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Bina Mukherjee Jul 2020
An average being on earth
Who never tried to take a big leap.
An average being on earth
Who has always been a timid.
An average being on earth
Who never dared to upset anyone.
An average being on earth
Who shouts out from her heart now
Someone on earth please hear her out.

Bina Mukherjee
Dibyendu Sarkar Jun 2020
Song of **** 
Things got wrong 
Black dark sky 
Landed on D2371. 

This void soul 
Dark matter shatter
Who are you?
A question perhaps 

Trapped in screenshot 
Living in simulation 
Talk of town
Who's this sarcasticbong? 

Dumb dumb 
Looking for show
It's hidden flow
Blinded earthlings go. 

Multiple parallel riff 
Colours popping gif
Can't you niff 
Awake your clairvoyance. 
Narrate your story
Mock theosist lore
So called influencer 
Hide your favorites 
Blame to others 
Boycott with hastags
Real is bluff 
Everything good, me 
Everything bad, you 
Rhyming with tagline 
Someone tagged you. 




Depressed Gen.
Nica Monet Nov 2019
Toast to the guinea pigs
for extinguishing my fear of being alone

Toast to the moon
for being the substitute of street lamps

Toast to the car parked on the driveway
for indicating the presence of my family

Toast to the guitars
for remembering the way they tune

Toast to the fridge in the kitchen
for keeping our food fresh

Toast to the walls of the house
for absorbing the noises I rather not hear

Toast to the paintings
for reminding me of what I’m artistically capable of

Toast to the bed in the room
for keeping my body comfortable at night

Toast to the lights
for providing my room personality

Toast to the tapestries hanging on the ceiling
for maintaining my privacy

Toast to the dreamcatchers
for giving me hope of a good night's dream

Toast to the pictures on the wall
for reminding me of who I am with people I love
Inspired by Clint Smith's poem of Shout Out.
Alexa Apr 2019
Hello Poetry is built
like a social media site
but those of us that make
the front page
have like 10 followers.

I have 2
(shout out to Perry
and Fredrick Njroge)
but it's not a big deal.
Because that's not what I'm here for.

"We write to be seen,
But we slam to be heard."
Check out Lamar Jorden's poems on Youtube. "Blink" is my favorite.
emma guidry Jan 2019
here’s to the past
to the days long gone and barely remembered
where the world is basking in infinite sunlight
and everything that was wrong
is somehow twisted in your mind to feel right

here’s to the naivety of childhood
where strangers are friends
friends are imaginary
and imaginary is real

here’s to the paper airplanes and the magic wands made of sticks
to the bath towel capes and the big wheel races
to dinosaur chicken nuggets and chocolate milk
and to falling asleep in your mother’s arms

here’s to growing up and colliding with the world head-on
to holding your ******* room full of noisy mouths and deaf ears
to the screams
to the whispers
to the holes in the walls
and to the letters stained with poison tears

here’s to the breaking up
and breaking down
and to the redemption of re-colliding
and repairing

here’s to feeling infinite
to blaring music with the windows down on an empty highway
to the times when youth feels tangible
and the world silences to make way for your noise

here’s to the sleepless nights
that either make your life or tear it apart
to knowing
the most meaningful conversations always happen after 2am
and to the realization that you are not defined by attributes
but by the memories you possess

here’s to the songs that transport you through time with a single note
to the smells that are intensely reminiscent of the forty-third day of first grade
to the nostalgic pain too excruciating to endure
and to the soft smiles of content remembrance

here’s to the good ol’ days
and to wishing there was a way to know
you’re in them before you’ve actually left

here’s to the present
to feeling a memory being made in the moment in which it’s being lived
and to already missing someone while they’re still sitting next to you

here’s to the most frightening way to zone out
watching the seconds tick by on the clock
and being unable to fight the realization that time is not counting up
but rather going down

here’s to the moments which define your life
to the tears
and the fears
and the years
that you live through

here’s to the firsts
and the lasts
to a past of tragic endings
and a future of new beginnings

here’s to falling in love
with them
with that
with life
with you
to the wishes upon stars
to the stolen glances
and the taken chances
and to finding a new definition of “everything”

here’s to the people that feel more like home than the house you grew up in
to never being loved by as many people as you are able to love
to the feeling of security
and to everything that sneaks through the back door
while you’re busy guarding the front

here’s to the courage it takes to let go
and to the courage it takes to hold on

here’s to what you lose
to what you gain
to what you lose when you gain
and to what you gain when you lose

here’s to the second after
and what it holds
to the weight of unprocessed information
and to feelings on the rise

here’s to the long nights and string lights
hands and life plans and never-ending fights

here’s to the songs that drown the sounds of breaking down
and the anthems of those beginning to build back up

here’s to now
to cherishing every moment while it lasts
before it falls victim to the minds of those lucky enough to experience it
yet human enough to forget

here’s to the future
to the dreams you dream
and the plans you scheme
to the life you lead
and the stories you leave

here’s to those whose greatest fear is oblivion
to the breath taken seconds after your name is spoken for the last time
to those who influence from beyond the grave
and those lost to the enormity of time

here’s to the cups of coffee that are yet to be drunk
and the people that are too
to never knowing which moment is your last
and to the acceptance that life flies by all too fast

here’s to the plans we make at 1am
when the world belongs solely to those who remain awake
to the desire for a spontaneous road trip
and to the desperate need to escape
and here’s also to those convincing enough to make you want to stay

here’s to the places you’ll live
the kids you’ll have
the jobs you’ll loathe
and love that lasts

here’s to everyone you thought you needed
more than the very organs in your own body
before learning the painful lesson of removal
and knowing that only one kidney is needed to survive

here’s to those who kept going when they were lost
and those lost because they kept going

here’s to me
to you
to him
to her
to then
to now
to why
to how

here’s to the people you will never meet again
and the longing for a place you will never return

here’s to the good ol’ days
and the awareness of their presence in the present
before they inevitably embody the cruel longing their name implies

because boy,
does time know how to fly

Try Dec 2018
as i read the words you write,
they feel like waves of emotions,
dancing across the page,
waves crashing into my shore,
craving more to wash up onto my shore,
it reaches deep into my core,
pulling tears from my eyes,
everything you write is so deep,
like the oceans in which we lose ourselves,
so continue to flow so freely,
let your pen dance freely along the pages,
equal to how you dance so freely in the mirror,
for every word you write digs deeper and deeper into me.
                                                 © Try
I've been reading some one who is new here, writings and i have been quite moved so this writing is a shout out to them, the Writer i am talking about is Jessica Stull.
her writings are very moving, you can honestly feel very emotion she is portraying in her writings, every line feels like a new wave crashing into you, yet the way she writes its like shes dancing on the page it self.
A Simillacrum Jul 2018
Late - ly
I can feel the i - tch, I know:
It's preposterous.

Wh - y is it, that I
never can de - cide
who it is I am, with
con - fi - dence?

Modern tools aside,
I still take the r - ide
taken near distantly by
my an - ces - tors.

Late - ly
I can feel the i - tch, I know!
It's preposterous.

Now, kids, please listen
as you read my voice
how you like. How you like.
I thought I would die by
the time I was twenty five
at fifteen -- but look at me.
Now, kids, I'm touching
twenty nine with a cer -
tain newfound confidence.
I survived the prescription pills,
the gender redefinition, as well
as the hormone therapy, and I
want to tell you that I,
believe in you. I believe in you.

Cel - ebrate all of your pain
at your whim and as you live,
well, the pain will become
your friend and your impetus.

Lately, I can feel the itch.
I know it's preposterous,
but I must continue to
explore and change
unless I aspire to
placidity, and I
don't-- in fact
I never will.
Once more, kids, with confidence.
Misfits, hold out, survive.
You're important.

606 Mar 2018
I was too late
To save her from her own fate

I hope she'll forgive me
For my past me

I bear the blood of my own
I did it for the health of my own

But now I'm alone
I'm broke at home

"Please dry my eyes"

I call for you but I hear no reply
I am alone
Mb Feb 2018
My life was utter darkness
and furthermore I felt so blind,
quite like a black canvas.
Until you brought colours to it.
-inspirational work.

You are the artist,
who brought art in my life.
Do follow Sweet Symphony,
She got amazing stuffs.
This stroke me this morning when things were getting hard, and thus I can't resist from posting this.
Thank you so much sweet symphony.
I wanted to send you another happy message.
I wanted to let you know the usual stuff
the familiar
"you're not alone"
"Everything will work out"
but also to tell you that I sympathize.
I sympathize when you have headaches,
when you leave stuff on the bus,
and when you are a feeling just plain stressed out.
I laugh when you tell me
you listen to so many types of music,
and you are all over.
I love how friendly you all are.
I love how every piece of what you say means a lot,
from the sarcastic -_-'s
to your slow cell phone,
so I don't see most of your texts until 5 minutes later.
More than one of my friends are in this poem.
It is for all of you.
I believe in you.
I'm always here for you.
Trust me when I say,
I like you a lot =)
Dedicated to
Amethyst Fyre,
This Is It ,
and to everyone else who reads this
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