See my spiral for how she rendered it  


Ya.  Lean upon the porch rail as night's dense
Black--does it twinkle with ah, stars? nor hail
The mirk none pass through, just my brother.  Pale
As Au Revoir where all else sleep from hence,
Lo, how--what ist?  Hark!  For the train calls thence,
Its whistle breaking this cold silence' tale,
And think now, of how I'll lose all ist? frail
Against the metal lacework, sans defense.
Turn back indoors to clean the mess we'd stir
In babysitting.  Wooden tracks a crew
Of Brio traincars clattered oer in tour
Half like what deeply rumbles past, aye to
A fault, my brother saying "a real train--" Were
I numb too long oer Mum?  Or swear I knew?


As it was, she's almost 4 so I thought that question of her dad too odd, but whatever, mebbe Tia understands after all.

heard the trains in the distance
calling your name for 20 years
but you never understood their language
it wasn’t meant for your ears

you were so comfortable
sitting in your bed
watching tv,
wishing you were dead
you didn’t think twice about
where the trains went

Here I am, off on a trip,
Do I travel on an new airship?
Or do a take a train, not so hip?
Or do I drive my vintage car?
Or is this trip too far?
No, like Icarus the star,
I'll grow wings, better than the car,
So, no automobiles, planes or trains,
No bus, but my wings, that's plain!

Feedback welcome.

Stepping with strides that will soon
fade like passing tumbleweeds and
trains long passed,
is the person unknown who travels
yonder their familiar blanket of sky.
Searching for what you'd assume
are answers to unresolved
questions, they find confidence
in treading uncertain new grounds;
gaining reasons to love and love stronger.
Ever the rolling stone shuffling to
avoid a life that goes south, so that
an end is met with fulfilment when
body and soul head upwards and north,
long after the telling of the last

I, the person you have yet to meet.
Who roams for to settle one day in
richer surroundings;
knows such innate yearnings of the
heart and mind that others have
not the ties to satisfy.

Justin Lai Nov 2016

Pods routed back and forth
Cells linked to the central nervous system

The cry of a sapling
Lush, primal sounds
But deaf to the neighbours
All distracted by a stream
A tweet

"Doors closing..."
Repeated beeps
Launching sprints
Rivalling Olympians
But not all pass the finish line

The end of the line:
Three modes activated
Upon the opening of pod doors

A hurry
Never stopping
Never hearing
Never open
Of hearts

A song from yesterday
The flower withers
Pulp for pennies
The flower withers
Only so much could be done
Outside the system

Tim S Nov 2016

I was captivated,
Mesmerized by her beauty on this Bronx bound 5 train.
I drowned in her green eyes and did not care to breathe.

Her dirty blonde, bordering brunette hair waved perfectly.
Everything about her was beautiful.
To say I was nervous would be an understatement.
I didn't dare to tell her how radiant she looked.

Another missed connection on a subway line heading uptown.
Hopefully I will see her at Wall Street again.
It isn't likely, but I would like to redeem myself.
Or at least say , "Good morning."

Another one about Kim, the girl I would see on my way to work.
Jacqueline P Sep 2016

I am always here and never there,
So tired of the day to day.

I keep waiting for the moment we can jump on a train,
Like the ones I hear calling from my bedroom window.
I like to imagine they are going to far off distant lands,
But I doubt they'll go past Cincinnati.

I keep trying to make something beautiful out of something ugly
And I guess there's some sort of metaphor there.
Well when the train finally blows the whistle,
Tell me who still cares.

Terry Collett Sep 2016

London Bridge
railway station
was busy
as Lydia and Benny

walked in and sat
on one of the seats
on the platform
where a big black

steam train
was about to go off
grey and white steam
shushed from beneath

and from on top
of the engine
Benny was fascinated
by steam engines

he loved to watch
the power and sound
and smell of them
Lydia's thoughts

were on her home
and her parents rowing
and her big sister
snoring away

after a boozy night
(as her mother
called it)
and her father

coming home drunk
and singing
in the Square
so all could hear him

the train steamed off
slow at first
then fast and faster
shush shush

and a loud whistle
and it was off
Benny watched it go
and Lydia turned her head

and watched it too
do you think
my parents' rowing
will end by the time

I get home?
She said
expect so
Benny said

usually short lived
they'll be all lovely dovey
by the time you get home
she wasn't so sure

they were going at it
hammer and tongs
when she left
and she didn't say

where she was going
and she supposed
she'd get a telling off
for that too

let's get 2 glasses
of milk and biscuits
from the station cafe
Benny said

she looked worried
come on
he said
race you to the cafe

she looked at him
they will have stopped
by the time I'm home
won't they?

I don't like it
when they row
of course
Benny said

all will be fine
when we get back
she nodded her head
and they walked

to the cafe
on the station
and went in
the place was quiet packed

but Benny told her
to get table and sit down
and he'd get the stuff
so she sat at a table

by the window
and Benny queued up
behind a man
in a stripe black and white suit

who smelt of tobacco
Lydia imagined
her mum and dad
going at each other

her mother throwing
cups  and saucers
and her dad trying
to get a word in sidewards

and her sister Gloria
snoozing in it all
smelling of booze
and a good night out

she looked over at Benny
in the queue
hands in his trouser pockets
head to one side

looking at the labels
of biscuits
in the glass window
of a cabinet

deciding which to buy
and she looking
all silent and shy.

Maziar Ghaderi Sep 2016

A faint train blows
Sliding along the Earth's shore

Your pillow rustles against your head
The noise competes
With that distant blurrly breath
Don't let

Because just when you lay still
And leak into slumber

You'll forget its existence
You'll hear the faint train blow
You'll remember then

Brianna Hickey Sep 2016

We rode the train across the country- just your hand in mine.
We drank coffee and fell asleep on shoulders- uncomfortably comfortable.
We watched the sunsets through glass windows huddled up together under blankets.
We read books and quietly fell in love with fictional characters who reminded us of better versions of us.
We smiled a lot and slept so little because for once our reality was better than our dreams.

"Through thick and thin." You said as we passed by the great Rocky Mountains.
"Forever and always." I said as we kissed at the station in New York.

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