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Penmann Jun 2019
Smile your Marie Kondo smile on me-
Just smile and pretend it can be done
She is a tank against common sense. Invasion of clear mind.
I never tidy up, my life's a mess.
Marie Kondo though makes me feel even less.
Completely disarmed my will to feel.
pio son pie Aug 2018
you may hate the truth about this life.
you may hate the fact about the path that you had already thrown.
you may hate the feelings about the feels that you had already expressed.

this world literally has nothing.
has nothing nonetheless you.
you just can’t accept what had already occurred.
you just can’t take it sincerely.

this world changes every millisecond.
you just can't beat it.
the world literally ignores you.
you are the failure for a particular person.

you are the only one who can fill your voidness.
you are the one who can bring influentialness to another person.
before another person did it to you, worse and shameful.
humans are exactly imperfect.

but again, depends on what you did to your life, take yours wisely.
humans deserve to be happy in their own ways,
their life might be not happy to face the "ways" they take.
time does matter to use it perfectly.
PoserPersona Apr 2018
A palindrome isn't a palindrome, intriguingly  
How can that be?
That something isn't itself by definition, literally
...Am I really me?
Saint Audrey Apr 2018
Hope set on repetition
Single sentences, remittance
Cataclysmic, for a single state
Left to divide the remainder

Still, hypnotic trained psychosis
Found me scoffing at the notion
Growing old, centered delusional
Truth for something final

Dead-set pan, follow the camera, love that emotion, let it seep through

Lost, toppled bridges surrounding
Found more than a fair share of ashes
Corridors narrow enough...

Almost one in the morning, lost in the middle of some state or another
Neon lights come to a head, followed by the sound of the loose bulbs rattling in their sockets
Sounds of something crawling in the walls

I bet it all on retention
My whole life, I bet it all on retention

Marketable skills, not likely
Fighting for a  timepiece that
I know despises, time will pass
One way or another
Make it last, fat chance
Almost out of change and past
Mistakes ring straight through glass
Mark the date

I have a love hate relationship with nice weather
Warm nights in particular, where it would be just slightly too hot if not for a nice cross breeze
Bearable, when I've got company
Not that I have much company to spare
july hearne Jun 2017
names for no one
named by no one

poems about nothing
poems about everything

aren't they the same thing?

no function, no form
but now is the hour
it's how i get through
to the next one

two packs of cigarettes a day
it is getting expensive

old heartaches aren't forgotten
when nothing takes there place
and cigarettes don't pay the rent
freeform makes people stop listening
agoraphobics don't have much to write about
but need to say something
to someone

i wish i'de never met you.
all you did was hurt me in a way
that keeps on coming back, no matter how much times go by.
it was the way you looked at me,
like i was the ugliest thing that you had ever ******
and it made you feel good to let me know.
and it got worse from there, because you threw me away
and then would sporadically write to let me know
you were gone for good.
you were a total ramsay bolton type.
some days i have a memory and can't breathe or function.
i still have nightmares of you

trying to beat me to death, calling me to list off all the things that are wrong with me.

if i can't forget you, it would be great if someone would cut off your ****. sometimes i fantasize about hiring someone to do that to you in your sleep. you could wake up dickless and i could be free of you. but back to the poem:

10 and a half years haven't gotten me anywhere
i've been too old for too long

Bob Dylan
Neil Young
Rolling Stones
Leonard Cohen
Paul Westerberg

everyone is too good for them now,
especially you,
i read that in vice

they made a list of the worst musicians of all time
and all those names were on it.

Johnny Cash was on the list too.
i'm assuming everyone knows the title isn't mine
Ashlea Mar 2017
I literally can’t go to the mall
Without doing my homework first.
And I literally can’t take my money
Without carrying a purse.
I literally can’t text my friends
Without having my parents see.
I literally can’t leave the house
Without having my annoying brother with me.

I literally can’t do this and that.
I literally can’t own a cat.
There are literally so many things I want to do,
But I LITERALLY can’t do those, too.
This is a poem where I embraced my inner middle school girl. The assignment for one of my methods courses was to create a poem with a recurring word or phrase.
I don't care about what they're saying bad things about me

I don't care if you hate me

I'm just trying to be me, what can I do?

I'm not trying to be cool

You're just judging me

Yet, you're the one bringing up my bad side

Stop acting like we know each other

Stop being like you know my story

But still always remember

I don't care about you.
inactive 'cause of school works ugh
17th Jun 2016
the guitar is shaking
while it delivers a mellow sound
her voice is sweeter than the night before
"how'd ya make it so vulnerable?"
he asks timidly
"it's just the feeling"
maybe it's the guitar, I thought to myself

after she stopped singing
I bought her a drink
gave her a kiss
and call it a day for her
we went to sleep like the first time
we just stared at each other's eyes
listening to the night
sometimes I wish we could go back
Conjugated amid liberated duality,
     surreptitious catharsis of
        poetic revelations' flip side,
          the underbelly of sentience
  potentially validating perceptions'
          indefinitely extended,
figuratively speaking beyond
      literally unleashed metaphors
             play it backwards, if you dare
daed si luaP  ;)
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