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Amanda Dec 2019
Saw it unfold before my very eyes

But it happened too quickly for me to wrap my life back up into the neat little box it was packed in
Pandora doesn't go back into the box
I sat there
Uncertain of how
A fox came

To be looking at me
A friendly fox, it seemed
But still wild orange

I'm not sure
Why I let
It out

It just seemed like
The right choice
At the time
A B Faniki Jul 2019
There was a man a bit boring most times
who found a magic word that open boxes;
he thought it was fun
to opening any box untill
the magic word "please" open the pandora's box.
Here is my first liemrick ever. ©A B Faniki 7/17/2019. Is about caution, even when doing good or fun things. The poem is also writing for kid to learn about saying pleasse.
The zeros and ones, all the zeros and ones
It is time to dive in to some binary fun
Just the zeros and ones, all the zeros and ones
We're not ready for this
But too late
It's begun...

In this game that we play
There's no way can be won
And no doubt that someday
All mankind is outdone
But "no way" they will say
"Just relax and have fun"
'Cause there's always a way
Not the absolute 'none'

Good luck never can stay
Of the minimum one
An anomaly may
Find a way to outrun
All the safeguards in place
What you spin is now spun
This new enemy faced
Can't be beat with a gun

Giving birth to a race
Artificially one
That's not from outer space
People smart are now dumb
We can't keep up the pace
So we will be outrun
Relegated to slaves
Or perhaps we're just "done"

Nothing more than a waste
Have a purpose that's 'none'
Masses taking up space
Can not hide or outrun
Destined to be erased
Yet somehow we're still stunned
Ending the human race
For A.I. has now won
Written: November 9, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter format]
Shadowhollow Mar 2018
We may be sad
We may be messy
We may be crazy
But the best thing about the human race
Is our ability to hope
For without hope we have no life
No beginning
For without that little piece of hope
We would not be human
And to be human
Is beautiful thing
Just a little thing I came up with
Matthew Vargas Sep 2017
Those who know me, have read the words I've written in black ink and can physically see me
Have told me
Though my writing is depressing
And my suicidal thoughts obsessing
Have mentioned that glimmer of hope that hides behind my demons screeching inside
I feel like Pandora at times
While darkness reigns the depths of my mind,
There's Hope
Trapped within.
I'm letting go of that hope.
There's nothing for me,
No future,
No dreams,
No possibilities,
Absolutely Nothing.
Because I'm nothing and the only thing that will fulfill me is the fact that one day I'll stop breathing.
Sad and boujee
K Lupus Aug 2017
Halfway between the other I came across awake
Jause, jause I say and when I say jause I say feast in this little soiree.
The transitioning of day is reaching its final debut.
Winter solstice passing its prime, a change about in time
A change about in time, a change about inside humans' crime...
The corruption we aught to diminish that still clings
The greed, lust, pride, sorrow and wrath
that not by the very skin of my teeth will ever be relinquished.
The scums that dwell in the deepest cells of my lungs as I breathe.
The bitterness that for every grin I make of my face
can no longer hide.
The demons residing in faltering light, imprisoning,
controlling,constraining, stifling the progress delving life.
These filths that inflict the muscles beneath me, and the bones beneath that, who can help me?
Imprisoned me...Kept me...  
Controlling and constraining my
Tribute to my Teacher, L. and A. Moore
Nyteshade Mar 2017
To the depths I went
Always brand in fist
To find what made these paths
I thought I freely trod

What illusions waited there
To upturn the ship of tranquillity
What machine within worked
To hide the shadows
What lies came in dreams
To veil the truth

And the soul’s guardian, to protect me
Stayed loyal to false master
When it should to my ambition alone cleave
And my song venerate

An ocean lays at my heart
It is still or stormy
Of its own wild freedom
But now I can sail it
For I am bound
To the friends of true depth
Who understand what I truly am

The illusions in me, games of the mind
Shocked for years, shaken in fear
Of harsh words, of the street, of night
The evidence now piles against it.
I have earned my honours
In the heart of the woods
And was always of bliss
And was always of bliss
Gentleness is I, peace is I
Merriness is I, truthseeker am I.
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