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Violet 3d
There's nothing in your words,
There's nothing in your rhymes,
Nothing I haven't heard before,
I don't care, I don't care,
I'm numb.

There's nothing you could say
I don't hear every day,
Those ****** talk shows and interviews,
I don't care, I don't care,
I'm numb.

I come home once a week,
And this is all I hear,
It floods me as it always has,
I don't care, I don't care,
I'm numb.

Prejudice and guilt,
Judgement in my ear,
It's my first thought and my last,
I don't care, I don't care,
I'm numb.

There's nothing in your words,
There's nothing in my voice,
There's noise and boys and prayers,
I care, I care,
I'm dumb.
She dedicated a poem to me, so I returned the favour
Blake Dec 2018
For he with the blonde curls,
Who set you from stone to glass,
For he with greyness and age,
Who set you from virtue to ****,
And for the fathers who warned,
Who set you in a statue of shame,
With his constant looks of disbelieving.

For she with the stars of freckles,
Who set you from glass to shards,
For she with the condensation of coldness,
Who set you on route to loneliness,
And for the mothers who neglected,
Who set you with no comfort,
With no help after the males visited.

For the creaks of floorboards,
Threatening unholy arrival,
For the thousands of bed squeaks,
Helping by gifting distraction,
For the hotel clerks gentle knowing smiles,
As the ***** within my mind soften,
For the cheeks I can force upwards,
For the sacred of tears that disappeared with new numbness,
For the child within me who had such urgency to grow up,
And for me...for me.
Emily Dec 2018
I smoke until I can feel nothing
Because it is better than feeling everything
That's what it is. Everything
My heart is like my head
A thousand different thoughts, shifting and twisting
Changing, over and over again.
And I feel everything.
Always overwhelming, endless emotions
That never dissipate, but only build
My body is too small to hold all of this
It shouldn't be possible
I'm bone weary
I'm stuck in a current and I can't get out
Wave after wave after wave and I can't catch my breath
The world is spinning above me
And nothing will still
I feel everything
So I smoke until I can feel nothing
Stark Nov 2018
A gaping hole
Straight through the brain
Perfectly cylindrical
Holds no mercy as it rings
Through my body

The gun is still smoking
From the heat of his hatred
Shot right through my brain
Can’t even consume it
The idea that he had done it

Silver bullet through my brain
Monica Alvarez Nov 2018
She held flowers to her chest
as she falls asleep.
She prayed and wished for her death
And the universe sadly granted it.

She started fading away
As she closed her eyes.
All the noises and pain—
It was gone along with her life.

Everyone wondered
As to why she ever did it—
Killing herself with a blade
Leaving her wrist with a slit.

They said she was a sad girl,
The kind of which who always cry.
But none of them ever saw her
With a tear falling from her eye.

They felt sorry for the girl
As they watched her lie.
But she was more beautiful in death
Than she was when she's alive.

A dark pool of people
Was shredding tears on her grave
Little do they know
Of how long she's been so brave.
Cyrene Nov 2018
feel nothing.

It's like i'm not breathing,
let alone

overcomes my skin,
affected until my heart beats
Britni Ann Nov 2018
"i promise," she said quietly to herself,
"i promise that I won't let them hurt me anymore.
i will be stronger than them."

after so much heartbreak in her life
after so many people came into her home, made a mess and broke things
just to leave and make her clean it up by herself
she locked the doors and built a gated wall.
she leaves her windows open but she never lets people inside.
she is rebuilding her beautiful home,
she is making an astonishingly glorious garden
she is making all the pain into a beautiful mosaic
with a "do not touch" sign underneath.
she is becoming brand new
and it's such a beautiful thing.
I am over all the *******
I have enough going on
InsertPenName Oct 2018
What is sadness for the mind of madness
It might be odd to bear witness, but the mighty warrior who welds words like weapons
With shield of indifference, will no yield under falling havens
What hurts is that small tinker of needle
Plucked from the rose we touched in haste
What is sadness for the mind of madness
It's saying take care instead of I love you
It's saying goodnight instead of I miss you
It's saying bye instead of stay
But no, we'll not say… will not plead
For the painkiller needs to be kept on the shelf
Not be taken as a meal
A toxic relief, Not something that they need to keep, note to self stitched in skin : keep away
What's happiness to the mind of madness
It's fear nothing else
Peggy Upchurch Oct 2018
I look at different people all day
I admire them from afar and take notes
I dress as them and try to fit in
I’ve learned makeup
It’s all I being doing lately
I try to look nice and try outfits more open that what is usual
I enjoy it but I don’t feel pretty or happy
I feel numb
My parents don’t noticed the change
They’re only happy that I’ve been acting like a “girl”
I want to impress strangers that will never matter
I try to get boys to notice me despite the fact I’m not straight
I don’t know why
I think it’s because I want someone to notice me
Maybe even like me
I don’t know
Maybe it’s because I want something
Something to replace the numbness
I know it sounds ****** to vent about such a subject
But right now it’s what has taken over my life
I don’t know what to do
To make it better
I don’t really know but I’ve been going through some stuff but I feel like this is a good place to get it out
Mandalina Oct 2018
I'm on the edge
and I'm falling over slowly

I'm falling down
and I'm crashing on the ground

I can feel the tears building up
but I don't know how to cry

I can feel my need
but I don't want to cave in

But tonight I'm weak
and I'm afraid my addiction will win

I'm on the edge
and relapse is all I see

_this is an old poem_
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