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Forgive me if I ever refer to you as the sea. It does not concern your size. It regards the moments in which whenever I believe that you have calmed and I decided to be walking ever so gracefully among the sand, you bring a sudden approach that leaves me stunned. And I am not happy, when I should be.
You're like waves
Strong and unpredictable
But I dont' want to swim
Clearing our eyes of residue left from the lies we perceived as reality. We must move forward.

Internally destroyed.

Nothing of fact was real.
I feel betrayed and you should too.

The first breath free of the grasp of lies

Is utterly pure.

We must enjoy this for a brief moment.

Destiny awaits.

Reaching out to us. We all hear it's beckoning in a different form.

What I here is this:

You exhaust yourself on the past


It's inconceivable to think you can last

Empty of purpose and full of old hatred

Value you hold, is very little


Console, and become a tittle

A part of some collective release

Wander into the depths of your caverns

In search of peace

Unearth all you find there

For the world to have a Saturn

May they follow without tear

Or we perish

No set leader

Just all a merish

Reconcile yourself into selflessness

Be fearful of what you do not know

But brave in the endeavor of finding it.

Develop a thirst for learning that is unquenchable

Be ravenous for service to others








Now we're free

There are Seven lessons to achieve.
I can't stop shaking and I don't think it's the cold
I feel you resting on my skin and it's the same skin you used to trace and I keep burning my body in the shower thinking it will rid the residue of you
we said all of the right words at the wrong time
and I'll walk through a crowded room with a glass in my hand
and I'll try not to notice your voice in the noise of everyone else but I swear it's still the only sound I hear
I'll convince myself I used you the same way you used me and I'll swallow it down with a sip of *****
then swear this is the last night I'm drinking to forget you
I'm training my tongue to stop telling stories of us everytime someone says your name
and when 3 a.m. comes around and I'm tempted to text you my epiphanies on why we went wrong
hoping one might resonate with you and we can try again
I'll remember all the time I spent rearranging the pieces of me that got tangled with yours and hope I never have to love that much again
gabrielle Jan 8
the field full of
beautiful grass

cold wind and
cold stones

a lot full of glooom
the lot, full of tombs

sudden revelation
of you are gone

after all weary fights
and my fault insight

i haven't said sorry
and you were gone fully

in the warm heavens and clouds,
my soul is within you.
"you were mine"

wait for me, i'll be with you again, someday.
Zywa Jan 6
Mary was pregnant
with God, a story
can't be more beautiful
and you think of yourself

as the prophet you want to be
The similarity strikes you
as an idea, an inspiration

in a silent, holy night
in which angels descend
praising God, singing peace

of the birth star
in which you want to be awake
under the palm tree

bending its branches
giving everything, fruit
and a source welling up
between its roots
Recitation 97. The star (Surah 97. al-Qadr)
Collection “Short sermons” #19
Cynthia Dec 2018
Where are you
It’s been so long
Since I’ve seen you smile at my door

Where are you
You’ve fallen asleep
Wake up now

Wake up
Wake up
You’ve fallen asleep
My child

Wake up
Wake up
Matthew Thomason Dec 2018
If beauty becomes me, it is this room.

No ideas of thought, object by force.

We are that dream,born of favor.

Lords of maternity and fortunes lost.

We are.

I love you
I wanted to live for you.
I wanted to sacrifice myself for you.
It's always you that I love.
I gave you more than just enough.
As I kept doing it,
The squall inside me became uncontrolled.
It caused me a lot of pain.
I only realize now,
I'm the one I should love in this world.
This precious soul of mine.
Not so perfect but so beautiful.
Epiphany means a sudden realization. I got inspired by Epiphany of Bts Jin. You guys should listen to it. It is a beautiful song.
Marla Toledez Dec 2018
Cast about on a stormy sea,
The deck was barren,
Our mood deceased.
Many a day, high tides wisped by-
Arresting my feeble mind from time.
Until one day, an epiphany.
"Blue dream," I called out,
"Take me away to that special place
Where up is down
And I float into space;
Drown my sorrows in a haste."

She manifested in my quarters
Later that night,
And with a soft whimper
Summoned my delight.
"Here you are, forsaken one,"
She hauntedly sung to me,
"My love will give you power,
The smoke will set you free."

Many a moment has passed
Since my encounter with blue dream,
But still my dreams call out
Hoping it's her I shall see
When I cross the threshold
Of those pearly gates.
Fainche Siobhan Nov 2018
i visualised it
to be pallid—very pale
yet i still yearn it
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