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We’re off to see the wizard
The wonderful wizard of Oz
The one with courage, a brain, a heart, and a solution
The powerful wizard of Oz
The man, no being!, who has these wonderful things
The wonderful wizard of oz
You walk into his room
The wonderful room in Oz
You ask your questions
Oh wonderful wizard of Oz!!
Will you give me what I need? What I crave?
Please oh wondrous magician of Oz!
‘Why of course’ he says
For he is the wonderful wizard of Oz
‘You need a brain? Courage? A heart? A home?
Asks the inquisitive wizened man of Oz
‘Take mine and go, for I have no need of them
I want to fly away from this confining land of Oz
Take everything I have and let me float away
The man in the sky from Oz
Waving from above the clouds
In a wondrous balloon above Oz
You’ve been off to see the wizard
The wonderful wizard of Oz
And you’ve found, that he is a lost man
The hopeless man from oz
Twilight Breaking Dawn, page 329, Title of chapter 17
Light up some sage.
Bring down your cauldron.
Put a candle on.
Let the rain be your music.

I am no wizard.
Nor am I a man of god.
But in times like these.
Maybe I should believe in someone.

Who am I?
A man split in two.
Consumed by anger.
Driven by freedom.

I am containing myself.
Holding back.
Baby, this isn't who I am.
I fight for what I want.

Think not of is as an act of selfishness...I am not selfish.
Nor as an act of heroism...I am no hero.
But because I understand what you are, who you are.
Im holding myself back. Fighting myself.

Finding a reason...why should I stop?
It's because you respect her boy.
You fool. Slave to love.
Captive of your own desires.

I am no wizard.
Nor am I a man of god.
But in times like these.
Maybe I should believe in myself.

Light up some sage.
Let the ashes fall in the heathen ***.
Get that sentimental pendant...
And wear that red gem around your neck.
Äŧül Oct 2019
Mark Wanless
A fine poet
Penning beautiful
That happen to have
A definite structure
His words full of youth
My HP Poem #1783
©Atul Kaushal
Mitch Prax Aug 2019
I dated a witch-
her magic made me wish it
had never ended

6:34 PM
Randy Johnson Jul 2019
A Wizard gave my cousin two choices, become an ogre or praise the new Doctor Who.
It took less than five seconds for him to choose what to do.
He chose to become an ugly green ogre even though it will be for the remainder of his days.
He chose to be an ogre because the new Doctor Who TV show isn't something he'll ever praise.
He became an ogre two years ago and this morning I learned that he doesn't regret it.
He doesn't regret his choice even though he's so ugly that he makes Shrek look like Brad Pitt.
When he was given the choices, he was expected to praise the new Doctor Who.
He has always loved the original Doctor Who TV show but he sure does hate the new.
Wizard of the earth; I am the botanist of yore -
Conversing with the stars until the stars can hear no more.
I read them pharmacopoeias from catacombs of lore  
To fill the vacant sky with verse of those who lived before.

Poet of the sky and the ever glowing sun -
A seven-headed serpent lays in wait upon my tongue.
I sing in sacred stanzas from a phantom in my lungs
To make my spirit rise before the day is yet begun.
Unfinished fragment from something i wrote a few years ago. needs work.
PS Feb 2019
And it’s only in those silent moments I feel sad.
I spend my days keeping busy,
I tell them all I am actually doing surprisingly well.
Because I actually feel like I am, it’s not just something I’m saying to say.

I grieved.
You were gone for, like, three days before you appeared to tell me it’s over.
So it felt as if you’d already done it.
Like a missing person’s body finally being found,
Like a crash towards the inevitable, that wave of just knowing.

He is never coming back.

But in the daylight I’m okay.
No one has to know my feelings on the subject,
You don’t even exist to them.  
It’s only when I’m in bed and the music stops that I realise the gaping hole in my world.

The faces of men I turned down for you,
The things I would’ve said, the plans I could’ve made,
How close I was to finally feeling safe.

But like every man before you,
And probably many more to come,
Safety is never an option.
Security is someone you call to get people out.
Home is a place where I build the walls, I decide who gets the password to come inside.

But I don’t want an audience anymore.

No one gets to see me.
Why should I let anyone see behind the mask of the Great and Powerful Oz?
What do I get in return?
No home, no heart, no courage for finally speaking up, no.
Just a slap in the face that feels like ice water.

So I sit here in silence, avoiding what has to be done and I cry and I cry until nothing comes out but a squeak.
This weak creature finally speaks:
‘You used to make me melt but now I’m melting.’

Oh, what a world,
What a world.
I have no idea why the Wizard of Oz became something of a prism to speak through, but it happened.
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018
Whilst I was immersed in Bohemian Rhapsody
"Don't forget to smile" reminded me
Though I'm not a fancy, angry lizard
Just want to be a family wizard
Not every bed is green
Not every one is the same Win

He died four years younger than me
Although he left his legacy
I'm just a commoner
Leaving nothing like a pensioner
Only memories will survive when I die
Who will care the existance of mine

Learnt many weird things
I also have some similar stings
I can see his emotional insecurity
Thinking where is my dignity
Easy come, easy go
I am just a poor boy also

If I only want hassle-free
What I have to foresee?
I'm no longer a nominee
I have to be an escapee
Accepted that I'm a divorcee
My mom always says,
"Nothing really matters to me...
to me..."
Conjurer of spells,
I stir phrases
in a witch's cauldron.....
wizard's breath to
tint the potion
Let it boil over
Reduce the excess
add emotion
and a four leaf clover

Temperature at serving time defines the tone and
type of incantation
Cold spells work
as heartless breaths
Warm ones jubilation
Hotter brew brings swift results
Careful even death

My sorcery is well disguised
as poetry and song.  
I'll have you laugh,
yank a tear or
make a day
feel twice as long.

I'll look you in the eye
as I feed you all
my truths and lies
None can break the grip
of words I wield,
won't know to even try voice enchants
let me whisper in your ear
You'll result bewitched....
but if I hold you high .....
there's never need to fear
Inspired by Jamahdi Verse's Spells collection
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