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Here comes a fat boy
Hands full of chocolates and toys
Had a bag full of dreams
Alas became part of many funny memes
Wore big baggy pants
And was good with rants
Didn’t wear any specs
Still looks perplexed
Run and hide in your room
For he'll ****** your food
He is filled with gloom
Still kind and good
Dumped by many girls
Had hair full of curls
Has a life full of hopes
Yet lives like a Pope
Getting into his old age
But felt like a lion in a cage
Was always filled with rage
Unfortunately had to turn into a sage
Poor little fat boy
Always deprived of the joy
Poor little fat boy
Always deprived of the joy
BSwiss Feb 15
Silent in the middle of your heart
Embedded with love, pain, joy and
Let it out you don't have to keep it all
Focus on being what you are
Let them say it you don't have to listen
Ocean of self care is running through
Valley of you knowing yourself and
       what ya capable of
Eventually the only gift you could earn
   yourself is loving yourself.
You above anything always love yourself and see how happy you would be..
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
On this    Valentines Day,
I will be alone. I do not have someone
who can give me flowers, buy me chocolates,
make me cards in the shape of a heart.
But that's fine with me, because I
love myself, and for me,
that's good
❤️Happy Valentines Day to everyone!❤️
unnamed Sep 2018
Love is like a box of Chocolates
they come in different shapes and sizes
sometimes bitter but often sweet
In this world not everyone gets a treat.
I'm hungry XD
Chocolates have tasted many
Dark bitter white
Candied and sweet
And from different parts of the
Loved them all ,when I ate them
One, I love the most
Is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Unwrapping the purple-golden wrapper
The aroma sweet
Melts in the mouth always a lovely treat
Sweet memories of childhood it brings many
Of sharing the love and care
Sharing this link to an old Cadbury’s ad from 90’s
Krishnapriya Jun 2018
The human heart
Seeks understanding
"There,there, there...."
"Now, now, now...."

The human heart,
Seeks forgiveness,
"It's not your fault."
"I would have done the same."

The human heart,
Seeks love
hugs, smiles and chocolate

The human heart,
Breaks with what is seeks

The human heart
Mends with what it gives

Understanding and love
Forgiveness and hugs
Smiles and flowers

Oh yes!
And chocolates too!
Miru Eirudy Apr 2018
I had a jar filled with chocolates that I keep for myself.
It never ran out of chocolates - I always refill it everyday.
For I am such hungry, addictive, craving for more.
And only my chocolates in my jar and fill my needs.
For each I take, it fills itself another two.
Every piece I take is another to fill.
Oh, how I love my chocolates in the jar.
It fills my my stomach - I could eat it forever.

I already had that jar since  was a little.
I found it from nowhere, I can’t remember where.
Ever since I can’t stop eating.
Knowing that it would never ran out, I eat endlessly.
Day by day, night by night.
Every year I make, I ate, and ate.
The jar is also getting bigger and bigger.
More for me to eat and take.

But there came a time where the jar gets large.
I couldn’t get it out, it is now heavy.
And too big to get it out of my room.
Therefore I stay inside with the jar of chocolates.
I couldn’t leave my chocolates.
I need it more than anyone.
My chocolates is my life.
My chocolates is everything for me.
A year later, the jar is too big.
It blocks the door, I couldn’t leave.
Nevertheless, I keep eating and eating.
My beloved chocolates, it  is really my everything.
I ate it all day long.
I ate it like there’s not tomorrow.
I ate it until the chocolates on the jar overflows.
I ate it until my room is filled with chocolates on the floor.
Continuously eating, one chocolate at a time.
But my hunger is strong, I take as many as I can.
Grabbing every chocolate, I eat as fast
I’m in love with my chocolates - I want to marry it now.
More, more, my body is filled with chocolates.
All I could think is my chocolates, nothing more.
I don’t care about anything, I just want my chocolates.
But my room is now full of chocolates  -  and I’m getting drowned of it.
Too much of anything is bad. :)
Mister J Feb 2018
Trivial things
That make heartbeats sting
That break emotional barriers
And open pathways
To the one who holds
You by her hand
And makes living this life
Fun and exciting

Small things
That create meaningful impacts
That reveal what is hidden
That symbolize affections
Neutralizing negativity
And showing real sincerity
In front of the girl
That turns your world around

Beautiful things
That represent the sweet
Yet thorny twists
Of what real love is
And that through the thicks
And through the thins of life
Total Love and Devotion
Defies all odds and obstacles
Written for the month of February
All under stress
Easing the mind for a while
Happy Reading!

vanzilla Jul 2017
Not of chocolates and letters love be found;

Or hugs and kisses as the sweetest sound.

Shun the silly thought; shun the penny count

For love is found where love is lost.

For love is lost where love is found.

Let the grim flows; let the hate looms

Scorn your lover and lightly break loose

Then pray curse and lay dusk upon your muse

In an eternal chaos and perfect harmony

Love still lurks deep in our darkest bay

And that’s the tale of love remembering

Still brooding, still breathing, and still waiting,

For love is real

When it withers

And blooms


And Again

And Again …
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