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Breathe me in
Eat me whole

I'm quivering
From your deep soul


I'm thirsty
Fill me with your water

You call me lovely
Like a daughter


Tell me your words
Devour my mind

Please look into my eyes
And try to be kind
johannah Apr 14
I am like damp wood
and difficult to ignite
with a spark.
that would explain
why I dull the fires
I could help grow.
Sam Mar 30
His brittle heart kept him from sobriety
Withered bar stools
A place he wept so quietly
Indulging in the sorrow
Stuck within his soul
Living in the heartache
His time so often spent alone

She illuminated the darkness
Skulking in his skull
He felt hope with her hand held close
Tightly now he gripped the glass
Colors faded and returned to black
He wished upon his amber ale
As the bubbles rushed to top
He wished his love could have been enough
allison Mar 2
cant sleep because
im thinking I'll love you forever
but you can't say the same
because you loved me once
but never again.
just best friends
always & forever
and i guess that's okay.
good night
allison Feb 17
"give up" the voice said
fought it i did
but the voice had won
giving up on him once again.
allison Feb 16
to the heart
falling to pieces
y    o    u
b  r    o   k   e
m                    e
fr                     om
th                        e
sta                      rt
trying a visual one again
allison Feb 16
3 years I've stood waiting,
for him to come around
hoping, praying, crying
waiting for him.

3 years I've stood waiting,
looking at you from across the room
as others dance around our separate crowds
but the only person I see is you.

3 years I've stood waiting,
for you to open your eyes
but instead I know the truth
which leaves me breaking,
i had a bad night tonight because of someone, and as you can tell from this poem it was because of someone i really like. but it's fine right?
allison Feb 13
It's crazy how much your heart can feel for a person,
the intensity grows like crashing waves,
the care seeps into your bloodstream, intoxicating the mind,
each day you wake up yearning and begging for more of that feeling.

You want this person to feel that same intensity,
the waves, the coursing care throughout their bloodstream.
You want them to feel for you the way you feel for them,
you want their mind to be just as intoxicated.

But alas, for she is prettier than thou.
He goes for her and leaves your mind askew,
for both of your best friends are now in love,
leaving you to your own pit of despair and tragedy.

No matter how many nights you wish,
how many nights you cry because of the intoxication,
you still hope your hearts will one day intertwine and become one,
you hope your wishes and prayers will be answered.

For there is no greater power than love,
there is no greater power than what your heart desires,
thus the crashing waves continue to crash,
and the care still seeps into your bloodstream.

The intoxication that is occurring in your mind builds up,
the bottle of emotions becoming more full with each passing day,
the intensity still grows,
the sadness still follows.

It's crazy how the heart can make you care so much for someone,
but it also leaves you so broken.
And no matter how hard you try, the waves still crash,
the care still seeps into your bloodstream,
and that care still intoxicates your mind.

Leaving you just as broken as you were before,
because of your two closest confidants,
whose hearts intertwined and left you alone,
alone with this bottle of emotions and an intoxicated mind that you can't control.

It's crazy what the heart can do to the mind.
Shane Rowe Feb 6
You drop phone calls first
Because you're too used to being on the other side of it
Hearing the line die
Without knowing if your phone will ring again

You leave people on read
Because if you continue talking to them
You might start liking them
And that's halfway to getting your heart broken again

You lash out
So you don't have to tell them why you're so sad all the time
You tell yourself, "they won't remember anyway"
But they do, you just can't handle someone caring for you
Because you might start caring too

You don't go on dates
Because if you get to know them
They'll get to know you
And knowing you is hard when you don't even know yourself
Call out post for me.
Nathan Feb 4
They say time flies when you’re having fun
But time with you seems to drag slowly
Like the second hand just doesn’t want to move
but I’m having the time of my life

You are like a rollercoaster
You leave me breathless
I’d wait forever to be with you
Believe me, I love you

But instead, I sit on this cold patch of pavement listening to tiny moving parts
Sulking on what I wished would’ve been

I’m happy for you
I really am

But I will never be happy without you
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