Jim Hill May 1

“The street is dangerous”
the boy says to his sister
in hand at the crosswalk.

It is 2pm on the corner
and the school kids
begin to pass the cafe.

Strollers and stragglers
others bounding alongside
their tired mothers.

Some gaze upwards
stretching their arms
towards buildings and lights,

things they cannot
reach but hope
to one day grasp.

Others absorbed
into small devices
held in their hands,

things they cannot
touch but will try to
for maybe a long time.

So many come still
all at waist height
in their multicolored jackets,

Pokemon backpacks,
and Spiderman sneakers
that drag along the sidewalk.

And finally the little girl
who touches all she passes —
the iron fence, my chair,

the table — as if the world
only becomes real
under her palm.

Mrs Charming Apr 22

Hair of a thousand silver strings. Her beauty forged from fallen stars. A present from the sky, too precious to be held forever.

On the contrary, your soul so tattered and weak, hungry with lust. The teeth of her ghost drag across your feeble bones, tasting the desire you have for her King.

Shame on you for playing with things that aren't yours, silly girl. Her howl shifts ocean tides and scars the moon. No universe can survive her thunder. Worlds have been slain and devoured by her wisdom alone.

Selfish child, did you think it wise to compete with the Queen? She will crucify you with her elegance. Her beauty will rip your heart out from your fickle body and feed it to the sun.

sunprincess Feb 9


Olé, Olé,  June 14th, 1946 the coming
Of a new born baby boy, aka Donald J.

Ah, a sweet baby with a cherubic smile,  
Born underneath a bright shining Star

The star was glittering all night as three kings
smiled and says upon the day of his birth

  "This lad shall someday be a fine President,
And the greatest ever to walk this earth!"

Donald J. Trump the man is a great president
soon pronounced the greatest president

Ever born, and the greatest You've ever seen
Born in the Big Apple, born in Queens


Julie Grenness Dec 2016

We three Kings of Orient aren't,
Three queens, we travel from afar,
We arrived on time,
fed sheep and swine,
Delivered the afterbirth,
Cooked food, and then made Peace on Earth, Oh....
(Sing chorus),
Star of wonder, star of light,
Star of royal beauty bright,

We didn't get lost going home,
We didn't leave Mary all alone,
We swept the stable,
Gave her soup in a ladle,
After the afterbirth,
We then made Peace on Earth, Oh....
We three Kings of Orient aren't,
Really three Queens, we came from afar,
We arrived on time,
Fed sheep and swine,
Delivered the baby at the birth,
Then we made Peace on Earth...Oh...
(Sing chorus).....

Feedback welcome, bit of a giggle.

racing across the train platform,
one hand on our heads keeping our beanies in place,
the other clenching each other's

we slid in through the doors,
catching our breath in between laughter
we make it above ground just as the sun is setting over astoria
and i swear your eyes turn golden

my favourite you comes out at night
we lose track of time, put away our cell phones,
and vandalize this whole damn place with our love

carve your name into my rickety old heart like you did the trees
near bethesda
kiss me long and hard, like the winters
just as refreshing when i open the door and seeing you,
my own wonderland

melt this ice pick inside of me
set me on fire, for all i care
everything is dying right now,
but for once, for once, it doesn't feel like it

marïama Sep 2016

In this battle for the freedom of our souls some may think
Maybe I should've let go long ago
From being kings and queens, Chiefs and Pharaohs
To Niggers in the cotton fields
To slaves being whipped and forgotten
We were stolen.
Stripped from our homes and looted of our gold.
Fast forward
Now we are doctors, lawyers, professors
But Don't tell me the cotton fields have recovered from our tears
Our sweat seeps deep into the souls of America
So Don't tell me the cotton fields have recovered from our blood.
Fast forward
"All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law."
They tell us equality is coming.
That it is here.
Then let you wait holding your breath
Black boy shot and killed for walking down the street
Black boy whipped and beaten for looking master in the eye
Tell me are you still holding your breath?
Still suffocating
Still waiting for the keys to our chains
Fast forward
Black lives matter
All roads torn down, we've paved new paths  
Stripped from our houses so we built homes
Lotted for our gold but we are golden
Black is hard to get rid of, that annoying stain that stays to long
Black is rough and tough
Black is solid in luring ways
Black lives won't matter until we love our own people
Black lives won't. matter. to. them. because you've called that girl a "Hoe or Thot"
Black lives won't matter until we stop the black on black blood splatter
For black lives to matter...
We must empower each other
Standing together the ground will break recognizing he whose tears, sweat and blood upon which it was built
So take one look at our past
Because this will be the last

Jay Jul 2016

shades of Melanin.

It was gifted to us from the supreme.
It all started from that gift which is only inherited from us;
That we gave the world an enchanting and seductive formula.
From creamy vanilla to lustful ebony.
A rainbow of, melanin.
We are the light and the dark here on mother earth.
We glisten in the sun and glow in the moonlight.
We are the reign of earth and the creators of life.
Thanking the heavens for the shades of melanin.

To be continued
Ellentelligence Jun 2016

Sweet child you are a dime
you were created out of him
for he alone couldn't handle this earth
you make it whole

Woman, you fill the earth with life
without you this earth would be dead
your smile is like the dawn of spring
your heart the melodies of heavenly tunes

You were brought up to be submissive
that's how loyalty is brought up
you were given the gift of forgiveness
that's how great queens rule  

That bite of the apple, let it not haunt you
the snake will remind you everyday
just remember who you are and your worth
you are the light of the world
you are queen
you are the last piece of the puzzle
you complete the world

Imagine a world without women. They sacrifice so much to raise up kings and queens. Respect them.

chemicals releasing in the air
24 hour clock
harmful hazardous is what we call them
it's called pollution of sin.

see everybody wants to win
but nobody wants to put in work.
silly black folks, step up your bars
we've come to far.

no more excuses, no more lack.
its time to take our royalty back.
I shall hear no complaints
Kings & Queens where hear
to REIGN !!!!

Pauline Russell May 2016

foreign lands I want to roam
Where Kings and Queens sit upon their throne
And big cats prowl, and wild dogs howl
And there's every kind of fowl
Where mighty elephants trumpet
And with tea they serve crumpets
I want to see the very old creations of man
I know I'd be their biggest fan
To walk the ground that Jesus tread
And feed the masses with seven loaves of bread
I would love to see the foreign sands
To get homesick, then return again to my home land

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