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Abby M Dec 2018
The elusive redbug crawls in men's veins
In men alive and men just slain
A single needle draws it out
A *****, a drip, and then it sprouts
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
You came in the dark every night,
No concern for my plight.
Like a scrounge of mosquitoes,
Tearing and pricking  my clothes.
Torturing me with your ****,
****** after ******.
Your needle nose tongue of stone,
Biting me to the bone,
Me all alone.
Kissing, *******,prying,
Pressing me against a wall,
Pinning me on the table,
Whining with **** in my ear,
Me in fear,
I shrink when you are near.
You use my body,
Stain it shoddy,
Ignore my soul in pain,
Again and again,
My blood you drain.
I warn you,trespasser,
You sneaky,sly cur,
Let this be over.
I may be broken,
But,I will have you cuffed and taken.
mitus Feb 2018
as frail the flower
the petals are power
a melody not yet scoured
the sunlight much devoured

pick the petals, one by one
save or throw until you've won
as dismay it seems, do not run
for a blossom may stun

be careful to remember the thorns that groove the stem
they ***** blood or ****, whichever appears within the gem
confide in this mayhem
whether or not displayed condemn

lastly, lovely leaves line before the rest
swaying slowly but together, a cozy fest
within seconds an unexpected guest,
arrives to thieve potent pollen inside the nest.
you tell me you’re
great at everything
but the only thing
I’ve seen you good at
is pestering people
with fabricated stories
about how you’re
great at everything

and you’re only mediocre
at best, with both telling
stories and pestering

sweet dreams
you lying little *****
Dedicated to the lovely coworker of mine that can make work more dull and unbearable as soon as he opens his mouth.
Kaitlyn Jan 2018
i do have a life of my own.
not everything i do revolves around you.
lately i've minimised my contact and relations i have with you.
and you're my best friend.
something has changed in you and i don't seem to connect anymore.
i think i realised this change of personality on New Years Day.
when the question was asked; 'what is your ultimate goal for this year ahead of us?'
'to **** as many guys as i can possible'
i mean that's cool and all.
and like i suppose i support you in anything you do..
but its different.
'to be content with myself and figure out my future'
that was my answer..
it seems like our answers could never actually come from best friends.
or at least that's my opinion.
but i think i've come to realise that i do not want you in my life if that is your biggest goal of this year.
but you act like its all a joke because you've realised that you will never have the potential to do something worthwhile.
too late now i suppose.
and you spring up a plan on me for a week ahead to be out of town for almost a week.
after evaluating it all, i found out i am unable to go due to prior commitments.
you know..? like things you promise to do and won't change if other things come up.
but you don't know that..
once i was upset so you sent me a text saying that we're having a confrontation that arvo only for you to blow it off and **** your boyfriend instead.
i can genuinely say that i was depressed and was on the verge of suicide and just knowing the level of importance i had to you nearly sent me over the edge.
i hope you're happy... with yourself.
as when i told you that i couldn't attend, you attempt to convince yourself that the trip will now be "mega sucky".
but in the same minute you send a message asking with exclamation points and all if it was still okay for you to go with the girl you replaced me with.
you didn't just replace me on this trip..
you replaced me as your best friend.
and i'm not coming back..
i guess that's "mega sucky"
**** to **** *****.
things i want to scream in my "best friend's" face to show her all the ways she pushed me away and just how she lost me. have a fun life
Sara Jones Nov 2017
I've never loved myself more
Than I do without you next to me.
I don't feel shy or self conscious
I don't feel like I have to hide who I truly am
And i couldn't be happier to be done with you
Nashoba Aug 2017
Oh what a prickly thing.
Oh what a fuzzy thing.
Oh what a misconception you can bring.
Some of your petals soft looking with maybe no thorns to stick. Some fuzzy that makes us want to cuddle but oh **** watch out for that *****.
The cactus the beauty in the desert. Blooms with flowers then withers up. Always there to trip you up.
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