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Khoi-San Feb 28
Jack Sparrow had some fun
sit in the sun
Bikini bottom
was filled with cotton
Nursery rhyme On Bikini bottom
A B Faniki Sep 2019
Go into town, call every Tom, Harry, and Nick
tell them to wear green and come out quick
today is saint Patrick's day
no chasing leprechaun today.
Only drowning shamrock in beer like we'e freak
9/7/2019  © A B Faniki all right reserved a linerik for saint oatrick day
DT Brewer Mar 2019
Come as you are
You are my bright, shining star
Am I really up to par?
Do you want to take this far?

He’s as cute as a button
Always dresses in blue cotton
Love how he is funny and sarcastic
Gets a kick out of my being dramatic
Voice like an angel, body like the devil
You really get me.  Want to take it to the next level?

He calms my panic
Makes my heart feel gigantic
He points me left or right
when I lose direction
He is my dreamy knight
and always showers me with affection

Sweet puppy dog eyes
An adorably perfect smile
You can easily melt me and hypnotize
While  sipping your chamomile
It was kind of love at first sight
Didn’t really know what was wrong and how to feel right
Until I met you and now I finally know what to do
You are my absolute dream come true

You are my best friend and lover
You make me feel like no other
You are certainly nobody’s pushover
That conflict with Ronnie should blow over
The truth is that you mean the world to me
You are the showman and the Cabaret’s Emcee
And for your next role as future husband to me
Oh how very happy we will be!
If Schitt’s Creek’s David’s longing gazes could talk.
Karijinbba Aug 2018
Love Story byAndy Williams
"I'll Be Seeing You."
"Can't get enough of your love"
"Are You Lonesome Tonight."
I'll Make Love To You"
"What a wonderful world"
Red red Wine
At Last.
"Yesterday" J.Lenon
[ Nathan, Joseph-Pat-Rick ]
Close your eyes, make a wish
And blow out the candlelight
For tonight is just your night
We're gonna celebrate,
all thru the night

[Shawn Pat.Rick, J Paul Taylor ]
Pour the wine, light the fire
Guinevere your wish is my command
I submit to your demands
I will do anything, Karijinbba, you need only ask

[ Joseph-Paul-Patrick-Richard]
I'll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I'll hold you tight
all through the night
I'll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go
'Till you tell me to

[Wanya, Shawn, Pat-Rick]
my true love AnKarijin,
relax let's go slow!
I ain't got nowhere to go
I'm just gonna concentrate on you the whole night through
My Kariginny are you ready?
it's gonna be a long night.
Throw your clothes (Throw your clothes) on the floor (on the floor)

[Shawn Wanja, Nathan, Pat-Rick]
I'm gonna take my clothes off too
I made plans to be with you queen bee mine Karin whatever you ask me, you know, I could do

[Angel'Q Karijinbba Chinny Chin]
I'll make love to you too
Like you want me to Rickie babe
And I'll hold you tight
My baby Pat
all through the night
I'll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go
'Till you tell me to!

[Wanya,Shawn,PatRick, Nathan:]
Angeli'q Babychin
tonight is your night
And I will do you right
Just make a wish on your night
Anything that you ask
I will give you the love of your life, your life, your life
love of my life.
Boys To Men: For:Karijinbba.
start 54-(74-95)-05.end.
This songs I choose to play on my HeadStone...when I die.. To all the man who sang and danced with me.
even if it was only a Scripted love. sigh..PLEASE DON'T LAUGH BECAUSE WHEN I WAS DONE HERE I LAUGHED SO HARD MY TOMMY HURT;so did my daughters.
Crystal Freda Apr 2018
She lay in bed asleep
until morning came.
She woke up
just the same.

She got dressed
in her favorite red shirt.
She ran downstairs
also in her favorite blue skirt.

She said a pleasant hello
to her father and mother
She ate her cereal
next to her brother.

Enjoying her bowl,
she soon felt a bit of pain.
Just a bit to her arm.
Then she felt it again.

She turned to her brother
in an annoyed soft of way.
"What are you pinching me for?"
"It's St.Patrick's Day."

She rolled her eyes.
"I shouldn't give you a pinch"
"Why is that?"
"Because you are the Grinch."
Wrote this on St.Patrick's day.
TexasRambler Sep 2017
As Heaven and Hell filled your glass you gave me the the gift of laughter and raised my spirits several times.
Those stories about a plethora of assess, wild crazed friends, and a hard painful life intrigued me for countless hours.

Never are you just a simple shade of black or white your always that insane drunk artist that mixes up the paint.
Your advice and experience taught me new colors that I would have never been able to imagine before.
Unlike me your a true writer that’s unaffected with the STD of being just a poet, but you still just might have the clap.
Your works are ****** great so don’t you EVER stop trying to get your stuff out to this twisted world……..

Because if you quit I will seriously be obligated to punch you and I know you’ll still be able to easily kick my ***,
even though you probably broke your hip after you got out of your walker and unplugged your dialysis machine.

I’m not a mascochist  (Unless I get a *** of cash or your a pretty Asian girl) so please for the love of god never make me do that, and hell I really like a lot you so I’d really prefer not to put a .38 special deep into your chest cavity.

Keep staying crazy you ******* and although more than likely as your future attorney I’ll sure as hell stay busy,
but your my big brother and I ******* love you man so don’t you ever change.

P.S. Don’t hog on all of the good runoff ***** unless they are too chubby.
Heres a poem dedicated to probably the most interesting person that I personally know.
Karen May 2017

“I wouldn’t lie to you,” I
said, then reconsidered.
“No, that’s not the truth. I would.
You’re worth lying for. But I
wasn’t. You’re worth telling
the truth for too.”
A poetic
password feels
right today
as she
drew lines
parallel with
her cadence
that logic
shorten arc
of real
flatulent her
desire now
circumcise blind
interaction to
dissect lateness
but to
ensure righteous.
Ellie Sora Jan 2017
Do you remember that night?
The night you died?
You ran to the sea
Almost unconscious.

Your body craved to be exposed
To the cold winter air.
You could almost hear
As your bones were trembling
Underneath your dry frosty skin.
The waves were calling you,
Beckoning you towards your future.
They stole your future.

As you were embraced by the water,
Your head was already filled
With nothing
But dread.
You almost fought for survival.

Submerged underneath,
The water was singing your name.
And you were dancing to the melody
That had you drowning.
And you were willing
To give it your last drop of air.

Your body
Was not yours to control.
It was already consumed
By the Sirens of the sea.
And your purple lips
Were singing
In sync with the Water Nymphs’ song.

And you were enjoying every second of it
For you have had enough
Of everything going wrong.

Your attempts
To go above water
Were more than plain hopeless,
For you had already soled your rightful place
In the world of the living.

Your skin was not yours anymore.
It was hardly even human flesh,
For it was blue like the sea.
You almost looked like a Nymph yourself.

Your teeth cracked
To the exposure of the winter air.
You were not welcomed above anymore,
You were to be endlessly in water.

Your whole naked body
Was chained
With invisible shackles,
Pulling you down,
Showing you mercilessly
Where you were now belonging.

Last attempt.
And the bottom cried your name,
Melting your fragile
Naked young body
In the icy depths.

Do you remember that night?
The night you died?
You ran to the sea
Almost alive.

And you seem to be pleased
With how the waves play
With your unsteady corps.

You seem fine
With the way they spin you around
Until you can’t understand anymore
Where is up
And where is down.

You don’t seem bothered
By the way the water
Mashes your head in the rocks.

You seem okay
With the sea draining your blood.

And you don’t seem to care
How the cold winter water
Takes your empty life.

You reached to Heaven.
And it reached to you.

You were endlessly searching
For something
More Than This.
And that consumed you.
This was inspired by a book  (Patrick Ness - More Than This) I read few months ago. It was very emotional for me, since I found myself related to the protagonist...
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