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Roses are red
Violets are blue
And you are you
The less the better
The more the clutter
But then again the more the better

Where do we create that gentle balance?
Who wins the ballot?
A smaller perimeter with pockets of silence?
Every soul needs it.

Or a much larger one with lots of nuisance?
You'll find your heart bleeding.

Happiness is when your needs are way less than your wants.

Don't paint up your wants into needs,
and you'll feel lighter.

A greater form of happiness is when you fix someone their necessities.

We're mostly counting up to 65 or so, let's not spend most of the journey in tears.

But in hardwork, minimalism, kindness, hope and happiness.
Far May 17
I like it,
A simple ant,
The tall trees,
The fine Grass,

The sheep.
The shepherd.
The creature who lasts.

All the simplest things in life,
I like it.

Beep Boop.
A charming, whimsical poem written about the most simplest things in life and how much they are appreciated in such a complex world.
milkweedangel Apr 29
i could remove everything from my room
and bleed all the blood from my body
but these feelings would still be there
empty and empty
but you just won't leave
anxiety or sadness? maybe both
we talked
all our
raised but
s Nov 2019
I don’t rely on anything for my happiness
That is of my own

I once made the mistake of wishing
“Want” is to be disowned
You don’t need “things” in life to be at peace
Chicken Nov 2019
He said that he had time to ****
But there was nothing there
Chicken Nov 2019
I can’t pull him
Close enough
Fast enough
There’s no pull
Only magnetism
In our lives.
Hope he’s got wheels on that chair :D
Yoni Schulman Jul 2019
you said sunlight
wave after wave
is an endless mercy
given to us all

Greenville, 10 AM
I see water dripping off
their tiny black hands in the street
i hear their laughter echoing out
like wind chimes up the shadows of the city block
heat flows out of their purple heads
and carries up into the chlorine air
into the orchestra of traffic
through which
we vanish
like smoke
Yoni Schulman Jul 2019
your halo eyes
i am drained like
a man in the summer
3rd street is an open casket
oranges are
indian summer in my heart
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