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Today I reached for you
With a kind of virtue
And sincerity pressed behind
the design on my lips
Little realizing I was still reviling
Within my current remiss

I went and sinned again darlin'...

There's little to do for recompense,
and so cordially I professed to you
all of my candid truths
With every intent
To avoid becoming uncouth
and elusive

Because... I do miss you
And I suppose I well knew...
That you don't feel the same
I could feel it the instant you responded
Not the least bit concerned
Which was well deserved
Leaving me completely despondent

I need you to remind me
Just how lost my heart has become
And what that has cost anyone
Trying to reach for me
When I become undone

Somewhere in between
the real desire to reignite whatever fire
had transpired between us
With a new flame
Lay my hidden ulterior motive

Even I believed we would achieve
Something constructive
Yet my devious mind
Deceived even myself
To harness this abject,
self-destructive desire

Call me by my real names:
Thi­ef of catharsis.

Remind me of the same feeling
Delivered in your own unique way
Because I can't stand
To let myself ever forget again
This pain in my chest
Is everything that remains
It's all I have left
Remind me.
Alex Gifford Aug 15
It's that moment
when the pieces
of the puzzle
all combine.

And you see a
glorious picture
that you doubted
that you'd find.

And then after
when the pieces
are inspected
each with care.

You see purpose
and see meaning
each too valuable
to spare.
This came to me all at once. It's an attempt to describe the feeling of your mind being blown when everything lines up and finally makes sense.
Katie Nelson Aug 7
Admit it. Scream it. Howl it to the *******
moon. Your heart is soft
                  and so is mine
and oh how if ******* hurts sometimes.
Romann Jul 9
The distortion in the mirror
Showed a new facet of me
Who would’ve known this program I looked down on
Would reveal my darkest fantasy?

I’d made peace with the fact I’d never
Became who I always admired.
But even though it was a mere simulation
The possibilities gave me vertigo.

I’ve been given a whole new meaning
To “loving yourself”.
MAX castro Jul 6
Imprisoned in abyss,
I was clueless that you will exist.

Life is incomplete,
I prayed for a love that is true and deep.

Treated by the world differently,
You showed me love and became my epiphany.

It is euphoria that I feel
Because I know our love is genuine and real.
I made this poem as a gift for my boyfriend since it is his birthday on the 8th of July. I hope he'll like this piece.
Ash Jun 4
For all my life, all I had ever wanted was for someone to tell me I am beautiful, I'm enough.
That they loved me and thought me perfect, completely unflawed.
But you know what, recently I had an epiphany.
I was flawed and my flaws merely added to or maybe were my entire beauty.
I don't live to be perfect, I live to be me.
And me is a flawed beautiful fierce thing that now I want you to see.
Because I don't want to be seen anything less than,
The wild raging mess of a storm I am.
Apporva Arya May 23
The ignorant runs after pleasure,
Sinks into the entanglements of death...
the wise seek the undying,
And hence found himself.

The knower of self,
the self, which is here, is hereafter;
Hereafter is here.
He who thinks otherwise,
Wanders from death to death.
The self is eternal. So why the fear of death.
Here, in poetry, I am encouraging you to chase the inner you (the undying) instead of the worldly stuff (the pleasure).
numayer shuvo May 18
I'm meeting this girl
For the first time today
I don't know who 'benched' who
Well, what can I say!


I looked out the window
For the first time today
It's the same old cityskape
But the weather has changed!


I had this epiphany
For the first time today
The world just goes by
Nothing's ever there to stay
You know why time flies?
Because it never slows to stop.
When time hits you, it does so with a crash.
It hurtles into you with violent awareness.

Time doesn’t crawl.
It doesn’t walk. Or even run.
Time doesn’t unfold methodically, or slowly.
Time is an event. And another.

The arrow of time is a broken spear.
It’s not straight and not constant.
The present announces itself, out of nowhere.
Time is a measure of suddenness.

Time is revelation.
It is darkness speckled with epiphany.  
Time passes only when change happens.
There are no small changes in life.
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