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Anais Vionet May 6
I watched King Charles’ coronation this morning.
I’m not British and some things confused me.
For instance, they kept saying “The new king.”
New? The guy’s a boomer - at least - right?

Apparently, he is, at once, the oldest king
ever and the newest king yet.

Can we talk about the old lady with the crown?
The wrinkled one on the right of him, in white,
the crypt keeper, with genuine platinum hair.
At first, I thought that it was Charles’ mother.

But apparently, the old Queen died.
Has anyone looked into that?
Anyone who’s read Shakespeare knows
how brutal royals can be and successions,
over time, have earned a sketchy reputation.

Anyway, I wish him well. I wouldn’t want to live a life
where everyone around me moves up a notch
if something sudden and nasty happened to me.
Wobster’s Dictionary, word of the day: Coronation: “when you put a target on someone’s back”

*Is it me, or is his family SO high school - why?

slang: ‘why’ = because I said so
Frannie Nov 2022
As a young girl I was always expected to do as I was told.
Don’t be too loud, don’t talk back, don’t appear to be sassy or bold.
Mind your manners, hold your tongue, there is no space for being rude.
Tone it down, cover it up, we don’t want your black girl attitude.

Forced into boxes with no space to move.
Restricted and restrained with everything to prove.
Constantly combatting the narrative they paint.
Making us look like animals while they look like saints.

We are said to be angry, bitter and loud.
Troublesome, uneducated, following the crowd.
Masculine, impute, stubborn and broken.
Accessories, trophies that ”one” friend, the token.
These strings of disrespect will no longer be allowed.
I don’t care if I’m not polished enough, I’m unwilling to be cowed.

Take back your subtle hate and blatant prejudices all wrapped up in a bow.
Served on a platter with fluffy words of disapproval and the saying “that’s just the way things go”.

They say we are stubborn, unmovable and complacent.
Well , consider how our feelings are always compartmentalized and latent.
Our cries go unheard, our request are unmet.
No one to protect us, left on our own to fret.

This debt that we carry is too much to bare.
It’s just as heavy as the onus that  we all have to share.
We are ethereal, complex and fed up with your satire.
You can have whatever you think of me, I’m done being your Sapphire.
Notes from a formerly repressed queen
SelinaSharday Oct 2021
Poetic People..
we are not herded sheeple.
We are word lyrics, song makers,  mind shakers,  current speakers, history makers, past revealers..
Word life breathing, comfort givers.
Word Movers, Books of chapters and mental creators of Intellectual content givers.
We teach, subtract and we word multiply in many unique stanza, rhythms and soul dynamic gifts.
Poetry people we can ignite, warm up or cool down to enhance hearts temperatures Spirits our words lift.
Poets are examples of writing freedoms and of all 12 styles and forms of Poetry formed arts.
Sonnets, Ballads, Concrete ode and Prose. and the many mo's are starts.
Poetry People are such a variety.
Best leave us free!
As living Poetry!
Poets, cook, serve, they provide, Poets entertain, make your hearts sang. make your mouth overflow with giggles of laughter, gets your brain on that thinking and reminiscing train.
Sharon Talbot Oct 2021
When we were children
My sister and I rejected
The role of princess.
They were pretty but weak--
Always needing to be rescued!
And we preferred the chiseled faces
The greater command of queens.
We stood on our beds at night,
Wool blankets turned to velvet capes.
And we declared our power
In broad, silly proclamations
Such as “Queen of the Dolls”!
Or Rulers of the Woods
That stretched off to the east
Of our little house,
That became a castle
Guarded by hooting owls
and Baskerville hounds.
Arms outstretched, our capes
Made leaping sparks
And we shouted in our glory.
After tiring of commands
We launched ourselves into the air
And for a moment, ruled the earth,
Suspended above our queendom
Until we fell onto our beds
And laughed with joy,
For were we not landing
On stacks of feathers,
Piled high to avoid a pea,
Laid there just for us?
Memories of fond, brief moments, when my sister and I were transcendent.
Brett Jul 2021
In this wasteland of avarice, I struggle to pull silver threads
From this gray cover of smog. The sound of brittle bones aching,
Drowned out by the quaking footsteps of titans.
Men, who would be gods, push for you to play your hand.
Knowing from their fingers, have you been dealt the cards.
A deck of diamonds, devoid of Kings with hearts.
Honor has been dead, since Pride married Malice and,
Greed shacked up with strife. 21st century freedom.
A modest monetary price,
For ownership stake of your life.
There is no honor in a wasted life.
Rose Diamond Mar 2021
Do butterflies realize their beauty,
The wonderful way in which they fly,
Or do they compare themselves to every insect
Wondering if they should hide their colorful wings with dye.

Do they admire their wing’s softness
Their calming patterns, soft and light
Or do they think there’s something wrong with them
If there's something faulty with their size

Do they hate carrying the weight
of those stunning patterned wings
Do they ask themselves why they don't look the same
Or do they realize it is because they're queens.

Do they recognize they have nothing to be jealous of.
That they’re special and unique
Those wings are part of who they are
And without them, they would just be weak.

Do butterflies realize their wings’ beauty
And know they need them to reach the sky
Because without them they would be incomplete
And would remain “butter” without “fly”.
GQ James Jan 2021
You're a lady,
You should be treated as such nothing less,
If you're not cherished, uplifted, respected,
All the things you deserve and more,
You should wait on it,
Don't deal with nothing less,
Queens are valuable,
Your worth is priceless,
Don't let him take you for granted,
If he can't see your worth,
Leave him behind and move forward.
GQ James Dec 2020
Lemme please you,
I wanna cater to you,
I'll never tease you,
What you deserve is to feel good,
I wanna please your body,
I wanna stimulate your mind,
I wanna keep your spirits up,
I wanna be in your heart.

The ones who hurt didn't see your worth,
I see your worth and I see you,
It takes a man to see you,
A boy can't understand or see you,
The things you been thru he wouldn't understand,
I don't know you yet,
But wanna learn everything about you,
I wanna know everything about you,
You deserve something good,
I can be HIM.
GQ James Dec 2020
Slip them ******* to the side,
Let me rub your back,
Let me rub your thighs,
Let me rub your feet,
Baby I know you had a rough day at work,
Lemme ease your pain and ease your mind,
Lemme make you feel better.

You always taking care of everyone,
Lemme take care of you,
You deserve a break,
Relax baby I got you,
I'm yours so I'ma take care of you,
You ain't gotta do it on your own,
A man never lets his woman struggle.

You can do bad by yourself,
I'm here to help and make it easier on you,
You can lean on me and I'll hold you down,
You my queen and I'm your king,
I know you never thought you'd meet your king,
Never thought I'd meet my queen,
When you stop looking that's when it comes.
GQ James Dec 2020
wrap them legs around my neck,
wrap my arms around your body, wanna keep u safe and curess your body. touch you like nobody else can,
pleasing you is always the plan nobody will ever get it or understand.

A boy and man are very different,
Only a real one will know the difference. I like the mix things up like a chemist. The chemistry be so strong .

Eat it like my last meal,
When it comes to you I always need a refill. Some say too much of anything isn't good but there's no such thing of having too much of you. baby I just can't get enough of you I want more and more of you.

I thought you knew . Ya blow my mind like some nicotine. It feels like a dream it can't be real . Talk to me baby let me know how u feel . You talk , I'll just listen. your beauty runs deeper than water in the ocean.

I wanna feel on you like some lotion. Mositurize your heart . Feed your appetite. Drink your juices. whatever this is I can't or don't wanna lose it.

Don't run I wanna taste you until you ***. Dripping like sweat , you know you're the best. I'm blessed .
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