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Ahnaf Apr 14
Prickly cactus pins,
flurried toward my skin.
sinking down on sheets of lies,
my epidermis falsified.

Cells of blood like moss-covered bricks,
pierced right through by cactus ******.
The places where it stings,
lie deeper than I’ve ever been into my own flesh and bones,
and my heart would never condone,
but tonight I let it bleed,
to know myself a little more.

These prickly cactus pins,
dotted all over my skin,
I dare not try ever again,
to hide the contours of my brain.

Reams of envelopes lie in wait,
to say a few words to my mates.
The lies – they saw, although much of it they forgot,
and some were never for them to understand,
but now cactus ****** have serrated my heart,
only and only the truth pours out,
as the tissues of life, are ripped apart.
You are the thorn on my side,
the little ***** inside the skin of my thumb.
You are that constant pain in my neck,
that won't disappear even if I crack it numb.

I hate you with every fiber of my being,
not a day goes by without my life left ruined.
You annoy the ******* **** out of me,
But I just can't seem to set myself free.
A B Faniki Oct 2019
There was once a wealthy man who was a *****
that loves to play games which are cruel and sick
he did that with impunity for
many years without thought of fear
until the "Me too" movement put him in the nick
© A  B Faniki 10/21/2019 allight reserved. Part of banal tell a limerick. for me too movement. Some people think they can do thinhs with impunity because of their wealth or power, wel let them think again beause the truth has a way of coming out.
kiran goswami Mar 2019
And all the thorns that have ever pricked,
were from all those roses to which I questioned playfully
Whether you 'loved' me or not...
Abby M Dec 2018
The elusive redbug crawls in men's veins
In men alive and men just slain
A single needle draws it out
A *****, a drip, and then it sprouts
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
You came in the dark every night,
No concern for my plight.
Like a scrounge of mosquitoes,
Tearing and pricking  my clothes.
Torturing me with your lust,
****** after ******.
Your needle nose tongue of stone,
Biting me to the bone,
Me all alone.
Kissing, *******,prying,
Pressing me against a wall,
Pinning me on the table,
Whining with lust in my ear,
Me in fear,
I shrink when you are near.
You use my body,
Stain it shoddy,
Ignore my soul in pain,
Again and again,
My blood you drain.
I warn you,trespasser,
You sneaky,sly cur,
Let this be over.
I may be broken,
But,I will have you cuffed and taken.
mitus Feb 2018
as frail the flower
the petals are power
a melody not yet scoured
the sunlight much devoured

pick the petals, one by one
save or throw until you've won
as dismay it seems, do not run
for a blossom may stun

be careful to remember the thorns that groove the stem
they ***** blood or lust, whichever appears within the gem
confide in this mayhem
whether or not displayed condemn

lastly, lovely leaves line before the rest
swaying slowly but together, a cozy fest
within seconds an unexpected guest,
arrives to thieve potent pollen inside the nest.
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