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Harry Roberts Sep 26
Some people outgrow growth and embrace decay
The love they had once is now all but flayed
So a veneer of ice is all that's displayed
It's hard to heal when one is betrayed.

Some people take and destroy what they want
When their cold it's not their accountability that haunts
It's their hatred of others how self imposed abandonment taunts
It's a regime of hedonism that leaves a soul gaunt.

Some people can heal and reveal that living is choosing
That to get up and live is beautiful even when losing
It's a battle in a war and the essence of life is bruising
That the beauty is in the battle is the reason life is confusing.
Zay Sep 22
What if the demons that haunt your nights
are the people that you've hurt.
What if the angels that protect your heart
are healed wounds and mistakes.

Living and learning,
fighting and loving,
healing and forgiving,
don't forget what life truly is.
felhusnaa Aug 25
sometimes, I just wish I was pretty enough.
pretty enough for being a friend,
pretty enough for being a lover,
pretty enough for being a perfect daughter,
pretty enough in everything,
even for being alive.
also for being my self.

sometimes, I wonder how it feels to be called as beautiful for being myself.
For the way I am, like, beautiful in and out.

I am not saying I wish I was one hundred percent perfect.
just pretty sure people get to see me the way I am.
not that 'pretty' the way I look by appearence.

and I, apologize to everyone who I ever met.
for every inch of my part that most of the time makes you barely breath
for every inch of my skin that makes you worry a lot and try to get rid of it
for every inch of my touch that left scars on yours

sorry for being me.
Carmen Jane Aug 16

Feathers  whispered in my ears
Light was caught in my fresh tears
Finally I found the meaning,
The importance of forgiving.

Heart expanded feels so soft
Laced in kisses, races aloft
Peaceful message carried by dove,
The importance of finding love.

Stepping bravely on burning coals
Sing your songs for dancing souls
Let your words the pain to soothe
Mind the importance of the truth.
M C Jul 30
My murky heart is once more stained
and I'm done
like suicide.
I’m prepared to die
but I won’t turn a blind eye.
This world needs love;
already so much pain. People cannot help
but harm for their own gain.
As I look on I'm consumed
with rage.

With that I find myself in another cage.
Why am I the one who’s insane?
Why do I have to be so weak?
There are those who seek borrowed strength,
but I’m straining. Breaking the bank.

Busting my cage.
Tearing out a blank page.
Writing a future for you and me
so our children can handle the horrors of living.
It starts with forgiving.
moon Jul 15
i think i'm deserving of something good.

i walked, ran, and stayed in hell.
i forgave people who hurt who hurt me.
at a very young age, my entire world collapsed on top of me over and over again.
i still remember hearing the judge tell my parents about the word 'neglect'.
i remember everything.
i remember the house shaking and i still hear the doors slam and people yelling if i close my eyes long enough.
i can still see the police men outside the front door.
i can still feel the punch that winded me.
i relived everyday three times, twice if i was lucky.
i've been used and been told that i am the reason that god never listens to me.

but i think that i deserve more than that.
because i wasn't those people who hurt me.
i hurt myself but i'm not my parents or my siblings or the mean people at school who made fun of me.
i forgave everyone and am trying to forgive myself even though i know i did

so why?

don't i deserve to breathe? don't i deserve something good?
When someone breaks your trust
you'll never forget
But if you let it scar
if you let it toughen
your edges
The only person you'll hurt is
So even though it stings
even though its hard
And be wary against further bruising.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
I know its hard, but holding grudges is hurtful to both you, and others.
Diana Garcia Mar 13
Maybe I’m naive
Or maybe all the things I wish for can be achieved
The hate I have for you is shifty, I could never hate you completely
There are times when I get crazy but five minutes into it I get lazy
I don’t have the energy to keep the ******* up, you might see it as half empty but I see a half full cup.
In all honesty the drama makes me choke and at the end of the night I hope we can laugh it off like a joke.
Some would say I’m too forgiving yet unrelenting.
I have a soft heart but please don’t let me start.
I don’t like myself when I’m angry, there’s so much more love can free
Anger puts you in a cage, nothing drags you down more than rage
Love let’s you breathe, pushes you to be the best you can be.
When I look at you I see passed the mean charade,  and see you for what you are.
The man I fell in love with, the sweet gentle lover. You haven’t been that man for so long now, he seems like a myth.
You have so much hateful **** to say, I wish I could just shut you up when I tell you it’ll be okay
Shreeya Jan 29
I found comfort
In a house on fire
With flaming curtains wrapped around my neck

6 figures versus 5
But no one noticed a difference
The falling leaves burned on the grounds
And the tree branches stabbed the earth

Hear I am in the third degree
With a home turned to ashes
Invisible to everyone
But me
Please give me credit
Deb Jones Jan 14
This is a hard lesson to learn
Forgiving someone...
Doesn’t mean we have to tell them
We forgive for our own sanity
Not theirs.
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