contrite May 3
I dreamt again
About him, again
Of course I did
But this one was different
So much different
And so much more painful

It went on for what felt like hours
And it felt so real
You could play it back to me
And I'd swear it was an
Actual occurrence
Apart from the details

We talked
Me and him
We were in a small room
We have those in our school
And I gave him everything
My most heartfelt apology
I cried my sorries into
And after some questioning
He accepted them
That second chance to prove
That I'm worthy of being his lover
The chance I'd been wishing for since
He gave me that
And I didn't hurt him again

It's strange
I've had amazing dreams
Otherworldly dreams
Done things only ever possible
Within the dreamscape
But this
Two hours of a regular schoolday
Was the best dream I've ever had

We were smiling at eachother
Joking around
Laughing, leaning, hugging
All the things we did before
The best two hours this year
And even when I awoke
I was convinced it was a memory
And not a wish
i know these dreams are just me being wishful
but it gives me something to strive for, i guess
Jimmy Apr 22
Her beauty-
stunning like a shooting star soaring across an abandoned night sky.

Her personality-
vibrant as an early morning sunrise.

Her hair-
beautiful as a Christmas snow.

Her smile-
warming like a summer night bonfire

Her lips-
gentle as a baby butterfly

Her skin-
smooth like Mulberry silk

Her thoughts-
endless like a rainbow

Her heart-
mountainous like the Appalachian Trail

Her love-
addicting like a drug

And her laugh-
precious and breathtaking like the 7 wonders of the world
This beautiful girl has me losing my mind. I can't and won't stop thinking about her.
Whisper it, don't let them hear.
Be careful; it's them you should fear.
Follow them, do what they say,
And for your sake, don't run away.
Their hearts are as black as black can be.
Their souls chill you to the bone, don't you see?
They'll lure you into their arms and tear you apart.
Then they'll suck the blood out of your heart,
Leave you gasping for air that surrounds you.
I know it sounds unreal, like it's not true,
But don't look at them, don't ask who they are.
Their darkness surrounds us from afar.
Don't provoke them, don't make them mad,
For if you do, the outcome could be bad.
The demons will rise through the land.
The darkness will clasp your cold, icy hand.
You'll remember all your darkened power,
And the demons will rise in the night's darkest hour.
They'll lead you to a darker path,
And you'll be the one to unleash the demon's wrath.
I wish to be
That " me "
From my dreams.
That " me "
Who has no worries.
That " me "
Who can sing.
That " me "
Who has no limits.
That " me "
Who can fly.
That " me "
Who has no pain.
That " me "
Who can float.
I wish to be
That " me "
From my dreams.
Gale L Mccoy Mar 7
life is a poorly designed game
too much dead space
loading screens that last all night
unskippable cutscenes
irrelevant boss fights and tasks
no cheat codes
and the story has no direction
where is the fast forward in my life
i am in the between of everything
can i play my life
like I play video games
grinding through obstacles
till i reach the next level and the next cutscene
can i skip to the main storyline of my life
all that waits for me here
is cutting down monsters
till im strong enough to fight the boss
the sound of chimes
early in the morning
with the bird's music
a magic of its own
in a trance,
the green scene
quite a vision
with clear skies
nothing could destroy

true beauty
of this time of sunrise.

but as the day proceeds
cars and humans
bring along the chaos

the glum atmosphere
gloomy weather
lost is the cheer
and the nature
which shined through early

there is what is left of
something that was
   rather too unreal
smc Feb 13
tiny jewels

the ones
w     e
in peru

and she laughs like
fairies dance around her

she knows
what she did
to what was once
Amanda Feb 11
You are composed of desperate lies
From your head all the way down to your feet
Your whole existence depends upon
A delicate web of deceit

Dishonesty is clearly reflected
In the blue oceans of your eyes
You are so deep in denial you
Won't accept that you wear a disguise

You put a mask on your face each day
To cover up your many flaws
You are an actor playing a part
You crave the attention and applause

The world is your comfortable stage
Your story nothing more than a show
I wonder if there is a single
Piece of you I actually know

On your skin you paint a facade
To again coat the aching scars
Hollow promises are falling down
Fading faster than shooting stars

You protect your heart with empty lines
And apologies you wish you meant
Can't you see that I need more from you
Than the excuses you invent?

I deserve the real you not the
Careful persona you fabricate
I want to see what rests beneath
The image you work so hard to create

Manipulating our arguments
You try to distract me with anger
Hoping I won't notice the fact
I am staring at a stranger

You embody the character
Those closest to you think you are
Yes you are well meaning but
You have taken this drama too far

In relationships you cheat
A girl gentle and admired
Out of her forgiveness and hope
That your old ways will soon be retired

You are a child playing pretend
A boy wearing a grown mans shoes
Dress up is the game I hate
Yet still it is the option you choose

I don't understand why you would
Rather have admiration than trust
Your true colors are revealed and then
That admiration turns to disgust

I don't want to hear your honeyed words
Unless you mean them from your heart
Your actions don't reflect what you say
The conflict is tearing me apart

Once again you tell me you will change
As you have sworn a million times
But I'm tired of trying to
Decipher your threadbare pantomimes

I was never good at charades
You probably already knew that
You take advantage of the way
Im unsure of who Im looking at

You are Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde
My best friend and worst enemy
An angel until the demon rises
You transform right in front of me

A natural shape-shifter
You effortlessly deceive
You cowardly hide under the
Cloak of false expectations you weave

I can't figure out your motives
I don't think I ever will
Maybe toying with emotions
For some reason gives you a thrill

I'm misled by flattery
Compliments and ascensions
I'm naively distracted by your charms
Struggling to see your true intentions

Now I know you are a fraud
Crying crocodile tears
Your forgery becomes apparent
More and more as the end nears

Betrayal courses through your veins
Secrets drip out of every pore
I don't even believe in your love
Or the feelings we share anymore

My patience is wearing thin
Your unreal mirage falls apart
I wish you would let me see past
The illusions and into your heart
This is about my ex. He was never honest with me about anything even after four years together, and I wouldn't get angry or leave him, I'm super understanding. He is just a compulsive liar.
Alison Latres Feb 18
If I ever call you friend again
Let it be a mockery
A spitting sarcasm in redundancy
My front line of the defensive

Deviant of nature
I did my best and it fell through
I remember
Doubt crawled up to say hello

Like nails on chalkboard
It's been scrawled out
Lie to me again, indirectly
You're just the friend of a friend
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