Lou Dec 2017

I could while away the hours 
    Conferrin' with the flower
Consultin' with the rain
And my head, I'd be scratchin'
While my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain...

Alms to flashes,
Storms on television sets
Domesticating nature for High Definition erotic fixation.
Suffocating families in screens.
Screens and flashes,

Alms to flashes.
Distractions spurn all my senses
I am hard and flaccid
and want more
but less
but right now
and again!...

I can feel the needle connect to my veins and into my spine
Push the plunger down and connection is made.

I would not be just a nuffin' my head all full of stuffin'
My heart all full of pain.
I would dance and be merry, life would be a ding-a-derry,
If I only had a brain.

Media has a powerful suggestive force on our lives.
Isaac Ward Nov 2017

Set the altar with the candles,
Red and blue,
Yellow and green,
Purple and black,

North, South, East, West,
Middle Left, Middle right,
And matchsticks for a light
Plus some whiskey, do it right,

With rope or chalk,
Cast your circle thrice,
For will, for heart,
And mind's device,

Light the watchtowers each by name,
"Come fire, air, water, earth-
Also spirit, and last death,
Hear my voice, taste my breath",

Focus deep, on the soul,
Ground yourself, lest ye a fool,
Pour the shot, and one more,
Honor the towers as ye pour,

"Fire scorching, Wind's mighty blow,
Water's depth and Earth a-grow,
Spirit strong, death in due time,
Hear my call, head my rhyme,"

And focus strongly,
Know what you seek,
For what you ask,
You most surely reap,

"As I ask, as I say,
As I request of you today,
For what of you I request,
This is for my very best,"

Then this is here,
Where you place your needs,
In rhyme and rhythm,
Or plain as weeds,

Then after ye ask,
Ask twice again,
For thrice ye ask,
And fate shall bend,

Then in reverse as before,
Thank and dismiss each Tower,
For they've bent reality,
And given you their power,

Then open the circle,
And take ye a rest,
For life shall change,
If this I attest

Once upon a time, I could never find decent spell frameworks online. The closest I got was buying one cause a free spell was like a loaded gun.
Demonatachick Oct 2017

I am one but also many, there's no disease but I'm no shiny penny, I have many faces some you may know, some you may see, we all come and go.

So be aware on how you fare when a new face passes by, for with all these aliases that I accrue, how do you know that I am not you?.

For all the internet wizards out there.
willie Aug 2017

a wizard once said
that words in the head
were spoken underwater
like the empty part of a letter.

a man once said
that words in the head
are the words we say,
the attention we pay.

you once said
that words spoken in the head
is a country of their own.
those we say are of an inside town.

so let's forget about the head,
dont think of our problems ahead.
words spoken by the heart
are words spoken to be art.

sunprincess Apr 2017

the princess laughs and says, 'my love is a poet, the best poet ever'
oh, says the wizard, 'where you meet this prince, who is so clever?'
and the princess smiles a dazzling smile, 'by the sea, by the sand
he's building a pretty castle for me, with shiny jewels in his hand'

so mesmerized is the wizard, by a princess's enchanting smile and beauty fair,
he gives instructions, saying, 'dear princess you must take extra care'
'yes, thank you kindly sir, you are the best wizard ever, you are so fly'
'anything for you your highness, ' says wizard, 'forever your wizard am I'


Rusty, rickety limbs of mine
Rattle along the yellow brick road
A way to relinquish heavy burdens
Do they seek

The first weighty sack I bear
A mystical maiden has within
One who hides what the morrow will bring
Oh, couldn’t I tip-toe and take a peek?

The second hefty bag, however
Is in fact as light as a feather
Though fooled be not by its lack in substance!
For its mighty grip continues to tether me along
The path of the golden brick road

This particular bag in question
Has a greying man in its possession
One who is very familiar to me
One who knocks at the door of memory
And shows me what has come before

The last bulky piece of luggage
Has naught within its confines
Nothing but a glaring emptiness
Which tells the story of a vacant space
Where my tick-tock ticker ought to be

Thus here I am
Creaking and croaking
Along this treasured trail
With my tin-can body

On my way to the emerald city
In hopes to find a remedy
For the calamity
Known as coeur brisé

Heart break is definitely a shock to the system
Ana S Feb 2017

I used to long for death.
Now I'm pleading it to stop.
Never appreciated life.
Now I can't get enough.
No forever is never promised.  
It can never be set in stone.
Lately my body has been deteriorating.
The only way to vent is here.
You see I have two lumps in my neck.
Nobody knows what it is yet.
Could be nothing could be something.
It varies from thyroid... lympth nodes swelling... all the way down to lymphoma, aka cancer.
They tell me not to worry.
It's best to prepare yourself for worse.
What if I am dying.
Atleast I'll be ready when my time comes.
After all we are all dying.
Life is inevitable.  
Life is unovoidable.
But death is inevitable as well.
There is no going around it.
You and I.
One day we are both going to die.
Maybe tomorrow maybe 13 years from now.
Life is not promised.
I remember last night.
I told her I could potentially be dying.
I told her not to worry.
I told her it probably isn't anything bad.
She tried to fight the tears then the began to flow.
Steady like a stream.
She was breaking because of me.
I told her I need you to be strong.
She said if I died she wouldn't go on.
She said you are the one I wanted all along.
What if this sky wizard called god is out to ruin us.
I asked why he would do that.
She just replied don't go cursing Sky wizards.
If there's a god I couldn't imagine him doing a thing.
Killing a girl at 16.
Taking my life when I've only just begun.
I used to beg for my end.
Little did I know I had only just begun.

Hillary Gurney Feb 2017

Stop being a cowardly lion; for a change.

I am so sick and tire of your;

Whatever it is between us,
Is like a challenge.

An itch that just will not go away,
I am drenched into your mist.

As you expunged my demons away,
Whether you want to admit it or not.

You are my disease,
As you released the beast out of me..

As for now,
Off to see the wizard to get you some fucking courage..

STLR Oct 2016

Analytical beast I have a knowledge in my locker

The swarm screams for the author

The red then spills from the blood oath offer

Higher than extraterrestrials and their flying saucers

Universal football we kick meteors like soccer

We battle in coliseums, mediators are awkward

They fear the slanted enemies eyes and their lean postures

They find it so astounding, there movement in green pastures

Hunters become hunted, prey becomes stalkers

They seem to breathe steam and move faster

Engaging renegades will never make it easy for these bastards

Thunderous parades of pain reported from the mental telecasters

Wizards from faraway lands land by spell casting

Time is forever lost but what they found is still lasting

And what Is bound is surpassing, it's an avalanche...earth smashing

The lands crashing, the world will regenerate but the swords will keep clashing.

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