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A B Faniki Oct 9
My little son plays football in a little league
his coordination is of a new born foal, his colleagues
on is almost the same as his
yet they score a lot of goals
This amazing feat I never see in any league.
© A B Faniki 10/9/2019 all right reserved . This poem is a limerick inspired by kids playing football.  There age ranges from 4  to 6
Oct 7 · 31
A B Faniki Oct 7
Thank you lord for the gift of life
How could we ever pay you for that and
All the good things you have done for us
None of us will be alive if not for your
kindness, grace, love, faithfulness and protection,
So we gather here today to celebrate thanksgiving and to
Give glory to your holy name by giving praise to you -for
In this harsh and cruel world we live in you have blessed
Everyone of us and like the proverbial tree, we are
Indeed flourishing and thriving and also multiplying in
Number so for this and many more we are saying "thank you."
Gracious Lord accept our thanksgiving like you did Abel's.
© A B Faniki  10/7/2019 all right reserved  an  Arostic saying Thanksgiving
Oct 3 · 209
Happy wife Happy life
A B Faniki Oct 3
Come close to me son
and have a seat beside
me I have something

important to tell you "Fred"
about living with a wife.
My dear son as a married

man you will find yourself
in some tight situation just
like I your father have

find myself in more tight
places than an old shepherd's
right arm, when this happen don't

forget this advise and words
"a happy wife means a happy life"
so strive for thy wife happiness.
© A B Faniki 10/3/2019  an advise to a son from his father the poem is writen in tera z form
A B Faniki Sep 19
BY heaven, the selfless one, she is gone;
Brave as a lion she fought for Just cause;
If courage means fearless, then she is courageous;
If todays cubs are tomorrow lions, she birth lions then.

I have seen human's darker side: greed and ego,
But no such darkness in her whole being.
In my sojourn on earth l knew peace and love;
Cause her actions toward humans translate into self-sacrifice.

Before I could say Jack Robinsons, it happens;
Yesterday she was here today she is gone.
Nile flow into the sea emptying itself there: it nature;
So the selfless one has gone home to her maker.

Adonia I can't fathom why you always call the
Selfless-ones home first: you call the only one I know.
Selfless people or good people it seems are the ones that leave earth earl y. Death is cruel for doing that
Sep 18 · 72
Haiku: Rattler
A B Faniki Sep 18
A gust of wind pass
my house It rattle my windows and uproot my tree without asking.
©️ A B Faniki 09/18/2019  a gust of wind is a rattler it rattle anything it touches and in a show of force it uproot tree and those what it want
A B Faniki Sep 8
Dear black Santa claus I have some wish
It is not as many as the hair on
your head as a matter of fact the wish
is about hair, you see my friend Malik has turn

nineteen last summer and up to now his face
is as smooth as a baby **** without a lick
of hair, Oh! black santa in your next phase
of trip and among your commodity of hair send malik

a beard, so that he won't be in despair
not that that is any business of mine and
please dear black Santa claus don't show this letter
to Saint Nicholas your counterpart with the white beard

I don't want him to accidentally send Malik a white
beard because that will freak him out.
AB Faniki © 9/8/2029 all right reserved  an attemp at humours piece using sonnet form I hope u enjoy it. It was supose to be part of my work banal tells.
Sep 7 · 315
Saint patrick day
A B Faniki Sep 7
Go into town and call every Tom, Harry, and ****
tell them to bring a shamrock and come out quick
for today is saint patrick day
we won't be chasing leprechaun today
we'll be drowning the shamrock in beer like some freak
9/7/2019  © A B Faniki all right reserved a linerik for saint oatrick day
Sep 5 · 46
A step back
A B Faniki Sep 5
She took a step back in life, but I guess
you can tell from the weariness she wear
and from the strain lines her brow bear
which her eyes tried to hide: without success
for the shadow beneath them- a gift from sleepless
night and restless thought that always appear
tireless and make her heart sag with despair;
and all this brought upon by a single mess:
from which she has now learn that loyalty
comes an awful second behind self interest and
a bird in hand is worth more than twenty
on a tree.She has taken a step back in life and
had she trust men she would've been in a pretty
hot soup instead of looking forward to a step forward.
A B Faniki © 5/09/2019 all right serve A sonnet about problem in life -taking a step back in life  is not ones end of life.
Sep 5 · 744
I am who I am
A B Faniki Sep 5
I am who I am and that is
All I want to be "Me." I
May not be as majestic as a lion or
Walk as gracefully as one or
Have a roar like one, but that is
Ok, for I know who I am and what
I am worth -I am a child of grace and
Although I am not the first of my kind nor the last of
My kind yet I am one of a kind"My thumb print say so"
A B Faniki © 9/5/2019 all right reserved  knowing ones woh i s a beautiul thing and azaming . This pom is an acrostic  with I AM WHO I AM.
Aug 31 · 224
Haiku: Lullaby
A B Faniki Aug 31
The sound that the rain
makes while beating on my aluminium roof
is music to my ear
Haiku about rain. 8/31/2019 © A B Faniki am always fun of  rain
Aug 17 · 99
August visitor
A B Faniki Aug 17
Friday the 1st of August, 2019 started with a
Little drizzle of rain but by one o'clock pm
Of that day -huge sheet of rain was falling
On everything in my sight, this
Droop lets as little as they are began to increased
In number and in no time began to carry everything
Not tied to the ground those tied down, the break down
And carry the pieces, I could have sworn I heard their voice
until the lapping of water drown the voices.
Giving oder to each other as the go on doing what the do best
under the sky finding their way back home to the ocean,
Sea or river of their choice. This August visitors have
Taking many lifes and things worth millions in less than 24 hours.
© A B Faniki 8/17/2019 acrostic poem form . This work is about flood in august the Acrostic reads FLOOD IN AUGUST front vertical..  All right reserved part of banal tell work I hope u enjoy it
Aug 16 · 118
Please hold my hands
A B Faniki Aug 16
Last night I was about to take a stroll with my three years
Old niece before we set out she said "Hold my hand"
Rising her little arm to me to take hold of it, before I
Did that I said "What is the magic word" she then said
"Please hold my hand" I smiled at her and took hold of her
Little arm in my strong hand and we left our quiet
Estate and head for the main road into town;
As we walk slowly my thought kept going back to what
She said "Hold my hand" as we near the
End of our journey we came across a woman that
Had two children with her, she piggyback
One and said to the other one "give me you hand"
Like a blind man that sees the light for the first time it
Dawn on me that as I stroll with my nice that I was watching out for
My nice all time for I had made sure she has not stumble or fall, her
Young leg did most of the work yet it was my hand that keep
Her safe and in this single moment like a flash of lighting
Across the sky it cross my mind that I too
Need God to hold my hand as I journey through life, in that moment I
Did one thing - I look up to the heaven and said "Lord please hold my hand."
©A B Faniki 8/16/2019, my frist acrostic poem The firs line  form read LORD PLEASE HOLD MY HAND. All right reserved this poem is a reflection on life journey and deepending on God that knows more and is mighty .., he alonecan keep hand safe if he held his hand if we held hands we nay let go and stumble anf fall when hard times comes that is why is more safer for him to hold our hands. Just like it wasbetter I held my niece hands
Aug 14 · 247
Humble beginning
A B Faniki Aug 14
After the ill fortune her humble father manage
To make it -self made millioner at his old age
The turn of fortune in their life meanss she's fortunate;
But her friends said the fortune came a little late,
For she still wore the old rage that she own
and hang out with the same friends she had fun.
God knows that the only constant thing on earth
is change and yet it's always hard to accept.
Her beautiful smile and humble beginning she still carry
and won't let fortune change what she love in a hurry.
© A B Faniki 18/14/2019 humble beginning is abt loving what who u are even when things are changing around you
A B Faniki Aug 11
Zeus is a man who has been around for long
in his long life he has heard the siren song
the song that make men
jump overboard into the ocean
he said it's an echo of "help! help!" for long
© A B Faniki all right reserved  8/11/2019 this work is part of my work for my next book  the work is in limerick form
A B Faniki Aug 10
It is human nature to doubt everything;
It is human nature to feel with the senses before belief,
The creator knew these, hence children resemble their parent
In look and character, to eliminate doubt and establish belief.
It is natural to abuse the body for praises and glory;
It is natural to cut the body for beautification,
The creator knew this that is why he made some body part regenerate;
Some he made important that we felt the need to protect it.
It is human nature to desire beautiful things,
It is natural to be greedy and cruel,
The creator knew that, so he removes desire and strength
In old age, so that humans could find rest from their nature.
The creator knows his creation so he put check and
Balance in place to give his creation peace of mind.
From broken souls. The creator knows the nature of his cration is a reflection on human nature. Corrected v
Aug 5 · 134
Gift taken for granted
A B Faniki Aug 5
Last night I cried myself to sleep and I
A man with many winter seasons under my belt;
When I thought of losses and gains of my life
Am thankful-for the peace in me my soul felt

I have have worn beautiful cloth, in style and color
but none fit my muscles/swine perfectly than my skin;
and I have wear some pretty amazing and cool
shoes yet the soles of my feet feel more comforting

I have not a luxury of a cushion at all times
but my buttock always provide the comfort I need;
and in this life I know what it means to
suckle a breast either for pleasure or feed

So am grateful for everything that I have
and for every year that I am alive.
© A B Faniki 5/8/2019 all right reserved snother work that will be feature in my book Banal tells. I wrote this poem last week I hope u enjoy it is a sonnet. With
A B Faniki Aug 5
I say I will leaves the debate of great matter
to the great thinkers of earth-those that can
walk on water and those that walk on moon;
for their both equal to the challenge of keeping humanity
safe: from the clutches of change that make things mad,
yet when I see the state of my generation
my heart leaps into my throat,for fear of unknown.
when the debate between these thinkers get heat it makes
me sad for slender is what both will resort to.
When religion feels call upon to act for humanity sake
and the constitution feels call upon for justice for humanity
and both could not see face to face- the sentinel
should be call upon to guard peoples lives. when this
two are at each other throat again it mean- death.
© A BFaniki.8/5/2019 I have wrote this poem three days ago is part of my book Banal tell enjoy it all right reserved. The work is about the seperation of law and religion in every society . The work is in sonnet form.
Jul 28 · 95
The Office Hurricane
A B Faniki Jul 28
Some superiors know how to hold a grudge,
That only death could pry them away from it;
Some colleague are inexperience in every aspect
Of their work, but well verse in treachery and groveling;

Some customers know how to transfer their aggression
And run out of patience at the sight of frown;
So we overwork nonentity most remove our crown
And put a barrier against these office hurricane for protection;

We most tell ourselves little-lies everyday that we're strong,
For this little make belief is our safety at work;
Like we hope for heaven we hope today won't
be as bad as tomorrow and our joy to be long
I wrotw these poem after experiencing these things in my place of work. I hope you enjoy it © A B Faniki 7/28/2019. This qork is ark of my WIP bannal yell soo all copy right are reserved
Jul 21 · 312
Drug abuse kills
A B Faniki Jul 21
There once was a youth with  huge dollars
he squander it on drugs use for cough
the youth now is not fine
the virus in him is immune
his handkerchief is filled always with cough.
L© A B  Faniki 7/21/2019 limerick for my book banal Tells . This one is about drugabuse
Jul 20 · 654
A B Faniki Jul 20
There once was a woman who was old
her future is in shambles that, we thought
but God who has created
her planted in her greatness
this woman gave birth to a nation
© A B Faniki 7/20/2019.
Jul 20 · 996
summer in black
A B Faniki Jul 20
There once was a girl who was sad
she wear what is black so to hide
when summer is here the dress,
it calls heat that drenches
these cloth in summer will have her mad.
Limerick about summet cloth. 7/20/2019
Jul 20 · 195
magic word
A B Faniki Jul 20
There once was a man a bit boring
who found a magic word that open boxes;
he thought it was fun
to opening any box untill
the magic word "please" open the pandora's box.
Here is my first liemrick ever. ©A B Faniki 7/17/2019. Is about caution, even when doing good or fun things. The poem is also writing for kid to learn about saying pleasse.
Jul 16 · 283
My niece
A B Faniki Jul 16
Last night I told me niece
she is not paying
attention, she said she is

that she just paid
it a dollar. By jove
kids are now produce

like beautiful smartphone
and She 3  only.
I pray she remain smart.

Last night I taught my lovely
niece how to draw her finger
on a board by placing

her hand on it drawing
it, now everyone is running away
From her after having

their fingers drawn for hours.
now am afraid of teaching her paper ship
for she may flood the house with water
Niece has become my muse these days. I just wrote this poem for her © A B Faniki 7/15/2019
Jul 16 · 56
Ode on friends
A B Faniki Jul 16
No, no! Burden not thy friend, neither make
Him thy god, by asking the world of him;
For thy sanity sake look up to the heavens,
For thy salvation not to thy friend;
Make not thy friend thy target of thy insult
Nor let jealousy, nor let anger cloud they judgment
When dealing with thy dear friend, nor be
A partner to Judas in betraying thy friend;
For step by step karma will catch up
With you, and pay thy back in full measure.

But when disloyalty and greed tears apart friends
Like an earthquake that split a mountain;
Then they valley it create shall be a grave-yard,
Where friends interest shall lie in ruin waiting
For time to heal and build a bridge
Or for the day of forgiveness and reconciliation
Or for the court of men or heavenly brings;
As friends interest lies in ruin waiting, the
Giant wheel of time shall continue to turn
Bringing changes with every hour that pass.

Something should be water under the bridge,
What has been, has been, everyone had his
Fifteen minute of fame in every friendship;
Whether you played for fame or fortune,
Whether you played for honour or fun,
Whether you played for cruelty or joke;
Thy fifteen minute is up and thy price await thy.
Don't seek for and an Ideal friend those are
Out of stock now, that's why there is and end
In the word friend, to remind you of this.
Afte experience what friendship means in adulthood I could not help but write this piece
Jul 12 · 517
A B Faniki Jul 12
Tip of the hat in recognition
To all devoted women and mothers,
Your love, care,strength, and devotion
Knows no bound like earth's weather

Like the morning star you shine
And lit the path to life;
Like a great messiah you fine
Rest for the family you have.

The laughter of your children always
Excite you and fills you with joy.
Through thick and thing you always
Stick around to show your love;

You're an embodiment of life greatest gift;
For you're twenty persons in one for us:
You're a teacher and a great therapist,
You're a doctor and a great nurse ,

You're a achef and a great baker
You're a driver and a great instructor
You're a daughter and great mother
You're a guardian and a great protector

You're a supporter and great superwoman
You're a queen and a great matriarch
You're a home maker and a great career woman
You're an archetype of motherhood and matriarch.

Whoever said: "Jack of all trade master
Of none" has never met you, in your home;
Like the great Elephant matriarch You master
The best skills and route of motherhood.
These work is meant for my book banal tell , but I had to give it up here becasuse it is an amazing place to share my piece with other poet.
Jul 9 · 457
Haiku: Nature's Mirror
A B Faniki Jul 9
Clear still pond
face it reflects
nature's mirror.
First mirror  on earth is from nature. It always give back.
© A B Faniki 9 july, 2019
Jul 2 · 316
May and wish
A B Faniki Jul 2
May and Wish
I will give you all my wonderful may,
and all of my most heartfelt wish;

your are as beautiful as flowers in the month of may
so I will grant you all your thoughtful wish;

As you strive to live a peaceful life may
God grant you all of your heart desire and wish;

As your enemies set a trap for you may
they end up in it, and their evil wish

be withheld, as you set to leave my home may,
the angels guide you on the journey you wish;

life is full of many wonderful may;
but I will rather have you pick your wish,

then asked God to bestow it upon you and may
my prayer be heard that joy be added to you wish.

I will drown your in the amazing sea of may
so they will stick to you like the fallen star sticking to wish.

this many may and wishes are not for the month of may
alone, nor are they limited like the jinn's wish;

for every season greeting that comes your way may,
they content all the good may attach with lucky wish;

may peace and good health be with you every day
and may all your wishes come through in a golden dish.

these are my precious gift to you my dear and may
they always find a home in your heart, for their in my list of wish.
may and wishes is about how people used these words to blessed or bestow wish on others
Jun 30 · 88
Pariah's heart
A B Faniki Jun 30
Julia what a grievous injustice you did to me, a
Pariah you've create when you stole my heart; a
Messiah it's to me for it house my light Like
Jeremaiah the prophet I will lament with a

terrible sob; I will flood my cheeks with tears till my
miserable self follows sleep to the world of darkness. Oh!
Adorable Julia has flee with my merriment so no more
laughable cloud on my horizon only a memory of a

Fickle lover that stole my joy and flee within a
twinkle of an eye like the stars in the sky: what a
miracle it's she has left my soul behind I will
Buckle it up and give it to the company of my

solitude where he will reflect on past deeds and
attitude that makes other souls shook and recoil in
multitude because of the touch of evil darkness and the
magnitude of it in my empty pariah's heart and life.
These is a new poem I wrote Itwas supposeto be in my book Banal tells , but unfortunately I could not help sharing it out where with you guys. I will hav to replace it when  i can .
Jun 30 · 87
Kamikaze law suit
A B Faniki Jun 30
You break the law but you don't know that,
The law too those not care for your ignorance;
You have a gutter for a mouth that is offensive,
A deformation law suit is the soap to clean it.
My Lord if it please you may I ask, why
Am I dock on my left if am the complainant;
Counsel warn your client it seem he too has a
Gutter for a mouth that a court contempt court clean.
My Lord if we are starting on a wrong foot
I beg to differ, may I withdraw the law suit;
Complainant for wasting the court time you are
Sentence to 7 hour of community service without fine.
Any complain about the bench is a Kamikaze law suit
for the affairs of mankind is an affair of emotions.
I think is so cliche to say a poem came to me, but at times it is the only right word that fit in poetry. Same with this work i hope it make senses like it did to me when writting it.
A B Faniki Jun 30
A match made in heaven, is when just marries truth;
Marriage is a battle of will: conquer or be conquered;
The one school that one never graduate from is marriage-school,
Married couple should carry their cross like Christ did, bravely.

Some men are good husbands but lousy, when it
Come to being a good father, like a male-polar bear;
Some women are good mothers but lousy, when it
comes to being a good wife like black widow spider;

Every just queen knows this, her body is not hers
It belong to her king: whom should cherish it;
Every truthful king knows this, if he rules in truth
His reign may endure the weather and storm.

This thing called marriage is fascinating and amazing,
It let ordinary folks feel like kings and queens.
Marriage is an amazing thing: if just and truth could be found in both paties. It is a blissfull thing to see, when couple understand that the should be brave in managing each other affair in peace and bravery  like not starving the  a**hole to death because ur mad at him
Jun 30 · 64
A B Faniki Jun 30
I found the door to heaven:
when I close my eyes and sleep;
I see the door to heaven in my dreams;
don't tell haters and tax collectors,
they will ruin my heaven like
they ruin my home here on earth.
Last night I use the door in
my dream to enter my heaven;
I won't let the cat out of the
bag but I came out of my heaven
and dream with my demons exorcise
and a full proof plan for the future.
This morning I heard Lorde singing
that she was riding a Cadillac in
her dreams: well maybe she too
has found the door to her heaven
in her dream. As the saying goes
"what work for peter may work for
Paul." So everyone should search for
the door to their heaven in their dreams,
for in dreams heaven is within reach.
These poem is about escaping realities while in the dream world and being one true self there with no judgement
Jun 25 · 219
Mother Nature
A B Faniki Jun 25
For you I will plough the sea
And saw waves on it; so that
When ever you pass the sea you
Will see the waves dancing to
The tune of the wind.

For you I will trample the sea
With my feet, and the mighty
Waters will foamed; so that
When ever you pass the sea you will
Know that I am dancing for you.

For you I will make the sea
A canvas and paint it silver color
At night; so that when ever you
Pass the sea at night you will
See the moons light capture on it.

For you I will fill the sea
With amazing creatures; I beget
Thee, so for you my child I will
Make the sea an amusing
Place just for you my child: I am
Mother Nature.
Mother nature is truelly amazing
A B Faniki Jun 25
I was the cell tower that connects a region;
Now I am as useless as an iphone without a battery;
If green means on, then nothing turn me on;
Worn out I lie defeated in dust, thinking about help.
If I am to count on friends in trouble times,
Then I will stop at zero, for that is prudence.
Living among people this days is like being a
hay in a cow farm that has no feed.
Left and right people are throwing each other under
The bus, only to end up under it themselves.
God, your the only constant help in the world;
Without you we will all be drowning in misery.
By heaven, I tell you it is every man for
Himself these days and God for us all.
The love in humanity is dimishing. This is the new  standard in life
Jun 24 · 95
Don't slip away
A B Faniki Jun 24
Heartbreak will always slip away like water in a basket;
The end of everything is better than it beginning;
Alone we came into the world alone we will exist,
Letting go has never being easy ask the jilted heart?
Some people will always slip out of our life
No matter how tight we held unto them;
Time will tell who will stay in our life from
Who will slip away like a thief in the night;
Some things are meant to be, that is why you
Slip away from all those hands to hold mine;
I waited for a life time for you, carrying
This heart, that beat for you only like a drum.
Don't slip away, don't walk away from me, hold my
Hand and walk with me to the end of life.
Someone will always be  there for us and won't slip away.
A B Faniki Jun 23
The bittersweet taste of distrust has always make
Men felt about for their God, whom is faithful;
Words, names, and laws are the key to life
Now and to infinity, that is why:
The word we trust in is that of God,
The name we trust in is that of God,
And the laws we trust in is that of God too;
Simply put IN GOD WE TRUST, hence defeat
Is not in our province nor is our hope
Going to be extinguish; Because our God is Faithful.

Our heart will not jolt a bit if brute
Force bear upon us, for sticks and
Stones may break our bones but not
Our spirit which is free of mortal law.
The nations will be subdue under the souls that
Do not trust in mortal men and their whim;
The people will be subdue under the souls that
Trust in God and are not afraid to say it;
The pursuit of happiness for the spirit of men
Is close circuit (alive), when we trust in God.

Whenever something bad happens to a good man
There is something he could do, trust in God for:
There is always a silver lining in every cloud;
There is an original sin for men to contend with
But there is a promise also for those who trust.
Just like there is a Jesus for those who belief.
Men of destiny will always look up to the heavens
When the seek the path of trust and wisdom, as
For us who trust in God we will be as
high as the sky and as deep as the ocean.
This one of thelong piece of poem I have wrote. Is about trust whch is key to everything in life. To put our trust in men is folly it's self.
A B Faniki Jun 19
You never wanted anyone for
Yourself, so you jump from
One relationship to another

like common carp in a lake.
You never bother about who
Is in your bed, provided you had

Pleasure: with no string attach.
You never thought love and
Companionship, it concomitant is the

Killer of spinsterhood and Bachelorhood. You fought Hard against love and Pleasure; but you knew

Your fighting a lost cause
just like a sailor fighting
the storm at sea.

The heart want him,
And is fond of him,
And is set on matrimony.

The heart want what the
Heart wants, it wont rest
Till it win.
This poem remind me of the time when Love hurt  and the person hurt find it hard to love agaig; yet to love comes again .
Jun 16 · 289
Story of my life
A B Faniki Jun 16
Story of my life. My relationship with my bed is awesome I can afford to miss it, but my relationship with water is bordering on obsession I can't afford to miss it.
My relationship with life and the things I can afford to have or not have
Jun 13 · 157
Quiet Night
A B Faniki Jun 13
My soul is almost drowning
in the flood of my
depression, waves after waves of

it roll over my soul.
I was just about to
give up on us, like

water spill on the ground which
can't be gathered again; when
I felt your presence in

the breeze of the quiet
night, like a soft whisper
of a voice it calm me.

Now every morning I long
for the quiet nights where
the gentle breeze and soft

voice in the winds gives
my soul hope about us
and anchor it to earth.
Night quiet life depression help
Jun 10 · 311
Heartbreak & Disaster
A B Faniki Jun 10
For the 10th time, heartbreak is not a disaster: is heartbreak; disaster is when dear old poverty or nature comes into your life.
I stumble upon it; when I was dreaming lol
Jun 2 · 407
Haiku: picture in sky
A B Faniki Jun 2
Dark cloud at night
flashes of lightning behind the cloud,
show  the stairs to heavean
At night when it was about to rain and lightning light up the sky one can see pictures in the storm .
Jun 2 · 144
Dust of our creation
A B Faniki Jun 2
The dust of our creation is from Africa;
The place of our creation is Africa;
The blood beneath our skin has a rhythm
The bond between our bones and Africa is forever.
Some people shout for queen and country,
While other shout for land and blood but,
We will trample the earth and raise it dust;
As we march for the glory of Africa;
Africa produces the dust of our creation,
That dust that makes the baobab tree lives for ages;
Africa produces the dust of our creation;
That dust that produce the finest diamond and gold.
The dust of our creation is from Africa that
Continent that is like the Garden of God: Eden.
Home is where the heart is,  no matter what i willalways callAfrica home for the dust of my creation is from thus amazing place
A B Faniki Jun 1
After a short drizzle
the fallen umbrella leaf becomes a pitcher,
for the killdeer
While it was drizzling i saw two killdeer,  their birds that like to run or dash on ground as the feed or lay their eggs. As i saw them drinking water on a fallen umbrella leaf this image stuck in my head .
May 21 · 311
Graceful at 44 years
A B Faniki May 21
At 44 years old your as graceful as a palm-tree;
Grape with it lushness has nothing on your lush body;
A thousand faces light up at the sight of your smile;
Rose for smell, apples for taste, your hands brings warmth.
The cosmic rays are dim and lifeless
But the colors in your eyes are bright and alive.
Your neck is like the Trajans victory column long and
Elegant with a thousand paint round it.
Mona lisa is pleasing to the eyes, yet mine long
For the viral grace of your ***** and mature curves;
Diamond with all it glory is not as tempting
As you, with your gray enchanting hairs and laughter lines.
My love is round and plump at four and four
Years old yet she is ageless like the gods.
This is a sonnet i wrote for all the beautiful women ageing gracefully.
May 21 · 433
My greates Joy
A B Faniki May 21
I may not have the rivers of Babylon
To sit beside them and weep when I
Remember you my dear mother;
But may I too never be able to
Write poems or recite them again.
If I do not remember you,
If I do not think of you as
My greatest joy!
For my late mother .
May 21 · 117
Haiku: The wailing wind
A B Faniki May 21
It is the season again
When the wind moves about wailing loudly.
stiring dust and bringing heat
Haiku #poem #poetry #pwind #heat
May 12 · 210
Rainy season
A B Faniki May 12
I lie, awake listening to the rain and wind;
Playing music on my roof, the melody is as
Enchanting as a siren songs.

The sky is blue, the trees are dancing in the rain;
Waving their leaves while the rain-maker cheer them
On with lightning and thunder.

Is the rainy season, my roof and the road to my
House will have a shower: they will look as clean
As the cloud that wander aimlessly on a sunny day.

I can smell the season in the air, as the rains pours
Down; what a delightful smell; it fills my heart with
Joy like the seas are filled with water.

I too must join the trees in their rain dance, for
This season is the season of life and wild flower.
This poem is about the raining season which bring earth alive whenever it start.
May 12 · 1.5k
A B Faniki May 12
Your smile is like the scent
of a wildflower, you give
it generously and graciously to all;

like a flower you wear beauty
Marvellously, that is why designers
made you their abode;

the bees(journalist)and beetles(fans)of the
concrete jungle love your sweet nature
which is like that of a flower,

that is why your name is
on their lips and they chase
you wherever you go.

You are the most gorgeous flower
with the most captivating blush
and stalk;

you make the world blissful by
allowing our eyes to drink your
beauty till we stagger drunk with it.

By Jove! Everything about you is
wild, charming, and down to earth
like a wildflower in the spring.
This poem is for all the beautiful women out there,  whos smiles and beauty make the world an amazing place.
May 10 · 117
A B Faniki May 10
Come to Jimeta the city ruled by the
Lamidos' dynasty, whose dynasty ruled in peace,
Come to the city where the Rivers:
Flow with the finest groundnut oil,
Where the spring are over flowing
With cow milk and the finest honey,
Where the sun set behind the hills
Where the underground stream gush out nono.
You that love beauty have you seen the colorful
Eyes of women of Jimeta is as beautiful as caramel;
You that love strength have you seen our sons
Their as proud as the hills round Jimeta.
Come with me to Jimeta my fair lady, come to
The beautiful sunshine city, a land love by Jimetans
My belove hometown
May 10 · 95
Recession is in town
A B Faniki May 10
A for Austerity, P for Poverty,
R for Recession, and U for Unemployment.
Recession is in town with her three

UN-amusing friends, whose hands are always
on their lips and wherever the gang goes
they take away the fun out of that place;

tinny Tanana biko biko whose car is
unemployment going to take away, to
make him use his leg-dis benze;

Minnie mane mo whose house is poverty
going to crash in, an undo a
life time work in a matter of weeks;

tinny Tanana, Minnie mane what will austerity
sell to the state? Is it a string? For
the ministers to tighten the state pose;

hear! hear! Recession is in town, bad
policies invited her with her three friends
to party and paint the town gray;

shame on the leaders whose watch the
doors of the state where open to recession
and her three friends, their ears will

be fill with wailing and insult of the
populace, like the cry of a widow whose
only son has pass away fills a house.
this poem is about what recession does to a nation, it leaders and it people
May 10 · 185
Calm before your storm
A B Faniki May 10
Calm before your storm

There is always calmness before the storm hit like
There most be an egg before there is a chicken;
Your silent is pregnant with a calmness that
Chills my bones and make
my heart beat wildly,

I have always find peace in your raving more
Especially those you claim are killing you slowly;
Give me your raving so that my heart will be
At peace, this calm silent is killing me slowly.

I am conceived by a woman and brought up by
A woman, then given to another woman in marriage to
Be love: So I won't deny knowing that hell
Has no fury like a woman wrath;

Your another woman's baby but now your my babe
I can't give you up for the world, neither
Can I withstand any storm from you: my tongue sticks
To my dry mouth and word deserted me like
Morning mist, I fear the calmness before your storm.
this reflection of my thought on how people we hurt can stay calm planing revenge, when there silent
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