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Styles 6d
an itch
at his back
that he can't scratch
the itch doesn't ever leave
it just fades to black, until one day,
you think it is gone, and it attacks.
On the map there 's a tripod
And an eye blinking trying to focus
Far away on a land called Tierra de Fuego
And there  goes  my Muse's Range Rover
Greenlaning la luz del amanecer
Tracking butterflies orchids grasshoppers and dragons,
Sad salads and fired bananas and dew
And all sorts of bits and bobs
Keeping corrections to a minimum.
If it looks Topaz
She didn't do it !
She's more like aurora,
Traveling long distance with laughter
Or lenses cooking light with cuddles
Or stir frying a full curried moon over the volcanoes
Of seven types of fired bananas
Always worried about aperture and exposure
My muse wouldn't live without her lens bathing
Diving and swimming into the warm and shallow depth of field
Just as she wouldn't live without her daily dose
Of nine megapixels of bioluminescent plankton
Because my Muse is an addict
My muse is a Nikon D800 addict
and an aurora addict as well
Earthing and grounding relentlessly
The inner storms of morning light
Leading to her native archipelago
Of Tierra del Fuego !!
sankavi Sep 8
i am an addict.
i have always been an addict since as far as i can remember

i easily get addicted
to people
to bad habits
to drugs and alcohol
to the past

i am an addict
but i don't want to be one anymore

i am letting go of the people i put far too much time into
too much emotion and care without getting anything in return
i am done letting the people who dont care about me to have so much power over me

i am go of bad habits
i am done hurting myself, this one is going to be hard because self-harm is the best way i know how to cope with how i am feeling. i know its not healthy and hurting myself may make me feel better at the moment but will only make things worse

i am letting go of drugs and alcohol. i cant keep ruining my life just to escape reality for a bit then just snap back into reality and do it again. my body is my home and whether i like it or not it will always be. i need to take care of myself

and finally, i am letting go of the past
i need to stop reminiscing about the past and only think about the present and future
i cant change anything that has happened, i cant make the people who have left my past and i definitely cant force broken bonds back to normal no matter how much it hurts

i am an addict
and i have been for as long as far as i can remember
but i dont want to be one anymore
dear clayton,
very formal i know ****. but this poem is kind of for you but more for myself. you just helped me realize i spend way to much time caring about other people and focusing on them instead of myself. i care about you a lot and i dont think that will ever change but since we started talking again ive been so hung up in how we used to be and trying to force us back to that even though that will never happen. we can be a new us but its never going to be the same. i am completely over you now but talking to you just brought back those feelings but i now realize they werent real and i just missed loving someone as much as i loved you so i forced those feelings back. but it doesnt work like that. you hurt me a lot, like a lot, yet you somehow still have so much power over me, i trust you so much even though you give me no reason to and i would literally do anything to make you happy even though itll hurt me, and thats not ok. i still want you to be my friend but i need you to give me a reason for me to want to do that, but if you dont want to talk thats completely ok. i dont know youre probably never going to read this anyways. goodnight, i love you as a friend
Vachaspathi Sep 3
Write a poem and drink some wine.
In an ideal world of sobers, be a literary swine.
carminayasmin Aug 13
Extract the blood,
the metaphor for this euphoric movie I had directed under the fall of night, alone.
The film began to develop as the bottles began to pile
and thus I began to envision these delusions which I lust would become a reality.
We were a movie.
Especially when your smoke filled my mouth and you fed me love off worn keys.
Made me hazy it smelt so gentle it burned so numb.
Tacky hands rode my skin,
engraving scars of diamonds.
My ego erupted; became so ******* rich.
Illusion said I could buy your love
but your eyes were guilty of unfazed.
Debuts don’t faze millionaires, we just look like more money.
Millionaires don’t even watch our movies.
Styles Aug 13
I hurt myself
because I know
it hurts you
Sam Maye Aug 9
it's been over a week
I have not let
a single thing pass my lips
except water and mango diet Coke
leg lifts and sit ups and everything else
soon I will die
but I don't mind
the burn is comfortable.
sankavi Aug 6
i cut
i bleed
i want to die

i drink
i smoke
i stop cutting
im numb
im ok

i stop drinking
i stop smoking
i want to die
i cut
Angela Rose Jul 29
Loving an addict is like living in a haunted house
It isn't always scary, but when it is, it is terrifying
It is shake you in your bones, haunt you to your core ~ terrifying

Little things lead up to the big scares
A bump in the night
(of *******)
A spilled elixer on the floor
(of straight *****)
A crushed up relic scattered along the floor tiles
(of Oxycontin pill bottles)

And you try to pretend it isn't happening
And you tell everyone you can't see the ghosts
And you ignore the loud noises and the sudden screams in the night
After all, this is your home and he is your heart

And now your heart is haunted
Trigger Warning possibly.
नशे की यह लत करदेती है बेकार।
अच्छा खासा उजड़ जाता है परिवार।
नशे की यह आदत कितनो को खा गई।
अच्छी खासी ज़िन्दगी पानी में मिला गई।
ज़िन्दगी में हर पल क्यों रहता है परेशान ।
नशे का गुलाम ख़ुद करता है अपना नुकसान
अकेला रह जाता है, साथ छूट जाता है।
तब ज़िन्दगी में नही बच पाता है प्यार।
नशे की यह लत कर देती है बेकार।
अच्छा खासा उजड़ जाता है परिवार।

ये ज़हर पहले तू ख़ुद पी जाता है।
फिर बाद में दुसरो को पिलाता है।
कभी दो घूंट लगाता है, धुँआ उड़ाता है।
नशा करके शायद तुझे बड़ा मज़ा आता है।
क्या यह नशा ही अब तेरी जरूरत है।
बिना नशे के यह दुनियाँ बहुत खूबसूरत है।
बिक चुके सबके घर, मैदान, खेत और चौबारे।
नशा करके घूम रहे है, आज युवा सारे।
नशे की लत से हो चुके सब बेरोजगार।
कोई और नही तुम स्वयं हो इसके जिम्मेदार।
नशे की यह लत कर देती है बेकार।
अच्छा खासा उजड़ जाता है परिवार।

नशा कर देगा ज़िन्दगी में घाव बहुत गहरा।
अंधेरे में जियेगा, ना हो पायेगा कभी सवेरा।
नशे की आदत में खुद नष्ट हो जायेगा।
एक दिन इस दुनियाँ से ही खो जायेगा।
छोड़ दे यह नशा आदत बहुत बेकार है।
इससे तू नही हर कोई आज परेशान है।
किसने नशा बनाया कौन है सबका गुनहगार।
पता नही कब बंद होगा यह सारा कारोबार।
नशे की यह आदत कर देती है बेकार।
अच्छा खासा उजड़ जाता है परिवार।
Dhaneshwar Dutt
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