BSeuss 2d

The days when the bed monster took possession of peace.
Where on earth were you when I was strangled by the sheets.
The days when everyone thought that they knew what they see;
where the hell the were you when the blind man walked around me.

Good to see you again.
I still love you.
... stay very far away from me, okay?
Donna Jones Jun 5

Dear brother thank you
for showing me nature , you
help sooth my sad heart

<3 x

I would trade my heart for you
Write you an endless letter
I would trade the world's sunshine
For bad Parisian weather

I hope you sometimes miss me
Though I know you don't
I'd beg you to forgive me
Though I know you won't

I know I said some crazy shit
And I can't take it back
But if you ever think of me
I'll think of you right back

»If I was with you I wouldn't care about the weather«
pnkrck May 29

"be kind" you say and i sigh.
"i'm trying, everything just hurts please forgive me for right now."
you throw down your tablecloth, wiping your wet hands on your dress instead and shake your head at me, laughing to yourself like there's a joke i just made yet i'm not in on it.
"don't you know everyone else is hurting too?"
i nod, although i don't know.
because the pain i feel,
i never thought could be shared.
because the pain i feel,
i thought was only mine.

Kasey Wheeler Mar 23

Beer, you said
Was all you ever had
Affair, you said
Was all you ever needed
Waste, you said
Was all you ever felt
Abuse, you said
Was all you ever wanted
Family, you said
Was such a waste
Reality, you said
Was just an illusion
Daughter, you told
Was such a disappointment
Son, you told
Was nothing that mattered

And yet you beg for us to forgive
These statements you made
The actions and consequences you caused
And this turmoil you've created in our heads

Thank you mother
For showing me that even heros can become villains
For giving me the truth of the world
That everything will change
And it could wreck you whole

You gave me the biggest lesson in life
That no matter the circumstances
You have the right to fight against
The right to take matters into your own hands
To do the best you can for you
Sounds a little selfish,
And trust me it is,
But its the right amount of sin
That makes the world spin

Pain, I say
Is what I have known
Love, I say
Is hard to let got
Family, I say
Is a hard thing to leave
Life, I say
Is never easy

Moving on, I say
Is a fight worth taking

I don't know how to feel about this
Joseph JR Kelly Dec 2016

We say, it hurts a little,
When our heart gets broken,
When our trust is lost,
And the world keeps turning.

We cry just a little,
When it gets to be too much
To supress in or hearts
The little hurts that tear us apart.

We get confused and frustrated...
A tiny smudge,
When people don't understand

It pisses us off just a pinch,
Angers us just a smidge,
We hold on to forgiving
With the strength of finger tips
Right before we give in.
And then we get pissed.
Only a second though.
Just a little moment.
Because in the end,
Regardless of whether or not
They understand.
Our sadness is insignificant.
And in the end,
It's just a little.part
Of ourselves.

This is a poem for
The types like me
Who get pushed around
And only get a little
Cheyenne Yacono Dec 2016

I have watched over this land for 20 years
What you've done to my land brings me to tears
I fly high enough to wear your bullets only graze me
"Zip" the feeling is like you greet death only to say goodbye
The trees no longer make a sound when they fall
they've already cried themselves into silence
kinda like how you all exhaust yourself to sleep
the willows you can still hear weep
I cry for my prey,relatives, and predators
You use the word harvest instead of kill
you and your foreign objects
"BOOM", we fly,crawl, and walk away as fast we can
we have no power against a man
you smile as you hurt us, what good have you done?
few of us can outrun your guns
we live like aliens, locked up in cages and tanks
But I forgive you, knowing there will be a change
someday, something will get in your way and people's race won't be your concern
There is a lesson you need to learn
but I will wait from the sky for none of you have a birds eye
When that day comes...
My predators, relatives, and prey will celebrate
"Kaw" I will scream like your sirens
"Roar" the lions will say like your engines
The turtles will move as slow as it takes for you to reach adulthood
so here we wait in our swamps, grass, and trees
An apology we do not need
There is too much blood we've shed in the past century
Just know we forgive you, only because of what will be happening soon

Porto Dec 2016

I thought I was perfect
In a place I wanted to be in
Practiced smiles and eye-flares
Abandoned, left to bathroom mirrors

A funny night, a funny funny
A taste of what's to come
I learn, my mail
Has no chinks, no tinitus stretches thee
I'm different

So it amused,
To still try what seemed like ages
Between liquores and a job that was not mine
Understanding is in vanity, and I am long dead.

I've written long on triumph
And I thought of you today
Rolling out there, between voices and phone calls
Do I think of you?

Let's see, let's know
For your idea is my friend
And I'm wasting away in the hunt
But at least I see something

At least I am God

Not actually a religious poem, I just like to let my brain take loose control
Ambika Jois Sep 2016

You can forgive
You cannot forget.
And when you cannot forget,
You rethink, you remind yourself
How it hurt you.
How it betrayed you.
How it made you believe,
That everything was okay now.

Can you really forgive
That which you cannot forget?
That which you do not allow yourself to let go of?
When you say you have forgiven,
Whose conscience are you setting free?
Why do you forgive?
Why did you forgive?
When you are reminded of your own agony
Again and again, with the same person
Walking by everyday,
Spending each day with you
In the name of family, friendship, love, marriage,
How are YOU sure that you have forgiven
So as to not allow a new rise
To that which you have forgiven
And put aside?

What is it that convinces you
That you can forgive
That you have forgiven
That you can move on from?

What is it that assures you
That once you've forgiven,
YOU will be okay,
That you are ready to move forward,
That you know will not affect you anymore?

Hallerz Jul 2016

I am not so noble that I would give up my life for someone else
Nor am I so forgiving that I would sit by and allow someone to trample me
I am selfish…
And self righteous
I’m arrogant
But not so much that I’d irresponsibly save someone just to brag about it

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