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prank callers and Internet trolls
are much sought-after
and decently paid jobs
amid failing everything

is flowing freely

suspended sentence mode activated
testing tacky technologies
on the attendees

a long way
from bright ideas
to floral tributes
Jenie Sep 2020
Existing unrest exacerbated or
change in climate lowering the cloud cover
surrounding the mountain peaks For once
visible the centuries of suffering
now leading us into violence The
tables upturned by an invention spreading
like wildfire across dry meadows
or storm rivers under the seas
Bewildering Frankenstein monster
a stage for
the flowers of the brains to radiate
in strands of light above the lands
discoveries and creations
passion and truth and
kindness valued in
a world in transit An echo
of upheavals from ninety five theses
when the rolling waves of knowledge open
for children to follow their drive
where it takes them
A transfer to learn
without belonging pains while
we downsize our upkeep
and upsize our bonds
our unfettered feet buried in the sand and our
heads held where the wind blows and the
sun shines We dance
We sing to a tune freed
on our way to be and to become
and together
in time
save what can be
                                     or end with beauty
Myself reading it on soundcloud, a first try despite my accent!

Ice melting, political upheavals, positives of social media, impact of printing press and Martin Luther's ninety five theses, knowledge available, alternative schooling, minimalism, mindfulness, music accessible. This is a kind of reverse follow up on 'Social media - A modern coliseum'
Abdallah Osman Jun 2020
Roses are red
Violets are blue
And you are you
The less the better
The more the clutter
But then again the more the better

Where do we create that gentle balance?
Who wins the ballot?
A smaller perimeter with pockets of silence?
Every soul needs it.

Or a much larger one with lots of nuisance?
You'll find your heart bleeding.

Happiness is when your needs are way less than your wants.

Don't paint up your wants into needs,
and you'll feel lighter.

A greater form of happiness is when you fix someone their necessities.

We're mostly counting up to 65 or so, let's not spend most of the journey in tears.

But in hardwork, minimalism, kindness, hope and happiness.
milkweedangel Apr 2020
i could remove everything from my room
and bleed all the blood from my body
but these feelings would still be there
empty and empty
but you just won't leave
anxiety or sadness? maybe both
Lexington Warner Apr 2020
we talked
all our
raised but
s Nov 2019
I don’t rely on anything for my happiness
That is of my own

I once made the mistake of wishing
“Want” is to be disowned
You don’t need “things” in life to be at peace
Yoni Schulman Jul 2019
you said sunlight
wave after wave
is an endless mercy
given to us all

Greenville, 10 AM
I see water dripping off
their tiny black hands in the street
i hear their laughter echoing out
like wind chimes up the shadows of the city block
heat flows out of their purple heads
and carries up into the chlorine air
into the orchestra of traffic
through which
we vanish
like smoke
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