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your halo eyes
i am drained like
a man in the summer
3rd street is an open casket
oranges are
indian summer in my heart
Yoni Schulman Jul 11
tiny orchestras
the pill on your tongue
the straw that breaks your back
Yoni Schulman Jul 11
opens its mouth
i stream out of you like water
Yoni Schulman Jul 11
to be wired by you, to be pinned
to be worn by someone, i wear you
on my smile these days
DivineDao3 Jun 8

Haiku a day
Keeps the dr.
At - - - - bay
Love leisure Hollidays
Tejsree Apr 8
Silent and sweet,
Quiet and cute.
Feelings all hid,
In a jar with a lid.
Minimise distraction
Maximise intention.

Minimise commodity fetishism
Maximise giving out love.

Love people, use things.
The opposite never works.
Gazing at your shape
From across the room
You sit on the floor
We have touched
Perhaps a total
Of four to five occasions;
Your price going
For a multitude of this number.
Of this what truly comes to matter?
Your true use or the idea of you?
The issue ongoing in shades
Of black and white;
The jury is still out.
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