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As a little girl she always knew
That she lacked something special
Her own mother reminded her constantly
And the lass is now a grown woman

Adult experiences confirmed what was true
That she was just ordinary and dull
A woman with no it factor
Invisible to all before and around her

She's heard and hears stories of other women
Who use their wiles on hungry men
'If only I had that gift I'd feed a hundred of them'
Instead she's bypassed like she's invisible

Old age is catching up to her now
She may as well be thin air
The only ones who see her are other women
But never the men she dreams of

Ordinary is boring and typical
Nothing exciting about this creature
She might as well be dead and buried
Along with any hopes of truly being seen
i dragged the blade across my skin
and bled the pain away
the curse that flowed around within
no longer had to stay

i huffed and could no longer feel
if i was still alive
and asked for beatings hard and real
to help me then revive

my face had blackened here and there
i morphed into one dead
i had no time to eat my hair
had left my waning head

in time i withered like a leaf
as autumn did arrive
and knew just by the weight of grief
my corpse was still alive

but one day as i sat in bed
and found an empty pad
i wrote the tale of my life's dread
the mourning of the sad

i cut the forms of letters there
the pen unstopped had bled
the curse into the morning air
and i would live instead

(C)2019, Christos Rigakos
char May 5
grating leg bark
blinding and smooth
my hair snow is **** but

my burning pierces your pupils
i comply and i deceive
make my mind up
every night
a different hue you must shine

"you look stunning"
yet i feel like a puzzle
i slot my imperfections into the middle
so he won't see me until he tastes me

get teased
until you pick up three-hundred degrees
as YOU tease until you like who you see

why can he be anything
but i have to recalibrate
before i can celebrate

i will never reach my final form
Roseanna Feb 14
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
What would i do
If i loved me too?
It's a given to have a shot at your standard poem on valentines day.
No valentines for me this year, gotta start on some more self love first.
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Wyatt Oct 2018
It's crazy, it's new.
I'm dreaming of something
more meaningful than fame.
Questions pose as answers,
I just disguise it very well.
I'm tripping down the vine,
think I've found my niche.
This is a new sense,
this is my two-cents,
this is the best sentence
I'll ever write.

Detour, detour!
I put this part in
to convince you
I'm not as mad
as you might think
'cause what is mad today
is standard tomorrow.

Break formation,
unlock the door.
I am a 1 between 0's.
Break the code,
be truth in hoax.
Shake off the chains,
collect your remains.
Reborn in the rain,
something new is
in my veins.
Mad today,
standard tomorrow.

There is no alarm,
don't fall asleep.
Normal isn't normal
when surrounded by
a bunch of freaks.
Flip the script.
The curse is growing
on you slowly,
the spider's bite
injects venom inside.
Mad today,
standard tomorrow.
Memorize me.

Ijla Jun 2018
wolf whistles, cat calls
She hears them everyday
On the roads she takes
And even at school
Everytime she walks by
You tell her she is beautiful
But me,
Im invisible
Cause by society's standard
Im not beautiful
By society
I mean people like you
You think you are degrading me
But to me its a relief
A sign which tells me
That im different
At least Ill know that people like me for me
Not just my looks
Cause god knows people dont befriend another
Unless they are either pretty famous or rich
Its sadly the condition of the world we live in
A world full of selfish people
Now, you might also think by doing that
You make me feel ****
Self concious
Foreign in my own body
You cant be anymore wrong
I know Im beautiful
Real beauty is a kind heart
Not just flawless skin
Real beauty is inside us
Its magical and special
Unique for each person
In their own way
So dont go around
Throwing aound such a
Wrong concept of what beauty is
Cause in the end
Its the inner beauty
That would matter to the person
With a mind open to the world
And a heart beating in rhythm
For a long awaited love
unmartyred Apr 2018
Thousands, millions, billions to conflict
But it is your norms you must abide;
But one must learn
Learn that one is not always right

For self love is not always self-righteousness.

Learn to listen               Learn to discern
Learn to change            Learn to learn.

How big thy world to think there is one standard (or "manipulating" better it be called?)
So nothing is wrong, nothing is right
Choose how to classify
It is thou journey, it is thou life.

Sun rises, sun sets
Do live it well.
Eleni Jul 2017
'Are you pleasing those Lions?'

She thinks to herself under Nelson's Column.

'I am no hero of the Nile, nor of Trafalgar. I am an empty vessel.'

City of Angels, yet full of devils. Will she find the exit from Oblivion, in those molten, vermillion revels?

'And will you climb that stairway to heaven? Is it true that what glitters is gold?'

That golden dust, which lies on her beside table, sedative for her sorrows.

'Oh he was a foul coxcomb. England expects every heart will follow its duty!'

She is followed, by those feral eyes;
Those on the underground, those in the streets

And those who she will wish
her eyes will never meet.
This short poem was partially inspired by one of my favourite songs from The Doors called 'Hyacinth House' whereby Jim Morrison expresses loneliness and the nature of being judged by others based on careers, personalities and relationships. I combined this with the strong presence of the lions in Trafalgar Square in London, which have a intimidating appearance and represent the strength of the British Empire. These eyes of judgement seem to pierce through the speaker in this poem who is being criticised by the personified statues for being unworthy of recognition.
Alan S Bailey Jan 2017
Sure, I've ruined it again!
Follow me around like I'm the actual
And only problem. You'll eventually get yours!
So you think I'm the ultimate biggest of fools?

(Well, for once and for all, check yourself!)*

Nice people finish last, and there's nothing nice
About going around with personal problems, that I
Have to fit your personal standard, even when they
Are following all of the standard rules!
I don't expect ANYONE to read this. Enough said. I know you don't like when I add any personal feelings to my work, guys! But at least I express my true feelings!
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