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J J May 2020
If she's easy  just like

     How she was easy

     Then what does that make you?
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Earthlings live and lose
Standard human protocol
No one is exempt
I wonder what the protocol on Pluto is
Tabitha Lee Feb 2020
The one thing I hate
can't always live up to them
but expected to anyways

The one thing I despise
But the other's desire
for me to reach it

*******, standards!
You cause depression and anxiety
Cause us to push too hard

*******, standards!
You cause panic and suicide
Cause us to die too early

You cause people to bully
You cause unending sadness
You cause me
to cry
out in

Pain of disappointing people, Standards!
Pain of losing love, Standards!
Pain of losing me, Standards!

This is what you cause!
Stop throwing yourself upon me!
Just stop, Standards!
Just stop...
Diana Santiago Aug 2019
As a little girl she always knew
That she lacked something special
Her own mother reminded her constantly
And the lass is now a grown woman

Adult experiences confirmed what was true
That she was just ordinary and dull
A woman with no it factor
Invisible to all before and around her

She's heard and hears stories of other women
Who use their wiles on hungry men
'If only I had that gift I'd feed a hundred of them'
Instead she's bypassed like she's not even there

Old age is catching up to her now
She may as well be thin air
The only ones who see her are other women
But never the men she dreams of

Ordinary is boring and typical
Nothing exciting about this creature
She might as well be dead and buried
Along with any hopes of truly being seen
Christos Rigakos Jun 2019
i dragged the blade across my skin
and bled the pain away
the curse that flowed around within
no longer had to stay

i huffed and could no longer feel
if i was still alive
and asked for beatings hard and real
to help me then revive

my face had blackened here and there
i morphed into one dead
i had no time to eat my hair
had left my waning head

in time i withered like a leaf
as autumn did arrive
and knew just by the weight of grief
my corpse was still alive

but one day as i sat in bed
and found an empty pad
i wrote the tale of my life's dread
the mourning of the sad

i cut the forms of letters there
the pen unstopped had bled
the curse into the morning air
and i would live instead

(C)2019, Christos Rigakos
char May 2019
grating leg bark
blinding and smooth
my hair snow is ugly but

my burning pierces your pupils
i comply and i deceive
make my mind up
every night
a different hue you must shine

"you look stunning"
yet i feel like a puzzle
i slot my imperfections into the middle
so he won't see me until he tastes me

get teased
until you pick up three-hundred degrees
as YOU tease until you like who you see

why can he be anything
but i have to recalibrate
before i can celebrate

i will never reach my final form
Roseanna Feb 2019
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
What would i do
If i loved me too?
It's a given to have a shot at your standard poem on valentines day.
No valentines for me this year, gotta start on some more self love first.
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Wyatt Oct 2018
It's crazy, it's new.
I'm dreaming of something
more meaningful than fame.
Questions pose as answers,
I just disguise it very well.
I'm tripping down the vine,
think I've found my niche.
This is a new sense,
this is my two-cents,
this is the best sentence
I'll ever write.

Detour, detour!
I put this part in
to convince you
I'm not as mad
as you might think
'cause what is mad today
is standard tomorrow.

Break formation,
unlock the door.
I am a 1 between 0's.
Break the code,
be truth in hoax.
Shake off the chains,
collect your remains.
Reborn in the rain,
something new is
in my veins.
Mad today,
standard tomorrow.

There is no alarm,
don't fall asleep.
Normal isn't normal
when surrounded by
a bunch of freaks.
Flip the script.
The curse is growing
on you slowly,
the spider's bite
injects venom inside.
Mad today,
standard tomorrow.
Memorize me.

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