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Have you ever
Felt like
The words had
Burden within
You so much
That you couldn't
Even write anymore?

By losing all hope
Of the world
Within disparity
Of dried ink
That leaves you
Numb from the inside?
pseudnco Aug 30
it’s during the numbing hours of the day
where time lingers the longest
it’s the moments where you can’t quite ever
flee to certain solace
you’d stay some place, nor in or out
and cling to proverbial silence
but as you grasp, and stagger, and shake
you’ll never find it timeless
oh how lost Aug 29
Breaking news:  girl thinks she has cotard delusion

Journalist:  A walking corpse was spotted at Avenue 12

the girl:  help me feel. teach me how to feel. i want to feel.
Simone13 Aug 19
People take it for granted
And just assume that everyone has it
To feel themselves be captured
By something they won't admit

To feel the pain
That consuming torture
To have that warm beat in your chest
Spreading like wildfire

To feel what
I want to feel

Not when the music starts
Or when a novel ends
I want that constant suffocating feeling
That gives my life meaning
I want to be whole and broken

I want what words can’t explain
Or letters can't decode
I want to be  torn apart
And sowed back together
I want to feel my stomach drop
when life nocks me down
I want to feel my vocals rip
When i cry

I want to feel
Like something to someone
I want the emotion of knowing
I ment something
I felt something

To feel the raw emotions
Of being human
Not this numbness

Not the dread of the sunrise
knowing It will be gone
Desire rod Aug 17
She whispers in my ear
Why don’t you be so bold as
I Slip into my seat
I start to Sink into disarray
Nothing can fill this void
Not even your hollow bones
She’s so cold to the touch
These lips talk of toxic thoughts
Go ahead drown yourself no one would even know
And wake up dead
A numbness far from control
A shiver of chills
It’s haunting to know
This voice will be
The death of me
there’s a loop
a loop of anger, despair, and nothing. numbness.
feeling numb is probably the best part, though feeling nothing gets lonely.
aching to feel something, anything.
the anything usually then turns into despair, and feeling so desperate makes me sick.
i’m tired of this endless cycle of agony, the static of feeling nothing, the ache of despair, the fire of rage.
i don’t know how to break out of it — how to break out of this hell.
i feel as if I’m drowning and the only thing i can do is hope i’ll float, no matter how fast i keep sinking to the bottom. staring up at the water blurred sky, stars blinking out and the moon becoming invisible as i begin to lose the breath i had been holding in.
the burning in my lungs soothe as water fills them, though the panic setting in makes my limbs thrash as i desperately heave for oxygen, getting nothing more than the cold liquid.
then it goes dark.
that part, is what i’m waiting for now. after the final panic.
the release.
i just want to be free.
why can’t i be free?
I have hardly any inspiration lately, and I’ve been sitting on this poem for a while. This is my first on this app, please be kind to me.
Niki Gray Jul 21
Pain is better than numbness,
because at least I can feel
my life not just move through it.
Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry.  Also a thank you to all my family and friends that remind me to be the best me I can be.  Thank you Sheela, Courtney, Christian, Favour, my daughter Sydney and my son James.  Also, a big thank you to my husband Jim.
abigail j s Jul 6
i slice my heart with strokes of pen;
blood flows as ink onto the page.
when i share my writings with my friends
they hold my life force in their hands.

words only sputter and spurt;
suddenly it hurts to hurt.
writing exhausts and reading consumes
over my head numbness looms.
words ought to follow each place i go
yet now i find them falling short.
i'm clinging to Your rays of light
fighting paralysis, reaching for Sight.
i wrote this on 30 june. these past few days I've added over 2000 words to my current WIP and several mornings ago my journal entry spanned 4 pages. day by day, creativity is finding her way back.
As the day seems to fade,
My numbness does too.
All the darkness comes to surface

Hello, hi.
Remember me?
I’m Miss blue,
hiding in the corner of the room.

Did you miss me?
You know, I missed you.

The giggles evaporated to knives
Now all pointed at me
They cry of piercing noises in my ears

Cruel words is all i can hear
Convincing that this is me.

The whispers in the back of the room,
now screeching, like nails on chalkboards
Expressing what they want me to believe.

Here comes the feeling, I know all too well.
Not being able to breathe.
Throwing my pennies in the wishing well,
Wishing for love
Wishing not to feel’

Once again, a new perspective pushes through.
Everything is always changing, therefore these times will fade too.
So for I know,
this feeling, won’t always be stuck to me
Like glue.

But then I wonder,
Do normal people fantasize about their funeral too?
Sweet whispers of a beautiful tragic, spread through the room, “Gone too soon.”
Or “ I wish I would have knew”
Better cut those thoughts,
Before they consume you.

Nights like these, familiar in taste.
And lonely in soul.
Screaming in spirit, for a place called home.
Uncontrollable emotions. Release it all.

Cry on the floor, if that’s what you need to do.
Just know, your spirit will rise through,
Your soul will be cleansed once the storm is over
And your eyes will see anew.

You will see past the old truth that you once knew
From a different perspective;
Yet the same point of view

Crying so much, my eyes start to bleed.
And they plead;
For love, for warmth.
For eyes that I adore.

Somewhere this must exist,
Far away from here.
Or maybe I can find it
Residing within myself.

We create our own kind of hell
or permanent bliss.
It depends on which you want to hear.

Well i’ll start with this,

Here comes the reaching upward of the soul

I hope you will believe, even as the light turns to dusk

The same light that shines from the sun
And illuminates the moon
Exists within you, too.

The magic starts with this ☆
Right now, right here
In this mirror
This is probably my favorite poem I have ever written. It starts off about this "monster" or voice inside the back of my head telling me all these awful things about myself, but as time goes on I can't differentiate the voice and these cruel words start to sound like the truth. Only until I start to realize, these feelings and times will change. So I hold on, I hold on to the light that we all share.. those who suffer, we fight.. we fight everyday, with a smile on our face to the world. They have no idea, but we know we are warriors.
I truly would like to hear feedback on what people think of this piece. Listen with an open heart. Thank you
J Jul 2
As the honey drips from his lips
not a sound
only guilt
as he felt
his emotions
slip away.....
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