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sunprincess Sep 2018
My brand new ionic hairbrush is the best invention ever!

Who could ever imagine this incredible tool
could perform such amazing feats of magic!

My hair is so smooth, sleek and shiny
I truly feel like a superstar!

Honestly, If the inventor were here,
I would kiss him and drive him around
in my car!
Xallan Dec 2017
Here is the threshold of another limit:
Tough are the natural walls
That surround my consciousness
Under the temporal manipulation of negative infinity
By influence of clerval and morgan coaxings
I had hoped to break through the terminal point
It's the creativity of myself
But it ends at the edge of my eye
With my synthetic leather jacket of sanity I'd rather crawl away
From Russia to Afghanistan
I believed I had it in me, elastic and artificial
But manufactured emotions cannot occur within
They only happen on your face
I would have liked to be the first to invent a plastic heart
A false aorta, synchronized with romance
A fresh soul, rutilated with inflection
Lungs, activated with imagination
A metal spine, automated with wonder
At some point I must have relinquished my humanity
I had hoped to create life in poetry but
What I have here is necromancy
If given some slack
would you chase it?

If given the knowledge
would you taste it?

If given the chance
would you waste it?

If given a dream
would you face it?

If given the steps
would you trace it?

If given it all
would you Ace it?
Will we use our gifts or will we hang ourselves with them?
Dhaara T Apr 2017
The way forward
From left to right
From the bottom, upwards
Version 1 to 3.0
We progress
In hope that we're improving
Building up
But are we, really?
We come a full circle
Only to learn
Life was never complicated
in the first place
We made it so
In our pursuit of oversimplification
Not all updates/upgrades are forward-looking, even if that is the intent.
Gabriel burnS Dec 2016
Electric light,
a robot sun;
the real one,
a god,
who was dethroned,
and now we make our own,
powered by our blinding
arrogance and vanity
Andrei Marin Aug 2016
The spirit of invention is a wild one:

it does not fear failure,
it craves adventure,
lives on inspiration,
it is misunderstood,
yet preservers trough the hardest of times...

It accomplishes the impossible and elevates the spirit to new heights...

It has passion for art, creation and perfection...

The spirit of invention lives in us all.
Dare to release it!
This is my definition of creativity/invention, as I feel it...
Piping hot
Gooey and fluffy
Rolls of dough
With sugar
And butter
And on the top
Slowly oozing
Melting down the sides
Is glaze
Or frosting
Is your cup of tea

This miraculous invention
Forever changing
Human life
As we know it
A cinnamon roll
The most amazing
And tasty
Thing known
To mankind
Beinghonest Feb 2016
Sound-blocking headphones are the greatest invention known to teenage boy.
Love them, ***, when it's just you and the music, ****, it's a whole new world!!!!

-just being honest
The more cars on permanent auto-pilot
The bleaker it will get
Don't get me wrong, the positives are definitely there
But let's see the dark side of the moon here
I want to be honest
So don't get too shocked
I can be a little blunt like the dollar store knife
The truth is
If you let this invention exceed far enough
There will be more texting, drunk driving and road head that will occur
The third one usually makes people laugh
But i know it happens
Ask around
You can't say it's a myth
If it wasn't truth, i wouldn't write it down
I promise
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