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Every once in a while, a thought comes along with a lasting strength of memory.

A dose of a wild clarity, a seamless interweaving of symmetry.

Every once in a while, a thought comes along with a lasting strength of memory.

A clear and toned glance at the authenticity of life.

A pure recognition of its simplicity and strife.

Every once in a while, a thought comes along with a lasting strength of memory.

The crumbling of broken shackles becomes the only sound vowed to never forget.

An impossible moment of knowledge bound only to the roots of truth.

A passionate interjection of thinking that will change everything.

Every once in a while, a thought comes along with a lasting strength of memory.

Yet we forget.
Danielle Sep 2023
Should I be proud of myself, having a triumph in my life, eagerly tossing and standing straight for a toast in the crowd even if it means to lose you?

It'll be a great disaster, a fiasco.
Ursula Wolf Apr 2023
This life accused me.
I didn’t answer,
Because under my skin;
I found Anima Mundi.
Pluto Jun 2022
Are you happy ?


Why are you happy?

I just learned how to love myself...and I have so more years to experience that with my family and this what it feels like to be alive.


I never want to feel sad again...
Only this year I learned how been selfish can be bring happiness into my life. Being selfish doesn't have to equate to any needs wanted in a negative way but the needs to what's important mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.
Zack Ripley May 2022
You've been waiting for life to begin
not realizing it's already begun.
You've been waiting for love to let you in
only to realize you need to let love in first. You've been waiting for a chance to win
not realizing you've already won.
If you've gotten this far
and still haven't found what you're looking for, take a closer look around.
You might have had it the whole time.
Alex McQuate Apr 2022
The Södenberg sisters sing to me tonight,
Their words sending me far from this slightly cold balcony,
To a realm of asphalt and dusty wind.

For my first 10 years there were no roads,
But a plethora of paths,
Criss crossing,
Winding to and fro,
Foot beaten little things in a great forest,
Filled with trees, creeks, waterfalls, and animals,
Birds singing beautiful songs as they sail through the trees,
Squirrels chattering from their perches amongst the great branches,
Whitetails observing my progress of the child .

As a young boy I'd sprint down these paths,
Unheeding of the odd roots that were placed along the paths,
So happy to just be moving forward,
To see what played around the next bend.

The next 10 years were simple things,
A two lane town road,
Buildings of my hometown on lined either side,
Their facades as they were,
Before the place of my forefathers got too big too fast,
Where all it's citizens knew my parents,
And by extention, me,
The birds and squirrels still there,
Although their number greatly diminished.

My pace was greatly diminished,
No longer some great sprint,
But a gentle jog,
Taking in the familiar sites,
But excited to leave this place,
Impatient for a change of scenery and anticipating some great adventure.

The next 3 were a treacherous yet exciting road,
A winding mountain pass,
Steep sloaped and lined with switchbacks,
Giving beautiful mountain vista views,
But with this new road also came the realization,
That the road could be a dangerous thing,
One slip could give way to a great fall,
The once gentle jog gave way to a cautious walk,
Wary of foot placement and step,
No birds here,
No squirrels,
But instead of the rumble of far off thunder,
And the howling of distant wolves.

Then came the next four,
The thunder no longer far off,
The wolf howls no longer distant,
The asphalt cracked and split,
Closed in on both sides by a thick and menacing wood,
And through the darkness of the nearly moonless night the darting shapes of beasts could be seen.

Rain slashing down,
Galing winds battering me,
My body worn down,
My walk but a limp,
Taking my broken self forward,
One dragging step after another,
A constant struggle to find the energy to make it one step further,
To find reason to keep going.

But like some great magic trick the wooding cleared,
The rain stopped,
And the wolves pulled back.

It was here that I found you next to me.

This new road is a bit cracked,
A bit disused,
The desert beautiful with Mesas to either side,
My pace quickened,
No longer a slogging trudging thing,
But also not a run,
A relaxing stride that feels good and steady,
Churning onward to the mountains in the distance.

I look to you and you smile,
You smile back,
And it is here that I see hawks up above,
A fox to the far right,
Observing these travelers passing through it's lands.

No longer an unlined face,
Bearded and festooned with a smattering of scars,
Earned through foolish fights and terrible tumbles,
But gladly won and worn all the same,
Sun kissed skin taking in the pleasant warm arid air.

I know not where this road leads,
But the excitement returns once more,
And that I no longer need to travel it alone,
That traveling is never meant to be done all on one's own,
That it's the company that makes the trip worth it.

With that the duo's song ends,
And I am transported back to this balcony,
The air still clung to with the slipping grasp of winter's last vestiges,
And it's begrudging release so close at hand,
Bring forward new beginnings,
And new roads to be traversed.
First aid kit-My silver linings
Ursula Wolf Jan 2022
I’m renewing my religion,
Opening the church-door of my heart; and
Oh, my eyes are Rosemary.
I fell onto a prayer
Through flying self-love;
I pick up a rosary and
In the blurry reflection
Appeared the rising God of Me.
Ursula Wolf Jan 2022
And suddenly I felt so tranquil,
A feeling, like a slow river
Blended my heart into the Sun.
And suddenly I felt so vibrant,
A vision, like a sweetcorn-past
Let my head into the Now.
And suddenly I felt so Me
A revelation, like a calm fall
Flew my eyes into that light void.
Srujani Oct 2021
I heard those giggles behind me,
You really thought I was deaf?
I saw those whispers around me,
Oh!I'm just making it clear.
I know you are acting up ignoring,
You thought you are good at it?
I saw you looking happy around,
You thought that can really effect me?

Yes I heard you calling me cling
But, ever know about my 'never knew how to not care' thing?
Ever thought about
How it feels to be hurt by the other?
Facing these all, now
I wish I could read this on your face & make you feel one.
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