smc Feb 13
tiny jewels

the ones
w     e
in peru

and she laughs like
fairies dance around her

she knows
what she did
to what was once
Amanda Feb 11
You are composed of desperate lies
From your head all the way down to your feet
Your whole existence depends upon
A delicate web of deceit

Dishonesty is clearly reflected
In the blue oceans of your eyes
You are so deep in denial you
Won't accept that you wear a disguise

You put a mask on your face each day
To cover up your many flaws
You are an actor playing a part
You crave the attention and applause

The world is your comfortable stage
Your story nothing more than a show
I wonder if there is a single
Piece of you I actually know

On your skin you paint a facade
To again coat the aching scars
Hollow promises are falling down
Fading faster than shooting stars

You protect your heart with empty lines
And apologies you wish you meant
Can't you see that I need more from you
Than the excuses you invent?

I deserve the real you not the
Careful persona you fabricate
I want to see what rests beneath
The image you work so hard to create

Manipulating our arguments
You try to distract me with anger
Hoping I won't notice the fact
I am staring at a stranger

You embody the character
Those closest to you think you are
Yes you are well meaning but
You have taken this drama too far

In relationships you cheat
A girl gentle and admired
Out of her forgiveness and hope
That your old ways will soon be retired

You are a child playing pretend
A boy wearing a grown mans shoes
Dress up is the game I hate
Yet still it is the option you choose

I don't understand why you would
Rather have admiration than trust
Your true colors are revealed and then
That admiration turns to disgust

I don't want to hear your honeyed words
Unless you mean them from your heart
Your actions don't reflect what you say
The conflict is tearing me apart

Once again you tell me you will change
As you have sworn a million times
But I'm tired of trying to
Decipher your threadbare pantomimes

I was never good at charades
You probably already knew that
You take advantage of the way
Im unsure of who Im looking at

You are Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde
My best friend and worst enemy
An angel until the demon rises
You transform right in front of me

A natural shape-shifter
You effortlessly deceive
You cowardly hide under the
Cloak of false expectations you weave

I can't figure out your motives
I don't think I ever will
Maybe toying with emotions
For some reason gives you a thrill

I'm misled by flattery
Compliments and ascensions
I'm naively distracted by your charms
Struggling to see your true intentions

Now I know you are a fraud
Crying crocodile tears
Your forgery becomes apparent
More and more as the end nears

Betrayal courses through your veins
Secrets drip out of every pore
I don't even believe in your love
Or the feelings we share anymore

My patience is wearing thin
Your unreal mirage falls apart
I wish there was a way to see past
Your illusions and into your heart
This is about my ex. He was never honest with me about anything even after four years together, and I wouldn't get angry or leave him, I'm super understanding. He is just a compulsive liar.
If I ever call you friend again
Let it be a mockery
A spitting sarcasm in redundancy
My front line of the defensive

Deviant of nature
I did my best and it fell through
I remember
Doubt crawled up to say hello

Like nails on chalkboard
It's been scrawled out
Lie to me again, indirectly
You're just the friend of a friend
mollie Dec 2017
Here is a man
Draped in the land, reflected in sand
He’s standing over me
By unsettled waters, crawling to sea
He’s staring at me
Controlling my brain, whispering what I ought to be
What I ought to be

So, what’s the point of singing if no one will ever hear it?
What’s the point of screaming out loud?
I’m trapped inside this small transparent box with no exit
And nobody is coming around

You regret it, I wondered if you said it,
But our world, we only fed it
Feels so good to be oh so alone

Remember that night we shared our remorse? In a dream, of course.
I knew you would stay. There was never any question.

That doesn’t mean I can’t be bitter.
this one's a weirdo.
Fleeting dreams lost in time
Thought always I'd be alone
Spent all time my time wondering what its like to have friends
Apart from the ones I made or the ones in my head
But then when people like me, spend time with me
Love me
It doesn't feel real
Too good or too fake, it isn't describable
Knowing every day I'll forget another trauma
Knowing I'll always remember you
its nice
Guden Oct 2017
You don't feel real being with me,
Without me,
In the distance,
Of a kiss.
We don't want future,
But the present
Of you
And I
Tastes good,
As it should taste,
You know?
What do I know anyway,
But you're real,
As much as I am.
Only lonely I imagine
A future,
That's not real,
Between expressions,
And the present
Disappears between meaningless words,
It fades away when I try to reach it,
It drains through my soul,
Between the grooves of my brain
Leaving me empty handed,
Struggling with the balance of having you,
For ever,
We get lost,
Between kisses and fears,
Unfinished plans,
Unkept promises,
Predictions and intentions
Only future expressions.
Kaylee H Oct 2017
There was once a horrid alcoholic
At least that what someone said
But maybe they didn't care
Maybe drinking was the only thing keeping them going

Because it reminds them of someone
Or how smoothly someone came into their heart
Someone filled their mind and body with warmth
Happy thoughts and feels
Allowing their worries to soar free
Relieving them of pain
Keeping their mind away from harsh realities
Someone made their life a living fantasy
A surreal ecstasy
Love that would last for evermore

Only it didn't
It isn't there anymore
Someone left
The person is here
Drinking so that maybe... they can keep going
Mary Frances Oct 2017
You are just a man in my stupid fantasy
A perfect picture of what is to be my reality
Oh! How I wish you’re real for me to hold you tight
And that it will always be you I hug at night.

You’re a very fine product of my mind’s wildest imagination
A shadow of my heart’s foolish creation
Oh! How I know you’re just a face of thin air
A handsome canvass of a man filled with so much love and care.

Am I mad? Lonely? I really don’t know!
I never imagined I had scooped this low.
Everyday longing. Every moment waiting.
Hoping that somehow, someday, it will be you I’m finally seeing.

It is very stupid of me, I admit
Making fool of myself out of the feeling I can’t omit
But can you blame me of creating a love that’s impossible?
How I wish that my reasons to you will be acceptable!

I’ve already gone this far
My mind perfected the image of what you are
Now it’s up to me to make you real
Adding the feelings I want to reveal

I hope that someday you’ll understand
That when I made you, I felt so grand
And even if you just exist in my fantasy and in my dreams, don’t worry
It’s always going to be you I’ll love ‘til eternity.
Mary Frances Oct 2017
You are just a thought
a projection of my imagination

My heart gave you life
My mind, your soul

You know my thoughts
my deepest desires
my dreams, my hopes
and where my world evolves

You become constant,
the one driving me crazy
Seeking your unreal presence
whenever I'm lonely

I started talking to you
as if you're really here
and then one day I realized
You already have my heart so dear

I fell hard
and I'm still falling..

With you, my imaginary friend.
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