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As the rain falls gilded Hearts are tempered. They fell together but crashed apart
Soft nothings out of reach to pamper
The drops fed my hunger but never filled my heart. That's a lie told by anger the last line.
The waters yielded flowers beautiful but weak to time
Though they bare fruit and seeds without roots it can never last as do trees
We are the soil for our love and enjoyment
We are the plow of our perseverance and faith
We are our beasts of burden and sacrifice
Written in a stupor
Katelyn May 2021
I’m stuck in a rut
unable to escape
Full of shallow words
with no rhyme or rhythm
lacking structure
scratching the surface
with no hope of redemption
My words carelessly strewn
leave nothing to the imagination
as deep as a gutter
as full as a strainer
as meaningful as my life
will i ever get out
Liyanne May 2020
Each day I wake up
And let my messages buffer,
What if someone chatted?
while I was on my slumber

I received the usual messages
From groupchat's of school and friends
I read each message I missed
Until the very end

I do this every morning
Unless I don't feel well
I put some messages in ignore
and turn off my notification bell

I don't know why I do this
Maybe I want people to see
The girl that had always been there
Hasn't been online lowkey

I still check my messages
To see if someone's there
I let my messages buffer
To find that it's all bare

That day, I learned the truth
The painful truth that scars my heart
Even though you're always there
You are never enough
Siren Jan 2020
How far
do you dare
to go

this dance
you mask
as safe
and shout

harmless little games
can't you




you oblivious
Eyes and ears closed shut. All signs blended out.
Tenant Aug 2019
I don't know what art is
Need to find where my muse lives
See what the lotus sees
Anastasia May 2019
im tired
from a lack of sleep
im tired
from a lack of love
im tired
from missing you
im tired
from not eating
im tired
from being so tired
im just so ******* tired
Umi Mar 2019
The dark shortly settles after sunset,
Such makes the world become a colder but gentle place for the tired souls to rest,
Another cycle ends, but today a night supposedly covered in stars whom bathe the galaxy with their magnificence and light are nowhere to be seen,
Devoid of all but an affable drizzle the wind howls in sorrow,
The last flame and its ember hiss at this change, unwelcoming the loss of their brilliance and luminosity, the passion and energy,
A tired pen recording these events snaps its feather,
For, casting lacking words onto decaying paper would do no justice,
Bittersweet memories, immortalized beneath these pages, are in no means lost, even after departure,
Hoping to spark a light for those who seek to read them,
Until finally, a whole new cycle begins,
And the dawn brings back the light,
To this abyssal void.

~ Umi
Perhaps my passion about poetry will rekindle one day
CLARYT Feb 2019
How can I  drink when there's no water?,
How can I read when there's no words?,
Where can I walk when there's no map?,
How am I supposed to speak, when there are no words?,
How can I indulge in you, when you're not here?......

I fear I find myself lacking in all these things,
All these things I need in order to experience you,
Drink you, read you, find you, speak you,

Have you.....
Missing someone is the worst thing ever. The heart physically hurts
(c) 2019
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