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Latina1813 Feb 20
When u have a small voice.
Its easy to be talked over
Im also a small grl
Ppl think im easy to walk over
I have a tiny voice
That doesnt carry in a room
I have a voice
Ppl ignore
And ideas ppl never hear
Cuz they block out my voice
And muffle my sounds
They cancel my words
And shut out my mouth
Speaking tones
Im unknown
But they dont care
They dont listen
To a tiny voice wit big visions
And grandeur dreams
But somehow they sequester everything i say
And shut down everything i speak
And they will never know me
Or the beautiful things i see
Because my words r nothing
But mumbled speech
As they talk over me and my tiny tiny voice
In your large room
Could there ever be room for me
And my voice to echo
Could there ever be....
YOU interrupted.
                                            your skin
                                            your eyes
                                           your heart
                                          your tyrant
                                        too much love
                                          your mate
                                          closed eyes
                                            my fault
                                           my useless
                                             silent cry
The thief3

The princess looked at her face

That became red and filled with fear

The princess said:" why did you this worst thing?

Why did you convert their fathers to be nothing?

They can't move or talk or even think

You made them fill of  losing hope sink

You deserve to die or even get hurt"

The witch woman collected her intelligent

And said with yellow smile that was gained

"What do you say my sweetly girl?

My daughter that I will love at all"

The king smile at her and said"

"Dear, you have kindly heart"

He looked at his daughter and said"

Don't accuse any person without evident

Go to your room and don't go out"

The princess' face got red and

Her tears were descended

She run with that boy to her suite

The king ordered her to stop

He ordered the boy to be dismissed

She cried very ,very loud

She stayed at her room without getting out

Till her father entered at once

He saw the pale of her face

Her body became thin

He astonished and said

"what did make my groom sick?"

Smile ,smile to see my gift

Come to my suit to see my gift"

She thought that the witch was dismissed

And his famous justice was returned

She entered his suite in speed

With great smile that decorated

Her face to make her more smart

She called with a smile"

"What is the " her speech was interrupted

As she saw a strong guy and the witch stood

The king said "this is your groom!"

Is that good gift at your mind!"

She said with sad :

"Who is that?"

The king said"

He is the nephew of my love"

to be continued
the bad , leads to the worst. the good leads to the best
Danielle Apr 2018
Disappearing into the milk
Silver goes for a swim
And a thunderous whirlpool
Was written for a poetry class and the prompt was to write a poem that is in the middle, the middle part of the poem. Give it no beginning or end. This is  one of my personal favorites.
Erin Suurkoivu Mar 2017
the latitudes of freedom are not hard to measure --
though they can be difficult to achieve.
there are limited means, and a day --
dashed by uncooperative weather, the wind
outside raging like some mythical beast --
blowing the snow sideways, piling the drifts.
and so the day unfolds in the usual way,
and the night -- the foreseen sleep interrupted,
as it has been for years, and the road ahead --
while invisible still -- promises more of the same.
eleanor prince Dec 2016
what do you do

when shrapnel of mind
let loose on rabid breath
tears at flesh

bullets round and smooth
wreak havoc
on pillars of norm

niceness blown apart
in stark light
harsh persistent truth

cloaks hastily drawn
screened vagaries of
loose imaginings

etched faces bland
devoid of genuine strength
cast aside effigies
of life

once lived interrupted
childhood tales
spent on pyre of fight

where skies are green
and grass grey
parameters moved
until there is

no sound
constructive responses welcome
Ady Apr 2014
Girl interrupted,
because my values don't consent to your norm.
I'll make another version of this later

— The End —