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A M Ryder Nov 20
Seems unreal
And abstract
A string of zeros
That exists in some
Strange place of its own
Jay M 2h
Everything feels dreamlike

Nothing feels real

With each strike

Of a worn match

Smoking but never catching fire

- Jay M

November 18th, 2020
Everything has felt dreamlike lately. Not sure why.
Rosie Oct 11
It is hard to find words,
That rhymes with the other,
Words that are evidently sweet,
That can make your heart feel warm and tender.

Poets are clever,
They build worlds and words,
That can make you shiver,
Poets, they are brilliant liars.
Calamity is coloured yellow - quince deep, pear shallow - intervining yellow of narcissi palms and morning rise, connecting crusty sunbeams of past, present -----------------------------------------------------------------­-----------------
yellow is this line connecting what one may choose, as Latin connects meaning of smart words, and Greek of relevant.
Calamity - yellow - meaning. Yellow holds fullness between, as it is cut off from the glorious star. When we pass through calamity, our meanings will merge and we will dream yellow, for there will cease to be difference among us. Shakespeare - Goethe - Poe: who shall set apart?
Such is nature in yellow that real and unreal may collide in its shape, and make all sense. For I have bled yellow when she weaved her last and sunk beneath Canal Grande - like a candle in autumnal sunrise - hundred and twenty years ago. For I have cried yellow when the fire - ignited lighthouse rose from seas of amber, twenty seven years after. For I have laughed when fungal trees closed on million - lighted city (jewelled and lonely island), today.

And so yellow is sewn to make an etching.
To M. Q.
Rashmi Aug 20
Eyes wide open, Let me close it for a while.
Sitting on a chair, I never felt so fright.
Dwelling into my thoughts, I feel so caged.
Soreness in my eyes, do I need a cure?
Opt to close it, with moist eyes.
It will hunt me down, I whispered inside my mind.
My time has begin, Now I'm in this dimension.
This torment Yes!, I need to suffer.
It feels so real, when it's so unreal.
I can't decide, how long it will occur.
My eyes are closed, I don't know when it will open!
Life isn't fair,
But fair is unseen.
And what is unseen is unreal,
But what's unreal is your story
That you would one day share.
The idea for this one is inspired by 'Your Time Is Gonna Come' from Led Zeppelin.

Also by the quote 'If you're going through hell, keep going.' from Winston Churchill.
When the world becomes black
Im almost safe
The impossible becomes possible
And the unreal becomes real
My darkness is kept low
And my imagination flys high
But that can only last for so long
The world will come to color
The impossible will escape out of reach
And the unreal will hide away
My darkness will creep back
And my imagination will be shoved in

But eventually I will go back to the blackness,
We all will
And then we will be safe forever
Falling Asleep and Waking Up.....Then Falling Asleep Forever
Falling in love,
Is falling,
Let the darkness,
Seep in.

Brush your hands,
Against the white,
No idea who let you in.

No wings,
No landing,
Falling in love again,
Let the darkness,
Surround you.
Seeping in.
mjad Jul 10
I watch you lay there
The light of my screen creates a glare
You seem unreal
So peaceful
Of the mess that is loving me
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