About how close we were back in the days
Don't mind me because I'm just going through this phase
Where old memories start to replay
onlylovepoetry Feb 2020
Evening Song
Willa Cather - 1873-1947

Dear love,                                              
what thing of all the things that be 
Is ever worth one thought from you or me, 
             Save only Love, 
             Save only Love?
The days so short, the nights so quick to flee, 
The world so wide, so deep and dark the sea, 
              So dark the sea; 
So far the suns and every listless star, 
Beyond their light—Ah! dear, who knows how far, 
             Who knows how far? 
One thing of all dim things I know is true, 
The heart within me knows, and tells it you, 
             And tells it you. 
So blind is life, so long at last is sleep, 
And none but Love to bid us laugh or weep, 
             And none but Love, 
             And none but Love.


Evening Song Twice
O.L.P. 1950-

Dear love,
your soft sleeping+breathing sounds require
Recitation of this, an Evening Song, singular thoughts,
           Save for only your love,
           Save for only your love,
Days are short, long nights grant permission,
Days are short, long nights grant commission,
            So dark are the seas of interruption,
The voids, the emptying spaces of inhibition,
Dim my eye lights, you, envisioned, me, tremulous and weak,
             Who knows when I shall see you again so clearly?
Of all things past, so well remembered burnishing caresses,
My heart within speaks, once more into the clouded atmosphere,
             Even as you sleep, my love, yet full on complete,
Tho my senses impaired, my thoughts thru your sleep, I’ll penetrate,
And none but Love to bid us laugh or weep, 
              And none but Love, 
              And none but Love.
Death takes  too short term, and soo easy.

I wanna feel it every moment.

Hit my heart, kick on hip.

Cut my hands or legs, what you want!

But Don't blind me please

I Wanna sea you again!

I wanna sea you x!

Be happy, be sense

Make me feel again

I wanna sea you again!
Dear x, make me feel you again-love you again. Be my sense, my organs, my breath.
Let me die feeling you...
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