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A glance at you is all I see when you are in front of me,
Take my warm hand and we will surrender our love as if it's our first kiss.
Trusting secrets, laughter and love, how bitter sweet this pleasure.
Pleasure for pain and pain for pleasure, we are all in the same boat of searching a love for loving another but another will love until your end comes near, but if it's eternity you won the game called love.
Searching Oceans and searching rivers to a never ending stream, love games play far and near and they say be careful with what you here but when it comes to love, be careful with what you see as for an eye to eye can be sinful pleasure of a dangerous lover.
Dangerous lovers, and people playing the love game.
ryn Jun 1
It would eternally echo,

the pain that you’d entertain,
and feel...

But if it didn’t hurt,

then it never was real.

Brumous Apr 21
It's funny how I always think of you,
as my sanctuary, someone I can run back to,
and tell that "I love you,"

But all there is a wonderful raconteur
that filled you with alluring words and beauty
All you are is a piece of art;
an illustration of imagination

I am head over heels for you
despite knowing how troublesome;
it is to me

In the end, all I can say--is that;
"She is my Wonderwall,"
I love her so much but...
she's far from real
PhoenixTetra Mar 23
I think the kind of love I crave doesn’t exist in this world,
I believe the kind of love I yearn for is out of this world,
and that’s probably why,
I stopped searching for it in people’s eyes,
what they see when they see me,
and in people’s hearts,
what they feel when they’re near me,
because honestly,
I’ll never know what’s real and what’s just a fantasy.
Something then nothing -
A parrot on my left shoulder
But it is not real
Zack Ripley Mar 2
You never knew how I felt
Cause I didn't want you to know
But now you're ready to leave
and I don't want you to go.
You taught me to laugh
When I wanted to cry.
You're not just my love;
You're my sun, stars and sky.
How can I tell you how I really feel
When every time I'm with you
Nothing ever seems real
A M Ryder Nov 2020
Seems unreal
And abstract
A string of zeros
That exists in some
Strange place of its own
Jay M Dec 2020
Everything feels dreamlike

Nothing feels real

With each strike

Of a worn match

Smoking but never catching fire

- Jay M

November 18th, 2020
Everything has felt dreamlike lately. Not sure why.
Solaluna Oct 2020
It is hard to find words,
That rhymes with the other,
Words that are evidently sweet,
That can make your heart feel warm and tender.

Poets are clever,
They build worlds in words,
That can make you shiver,
Poets, they are brilliant liars.
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