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I whisper to the wind,
take me with you.
the wind
doesn't answer.
I guess it
isn't very well disciplined.
I say again,
take me with you anywhere.
But the wind
stays silent,
it doesn't seem to care.
It just goes on,
throwing things around in my life everywhere.
A Nov 2018
I wonder what it would be like to live
Somewhere else
Without him.
I tell him.
He makes a face.
"You're not going anywhere."
The car keeps moving.
Part Three.
Jonathan Surname Nov 2018
A road made by walking where you shouldn't.
Told not to by the full throat,
taken aback by paths desired away.
A brand apart from the rest, but so, too, the others can follow.
Heels that graze floors in an apathetic stutter strut.
A stepped up out of time gangliness of lanky mellow.
Walk where one may, walk where one wishes.
Katelyn Billat Oct 2018
Take me somewhere,
Better than this.
I'm ready to go.
I'm ready to run.
I've got the scissors
To clip my leash.
I've got the key to
My cage.
I'm ready to pack
My past
And set my sights
On the future.
I'm ready to live
For now.
I'm ready for the freedom.
Let me run.
Take me somewhere,
Better than this.
Ubik Oct 2018
Left on the street.
Carassed in each others arms.
Is it bad that I want to joins you's
The rain sidewalk past.
No discomfort could intrude.
As moments like these..
As it's everything we want.
But can never have.
Tripped over by our own security.
Judgement leaves us homeless.
To the moments shared.
With the ones..
Who make us laugh.
When the sun doesnt shine.
They look warm.
Tucked in their own world.
So is their, room for one more?
As each day is lived.
When you've got someone to love.
So can I snuggle in.
And pretend.
ChildofGodyay Jul 2018
Love on a piece of crumpled paper, sitting on the couch.
Bare and Obvious.

Dirt on faces and calves.
Dust on clothes made of rags, rage, sorrow, disease and fear.
We refused to give this paper away.
Afraid we would get *****.
afraid we would get humiliated because no one else would give it.

.This paper, still crumpled in our hands.
We refuse to give it to those who didn't deserve it.
we refuse to give it to those who need it.
we all need it.

So this love sits on the couch of our hands.
waiting to dip it's way into hearts...
so sometimes we refuse to love in uncomfortable situations... we just want to love in situations that are suitable...
isn't love for all time? for everyone?
even those who don't deserve it?
we didn't deserve!
Yet God loved us so much he gave his one and only die for that we can be with him in heaven
Bull eve me (Adam, whether existence
     fact or fiction),
     his immediate legion heirs whole
heartedly partook
     to regale no Joe king paternal prominence,
     sans legendary, fraternity,
     and consanguinity subsequently implemented

     faux pas threatening Nittany Lions role
attested by this papa, a curmudgeon
     resident of the North Pole
burrowed deep within tundra

necessitated drilling permafrost black hole
son, which boring task found me dissatisfied,
     asper penultimate existential goal
thus, I decided to sell coal
to New Castle, transported
     within loco motive conveyance
     doubling up as fish bowl
decimated crossing Arctic
     great barrier reef Atoll

lauded me with mouthy gift horses,
     (one Mister Ed, adore
hubble hoof only high saddled
     Equus caballus neighing boar)

feted me, a hay er raising chore
followed by Mister Barns Noble encore
generation standing ovation,
     a deafening applause
     resonated across the floor
then an electrifying speech
     by (plan net fitness diehard) Albert Gore
describing ******, pillaging,

     And looting dip lore
able incursions as heath n (moor
or less opprobrious upon poor
sacred Mother Nature
     whimpering and softly doth roar
ring, now treated like a *****

telltale global devastation
     impossible to ignore agog
pollution extant across
     entire world wide web bog
gulls restorative legislation,
     when offal debris doth clog
estuaries, where watersheds habitat
     choking with despair,

thus imperative to grab hold collective
     figurative (corny as this may seem) ear
cuz jackknifed, irreparable,
     horrible gnashing fear
fully betokens catastrophic
     environmental fractured glare
ring ****** impailment here
and everywhere.
mjad Apr 2018
I don't want to see you later,
or in heaven or ****,
or anywhere in between.
Nayana Nair Mar 2018
Your hands were tired
of holding me together,
holding me to ground,
keeping me safe from myself
and my fate.
And when you were no longer there
I could go anywhere in the world,
live different lives,
and see the world anew.
Wait for the death
of my sorrow.
Or **** myself with what I am.
All this I have found
at the cost of
losing earth, me, and you,
to name a few.
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