I've got a bone to pick with you.
We've known one another for years.
You consider us the best of friends.
I consider us acquaintances.
Do you know why?

All your stories blend in
to a mess of intersections,
impossible touch.

Do your confabulations
keep you warm on cold nights?

I've got a bone to pick from you.
Calcium white, high arrogance.
Irish child solider? Didn't you say
you spent your childhood here, in the states?
I'm unimpressed.
Do you know why?

You have two friends like you,
too self satisfied for learning.
I'm pissed as fuck, I guess.

I'd like to meet a person,
curious so interesting,
moving water through mangroves,
glancing roots, then running on.

I must spin your transparent lies
into comedy. For me.

All your stories blend in
to a mess of intersections,
impossible touch.

I understand, now, this is common.
Truth is, I can't throw a rock
without hitting a man like you.
Robin Lemmen Jul 31
Your eyes tell stories
Of hopes and dreams
They do so scare me
I am your fantasy come to life
But that doesn't make me real
No guarantee that I am right
I will disappoint the image
You have painted of me
When compared to the scarred canvas
The real me
GreenTrees Aug 2017
A line or a dot?
Which one of these am I not?
Do I exist just to hold this spot?

Is there a reason or a plot?

Blissfully, he said

"No Sir, to know, no I do not!"

© Karl V. (2017)
nim Jul 9
"take my hand", I said
but you couldn't catch me
because I've already
turned into dust
and now the only way to get me
is to salute the wind
and I never wanted you to know
but that's why I lived;
the only reason was
the hope that one day
you'd see what I see,
miracles and beauty;
that you'd love life through nature
I put my soul into making it better

but yet, I never thought
you'd never salute my migrating grave
I never expected you didn't care
never saw you don't think of me
never saw, never saw
you don't love me

maybe it's better,
that I've turned into dust.
Sam Jul 6
I saw a lot in you today. Your features that hid a world of anonymity. That over fanciful imaginations of your curiosities. And that face of yours which couldn't deny an obscure smile. How bizarre. You're so unreal and inexplicable the way you showed me who you are.
jas Jun 17
searching for a reason
a meaning of life
to keep on pushing
seems living is a fight
without resistance
and yet the past doesn't quite seem let me forget it
incapable of letting things go
i just miss it

if only you knew
all of the scenarios in my head
replaying daily
the spider weaving its web...

eating at me mentally
considerably the amount of judgment
received in this society, hideously

when will the search end?
jas Jun 9
poured my heart into a black hole
once i entered the unknown
as i scream for the taste of blood on my lips
to feel once more , a pinch of bliss

fell into lust, chasing love
ice in my veins
my body is numb
no longer a soul exists

fading into the distance
no longer fighting resistance
the end is near i feel it

i have a disease.. im broken.
fuck you
I dreamt again
About him, again
Of course I did
But this one was different
So much different
And so much more painful

It went on for what felt like hours
And it felt so real
You could play it back to me
And I'd swear it was an
Actual occurrence
Apart from the details

We talked
Me and him
We were in a small room
We have those in our school
And I gave him everything
My most heartfelt apology
I cried my sorries into
And after some questioning
He accepted them
That second chance to prove
That I'm worthy of being his lover
The chance I'd been wishing for since
He gave me that
And I didn't hurt him again

It's strange
I've had amazing dreams
Otherworldly dreams
Done things only ever possible
Within the dreamscape
But this
Two hours of a regular schoolday
Was the best dream I've ever had

We were smiling at eachother
Joking around
Laughing, leaning, hugging
All the things we did before
The best two hours this year
And even when I awoke
I was convinced it was a memory
And not a wish
i know these dreams are just me being wishful
but it gives me something to strive for, i guess
Jimmy Apr 22
Her beauty-
stunning like a shooting star soaring across an abandoned night sky.

Her personality-
vibrant as an early morning sunrise.

Her hair-
beautiful as a Christmas snow.

Her smile-
warming like a summer night bonfire

Her lips-
gentle as a baby butterfly

Her skin-
smooth like Mulberry silk

Her thoughts-
endless like a rainbow

Her heart-
mountainous like the Appalachian Trail

Her love-
addicting like a drug

And her laugh-
precious and breathtaking like the 7 wonders of the world
This beautiful girl has me losing my mind. I can't and won't stop thinking about her.
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