Stanzas a few times read  
and I must tell you I have become a tad sad

I regard it is as if you are talking to God
and you are damned correct on the right spot

I know you uttering the most devotional prolific prayer
retrieving tranquillity balm of a blissful joy.
you are gracious and humbling in your devotion
you exhaled fresh divine air in our community.

Your stanzas are a great pleasurable read
and the Blessings in Abundance be upon us all

thank you so much that I may be here to see you praying
to make my dreams come true and be forgiving
I do hope you would follow too,
then happiness would come to us so true

in creating this sweet reality nowhere but
now here….

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected

AD. Wednesday the 17th of January 2018.
@ 21.45 hrs.P.M. West-European Time
Sombro Jan 7

What's a slippery sorrow
I asked his memory
Thinking fast he took my past
And gave it back to me

I couldn't think
I couldn't speak
Just clutch my treasures
Warmish peak

He looked a little wretched
But I did not suspect
Picking hard and fast I found
His personality prospect

What little words I said to him
Were sewn into my face
And every time I smile they're there
Confusing musings lost in space

I'm happy so, I'm happy so
Though words are poor projectors
Sorry for this muddle mate
I'm simple simple simple simple

I wrote this one without pausing or thinking, so it's muddled
Me Díaz Sep 2017

Sometimes I have to grant myself the same courtesy of forgiveness
that I grant everyone else.

M•(e). Díaz

Harry Roberts Aug 2017

Give me more
& I'll show less,
Give me nothing
And have me hooked.

How hell froze over!
I fell in love,
Falling like a star
For you.

You were confused
I wasn't so sure,
But together we
Found insanities cure.

Just a quick poem,
BSeuss Jul 2017

The days when the bed monster took possession of peace.
Where on earth were you when I was strangled by the sheets.
The days when everyone thought that they knew what they see;
where the hell the were you when the blind man walked around me.

Good to see you again.
I still love you.
... stay very far away from me, okay?
Donna Jones Jun 2017

Dear brother thank you
for showing me nature , you
help sooth my sad heart

<3 x
Julie C Smith Jun 2017

I would trade my heart for you
Write you an endless letter
I would trade the world's sunshine
For bad Parisian weather

I hope you sometimes miss me
Though I know you don't
I'd beg you to forgive me
Though I know you won't

I know I said some crazy shit
And I can't take it back
But if you ever think of me
I'll think of you right back

»If I was with you I wouldn't care about the weather«
puritypuke May 2017

"be kind" you say and i sigh.
"i'm trying, everything just hurts please forgive me for right now."
you throw down your tablecloth, wiping your wet hands on your dress instead and shake your head at me, laughing to yourself like there's a joke i just made yet i'm not in on it.
"don't you know everyone else is hurting too?"
i nod, although i don't know.
because the pain i feel,
i never thought could be shared.
because the pain i feel,
i thought was only mine.

Kasey Wheeler Mar 2017

Beer, you said
Was all you ever had
Affair, you said
Was all you ever needed
Waste, you said
Was all you ever felt
Abuse, you said
Was all you ever wanted
Family, you said
Was such a waste
Reality, you said
Was just an illusion
Daughter, you told
Was such a disappointment
Son, you told
Was nothing that mattered

And yet you beg for us to forgive
These statements you made
The actions and consequences you caused
And this turmoil you've created in our heads

Thank you mother
For showing me that even heros can become villains
For giving me the truth of the world
That everything will change
And it could wreck you whole

You gave me the biggest lesson in life
That no matter the circumstances
You have the right to fight against
The right to take matters into your own hands
To do the best you can for you
Sounds a little selfish,
And trust me it is,
But its the right amount of sin
That makes the world spin

Pain, I say
Is what I have known
Love, I say
Is hard to let got
Family, I say
Is a hard thing to leave
Life, I say
Is never easy

Moving on, I say
Is a fight worth taking

I don't know how to feel about this
Joseph JR Kelly Dec 2016

We say, it hurts a little,
When our heart gets broken,
When our trust is lost,
And the world keeps turning.

We cry just a little,
When it gets to be too much
To supress in or hearts
The little hurts that tear us apart.

We get confused and frustrated...
A tiny smudge,
When people don't understand

It pisses us off just a pinch,
Angers us just a smidge,
We hold on to forgiving
With the strength of finger tips
Right before we give in.
And then we get pissed.
Only a second though.
Just a little moment.
Because in the end,
Regardless of whether or not
They understand.
Our sadness is insignificant.
And in the end,
It's just a little.part
Of ourselves.

This is a poem for
The types like me
Who get pushed around
And only get a little
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