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Alice 5h
I've never had the privilege to be
the main character
never enough for a leading role

always bleeding plain red
instead of magic
Anne 6d
Things grow,
weeds in the usual spots.
Dusted red shoulders shrug
into runny noses.
I feel my sticky breath,
I can’t see it.
It’s snowing again.

It’s been so long.
Or was it yesterday?
I crave loving,
I long to long.

This body is a spoiled good,
rotting foundation,
Roof collapsed.
Cuts and dyes aren’t anymore.
To be loved is to grow,
to feel,
to change.

How is this mess supposed to clean itself?
It’s safer in the dark.
I want to be good,
but I can’t turn this **** into art anymore.
There is nothing poetic about this type of pain.

So, what do I do with it?
Isaac Nov 24
I have been getting high
Waking up without a clear ending of the last night
Living in the present until I can fly
To a new world, of new forms
To a new world, with reform
So I don’t have the burden of truth that I must succumb to
Do not have to prove my worth to anyone if I don’t want to
To just float around and kiss the cheeks of many
Not a servant of capitalism, no thoughts of pennies
Or nickels, just the dime that caught my eye
Just a leaf that sits on the breeze
Someone destined for me
Who I will find in the time
My karma coming to my side
No negativity only prizes
Whatever falls down will continue rising
Looting. Burning.
Building's fire.
They rob and mob.
They do not tire.
Some are anarchists.
Some for hire.
The TV blasts. It is a liar.
An airplane skims
a telephone wire.

Where is it going?
Where can it land?
Every runway
shifting sand.
All citizens
are in their bands.
We are under
Judgement's Hand.

Alive with stasis.
All opponents
in their places.
No room for love
in those rat races.
We could be gone
without any traces.

No trace of culture.
No money earned.
All gain is stealing.
Compassion spurned.
Museums raided.
Books are burned.

Hard to watch it.
Trees are felled.
Racial violence.
Hatred sells.
gone to hell.

All hope is

Catherine Jarvis
Skylar Russo Nov 9
I hope you're proud,
Of the stratus cloud

That you raised,
From the evaporated stars, honey-glazed

Maybe I was never enough,
And didn't deserve to be in your Victorian handcuff

I don't smile anymore when I find an unweighted 4.0 on my transcript,
That was last year when I was in junior high, the Lancelot

I hope you're more than happy,
That I don't hang out with the freshmen of Cincinnati

Wisdom of a sage and a lawyer's rage,
Of course I took a high school junior's class schedule for your stage

White-collar blouse and a blazer for Model UN,
Untouched like my quill pen

Maybe I was never enough,
And the college geometry I took was not rough,
I was never enough,
I never will be, really,
And you know that
The story of my life...and yes, duh, my parents think my poetry is a waste of time. Thanks anyway; I knew it all along. I hate my poems too. I love you so much: more than you you will ever know, Mom and Dad. Taking a rain check today, Hailey...sorry.
Haueru Nov 8
It hit me like a wild boar
I'm glad the worst came to pass
These battle wounds left me high and dry
Cuts so deep
A master swordsman would glee
Bleeding overflowing to fill a river pass
With all your delusions of Grandeur
I promise you I will survive
I did survive
Broken bone won't sway me
My dry heart won't stop me
My soul forever unyielding
You came crashing
But I'm still standing.
Haueru Oct 22
The honeymoon phase was so innocent and yet so vibrant
Once the foundation cracked
It turned ugly
The fights was always savage
Love turned in need and comfort
Once the storms settled
You was the only one left standing
I was in my puddle heartless
Seeing you walk away from this war
Put me in a frenzy in my heart you took
I wanted nothing more but
you to crash and burn
A love so intense that if it wasn't me
I would destroy your entire being .....
Simply I can't bring myself to..
I just want back what you stolen
My heart so I can throw it away..
Words' Worth Oct 12
Its easy to say
That's you're in love
But's its difficult
I know you have fallen
Out of it
Its the sky that
Brings us thunder
And keeps the rain
In the eye of the storm
Like a boat in
The warm waters
Those waves are
Oh, so cold
After the torrents
Of broken clouds
Make their way down
We'll sail away into
The horizon
Luiz Oct 8
I loved this guy once

but like everyone I've ever loved,
this monster abandoned me, but not before
taking my innocence, robbing my childhood

and bestowed upon me the responsibility
of a man when I was still a child
all this, and the ******* still assured that I live

knowing  that I came onto this *******
dirt ball unloved, unwanted and cursed
this guy let me know that someone

was willing to pay to have me aborted while I
was in Mom's stomach.  yup, this *******
also took me to the highest mountain

and from the summit, I could see just
how happy I can be in life.  but then he
pushed me down to my reality

with no chance to climb again
no hope to relive the joy of the summit
I could go on and on about that person, for that person

I know very well. because he is everyone I've ever loved
from the dawn of life, up to the coming dusk
the love that has always let me die
Haueru Sep 7
I'm being consumed
Can't breathe
I need to be alone
But scared to be lonely
What irony
I want peace; all I give is chaos
Such pathos
I want to be held
And I need to hold
But at the moment
I'm standing on my own Ten toes
My lies disguise my truth
Maybe to protect you or
Maybe to hide me,
I don't know this feeling
Such euphoria and loathsome...
Why  won't a mirror cast my reflection.
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