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Ash Sep 13
From the time she was young,
You taught her other girls were her conpetition.
Being better, prettier, more beautiful than other girls you told her was her goal.
You taught her to judge people by their appearance rather than what's in their souls.
Had you taught her to stand by and support other girls the world would've been better.
If you would've taught her the strength of her voice rather than that of sparkles and glitter.
Instead of teaching her to push other girls out of the way to make it to the top,
Teaching her to stand with them would have been enough.
Teaching her that when they are together they are stonger.
That in their unity lies power.
Instead of teaching her to knock other girls' crowns down and being princess alone,
Maybe you should've taught her by fixing each other's crowns and standing together,
They would be queens and rule the world.
Mostly inspired by Lilly Singh's #GirlLove campaign.
Chase Pamplin Jul 22
She was blessed and born with melanin in her skin. Her lips are natural and full. Annoying questions like “are they real” She replies; there’s no need for injections. What she sees is love in the mirror, a queen is her reflection. She prays to her angels above she never leaves the house without blessings or protection. She’s independent, close with her family, she keeps her circle small, she only has a few friends. Very little interest in men but that depends! Are they true? Have they dealt with their past traumas? Because what effects you won’t effect me! I protect my auric field, I put all my energy into me! My peace won’t be disturbed from indecisive individuals what I look for is quality. And quality she will get! Only time will tell; she’s seen heaven, she’s seen hell, what’s meant for you isn’t meant for me, she has a path, she knows her purpose, she believes in destiny. She’s at her higher self.

stay growing to become a better you.
A B Faniki Jun 30
A match made in heaven, is when just marries truth;
Marriage is a battle of will: conquer or be conquered;
The one school that one never graduate from is marriage-school,
Married couple should carry their cross like Christ did, bravely.

Some men are good husbands but lousy, when it
Come to being a good father, like a male-polar bear;
Some women are good mothers but lousy, when it
comes to being a good wife like black widow spider;

Every just queen knows this, her body is not hers
It belong to her king: whom should cherish it;
Every truthful king knows this, if he rules in truth
His reign may endure the weather and storm.

This thing called marriage is fascinating and amazing,
It let ordinary folks feel like kings and queens.
Marriage is an amazing thing: if just and truth could be found in both paties. It is a blissfull thing to see, when couple understand that the should be brave in managing each other affair in peace and bravery  like not starving the  a**hole to death because ur mad at him
Chase Pamplin May 30
Thought after thought, her experiences cannot be taught, what she’s gone through is a lot, what she feeds you is nourishments for the soul straight from her worlds bowl so eat up! Her knowledge is something that cannot be bought. She’s real too real, however; She will never sell you dreams, purest form of a queen.
Women are creative, nurturers, the universe, appreciate them.
Ray Dunn Apr 1
To dance through the
negotiations of gods and men,
To pull the strings
tighter than the strings of your dress.

Adrift from hand to hand,
with fingertips soft as leather
and a head as empty as the city,
you delicately play your hand.

God has woven your souls,
or so the legend is told.
But somehow I find you four years later
With another man, and a country to rule.
Oof y’know?
Fantasies and dreams,
and queens.
Happiness and love are
the only things that
can be seen.
Somewhere out there are my dreams.
Now I just
have to go after them with
a scheme.
I have no idea on what to title this poem. If you have any suggestions, please comment and I will take it into consideration.
In our day and age, our kings and queens have gone into hiding.
Our emperor's, fly from sky-top to sky-top, hidden by mile-wide clocks and daggers
In our day and age. Power rides the four horsemen at night,
They no longer slither on the ground, but roar in the wisp-o-willow of the night.
Power is played with its greatest device; ignorance in a haystack of knowledge.
Amelia Jan 16
You've spent so many hours,
So many days, wasting your time and tears
On a different kind of idiot.

You doubted yourself
And hated yourself
Because your father
Didn't cherish you.

It's time for the pain to stop.
It's time for you to realize
How amazing you are.
It's time for you to stop being a victim,
And start being a fighter.

Show him how wrong he is.
Showcase all of the fantastic things that you do.
Make him regret pushing you down.
Make him jealous of the people in your life.
Make him wish he would have stayed.

Let go of the broken little girl,
And make way for the strong queen
That you have become.

Dry the tears on your cheeks
And make room for the smiles
That will appear.

Give yourself the love
That he didn't give you.

Some may think it's arrogance,
Others, confidence...

But you will know that what you
Allow the world to see
Is strength.
This is the final part of a poem that I am extremely proud of. Parts 1 and 2 are on my profile, and I hope you enjoy them as well. Thank you for reading!
Right off of the 7 train,
Irish Catholic schoolgirls spilling
out of Jahn's like marbles
Their plaid skirts against exposed brick
bellies full of kitchen sink

The produce stand next door
eggs .60 a dozen, milk one dollar
Now converted into a bodega
or maybe even a small
Muslim prayer room

I bought my first album
at a record store on 82nd
The brown paper bags, thin as bible pages
It spun on the Victrola in my
parents' Tudor

The yellowing wallpaper smelled of
my mom's Virginia Slims
And sounded of my dad's Vermouth
His own liver fried
with onions, just as he liked it
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