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Bhill 1d
Fearless challenges
Tearless crying
Loveless relationships
Sunless days
Starless nights
Windowless houses
Snowless winters

Less is never more....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 262
Is less ever more?
So I shall no longer defend
New kinds of love that you invent
Ever-changing list of demands
Keeps contradicting its own commands
After the sin quick to repent
With brief engagements in descent
Straighten all that you have bent
Amend what you're yet to amend
Letting those you left all depend
On your attention already spent
At each new encounter decadent
Your passion wasted on random men
Though fell, kept grace, that's evident
For what it's worth your growth is imminent
Freestyle written in 5 minutes.
Elisabeth Aug 29
There are islands on Fiji not a sole
has touched
Streets in Italy I
have not walked
Air in Sweden I
have not breathed
A home, somewhere, I
have not found

My head longs for a bed
that feels like my own
My heart yearns for people
who will call me home

But for now

I will lay in a cold bed
Wrap myself up
in the hope of tomorrow
Hold loveless hands
Until I get home
Not a word more I say
Do not speak to me about love,
That love which took me for a ride,
Fooled and abandoned me,
Threw me into the sty with ***** pigs,
Where I lay covered with filth
Staring at a lone cloud.

My friend! Pay heed.

Do not speak to me about love
That never took roots in my heart,
Created no music for my ears,
My eyes searched and saw nothing
Did not rest on any face
Nor made me long for and dream.
The lone cloud has vanished.
Evie Aug 15
they scream in guilt

i respond in silence

they hear rage

i hear red compulsions

they leave

my skin is now crying

all i wanted was a hug

you *******
Khaniek Aug 15
let's sail,
Find strength in the wind.
Dream on the ship, I want to be carefree.

We could soar in their disbelief
but I already know you're not the one.
Why am I wasting my time,
I'm being lazy in love,
far too impatient..
I was lost in the wonder that filled those via-led blue tender eyes
Mysticism I did not believe until; the proof laid before my very sight
Hopelessly lost I attained a feeling, my chest felt warm "Am I dreaming?"
An insurmountable rush of emotions drowned my consciousness
Perhaps this is normal I told myself with utter confidence
Suddenly my memory formed the shape of those noble yet mysterious eyes
Sensations all over my body began to arise; yet I laid still and wondered why
Did this mean I have failed again...I told myself "Am I again trapped in this loveless game?"
Genuine desire conformed in my willpower, to one day rose my lips against hers
If this where possible, if this might do...Will time just tell or destiny too
I'm once again trapped in the endless illusion, yet I find no other conclusion
To this I say my last few words
I'm left alone, to wonder in thought
To be lost in words...yet I find myself ...
With 1 feeling that now I call my OWN.
What Humans Call Love
sushii Jul 27
and in the words i find
no comfort as i crawl
away to my demise
sad eyes glued to a device

no poem in months
no one seemed to notice
that i missed out on the fun
and that i had nowhere to run

tags and labels
hoping i'll be noticed
but my attempts come to no avail
and my imagination has gone stale

romance is bleak
i'm not sure what to say
care is obsolete
love is incomplete

music is all i'm good for
and that's not even enough
so i sit here on the floor
begging them to shut the door

well, since there is no end in sight
maybe i will end this here
if i may and if you might
turn away if this gives you fright
Tony Tweedy Jul 24
Is it mind or heart that craves the touch of love?
Is it born within me or come from God above?

And what fires this lonely burning rising in my soul?
What drives this sense of yearning for things to make me whole?

Why do I always feel half empty and always out of place?
Why when I close my eyes can I discern a feminine shape of face?

Why do I crave to fill these spaces so vast within my heart?
How flawed I truly must be, to be missing clearly, some vital part.

Am I meant to endure and ignore my hearts so empty call?
Or should I simply find a way, to not search for answers here at all?
Some journeys cannot be measured by miles or kilometers... they are too vast for such trivial measures.... too cumbersome for matters of mind, of heart, of soul. Where these things meet even light years are too small a measure. How do you measure loneliness?
The lady hath lost it, surrend'r'd it
a penalty f'r h'r mistakes
h'r failures and h'r faults

the lady hast given it up
at consid'rable sacrifice
h'r eag'r young passion
f'r a m're content'd life

the lady's hath lost 't, finally f'rfeit
despite h'r yearning desires f'r m're
f'r nay gain, nay profit of h'r owneth
just to the desire to endure
with the one the lady's with
without h'r risking of less
© LadyRavenhill 2018
Part of a collection titled: W'rds of a Nimble-Footed Mistress.
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