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Will Smith
please stop the planet
its going the wrong way
Governments must work together to find NEW and INNOVATIVE ways to deal with these most important issues
We have a life
Where everything is just right
The sun is not too far off right
The skin you don is not too tight
Everything seems alright

The Porridge was just right
The chair felt just nice
And oh wow
That bed made her feel so light
A little bit here and a little bit there
Goldilocks would not move even a slight

We have a life
Everything seems just fine
There is no reason we can't feel delight
But such a facade
Only Goldilocks can provide

What was a little girl doing in a bear's house?
Why was it torn her little blouse?
Why was she alone in a wild farmhouse?
Did she have no food?
Did she have no stool?
Did she have no roof?

Her parents gone
She - Abandoned
Bears - frightened
What kind of little girl
Goes to a bear's house hopeful
For something to make her tummy full
For something to from this lonely ditch - pull

Maybe all she wanted was just right
For goodness in her life
Did not seem like her rite

We have a life
A life filled with not rights
A life filled with imperfections
People say flaw is beauty
To that theory I say
That's a load of Gurry

Nothing is right
Crisis blocks the light
Corruption is the only sight
The skin you don is not enough bright
And Global Warming is a lost fight
When will we once again
Have clear sight
And see the life we thought we had
Is not right

What is beauty
Is finding the little light
In a world filled with plight
When everything seems alright
When nothing seems wrong
When good things seem came
Then you look into his eyes
You will see a sea of bane
You will notice his lack of sane
But until then...

We have a life
Things are not alright
They will be...
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Anita Alig Jan 24
Was woken early by winter bird song
took a look outside to find
it's time to cut the lawn
mere weeks after the winter solstice

take global warming personally???
you must be joking!!!
on goes the heat at full blast
will be driving a thousand miles this week

but the water isn't rising where I am
problem filed
my children's children?
well, they'll have to deal with it

when the proverbial really hits the fan
meanwhile, I'm doing ok
sent money to flood victims on the other side of the world
there's a heatwave in Australia they said on the news

I do hate those prophets of doom and gloom
what do they know anyway???
just trying to frighten us
that's what they're doing

more plastics in the ocean than fish???
that's bad alright
shouldn't have left my trash on the beach the other day
you're right

anyway, I can't do much about global warming
if everyone made tiny changes it could make a difference
is that what you're saying???
so, what's your tiny change for a doomed planet???
Ron Conway Jan 6
Can I stay in the woods
Just another day - another hour
To feel the breathing of the earth
To bear witness to these massive green lungs
These carbon giants drinking as one
Devouring the transgressions of their global environs
Such an immense task
Struggling and failing to stay before
Their numbers cleaved in half
In a scant one hundred years
Cut and razed and plowed and concreted
Supplanted by cities and roads and grazing lands
Growing wealth for some
Growing meat for some
What to do? What to do?
Can't grow a forest in a parking lot
Can't displace those gassy bovines
From the desert evolves the jungle
But we don't have another hundred years
For now I'll stay in the woods
Just another day - another hour
To feel the breathing of the earth
Johnny walker Dec 2018
My true was like a flower that through the cold of
winter she turned herself back to
seed and would lie beneath the frosty frozen
the ground there to await the
coming of spring
to where she was like a flower would bloom radiant colour a beautiful
Helen would always come back to live In spring and through the warming of the sun
but sadly this
this year she will not be coming back, to seed for forever she has now
Helen hid from the cold of winter but with spring and
the warming of the sun she
bloomed like a flower that comes back to life In spring
Sharon Talbot Dec 2018
Live blog: Romney and Stanton vie for Iowa win.
Dead heat in the dead of winter
What do the Iowa results really mean?
That Romney's less of a robot than he seems?

Oh, by the way: replacing a bulb, can save you 50 dollars or more!
But it'll cost you ten times as much, at your hardware store.
Starbuck's hikes prices despite the lull,
People stupidly betting on Powerball,
Selma Hayek's trending, y'all!
(We don't know why).

But what's all that compared to shootings?
Soldiers flying and not being sniffed,
Suspects nabbed in Utah killings,
And GOP runners had another tiff.

Personally, I'm more fascinated,
In the Aussie hybrid sharks!
This might mean global warming's overrated,
Or that animals are way smart.

Mideast peace-talks stalled, I read.
Have I not read this before?
Oh, yeah, back in 1972.
When psychos killed athletic Jews,
Who might win
And Olympic village was off view,
While the Israelis dragged people in.

That year, Nixon was re-elected
And we thought we'd never see worse,
Yet now the nation is infected
With a yellow-haired, inhuman curse.
Blog goes to sleep...

Begun long ago and finished in 2018
I was just fiddling around angrily during the 2nd Bush election and later, kept adding to this. You can tell who the latest victim of my ire is!
Lewis Hyden Dec 2018
The end of Second Summer's day
When rain and snow have ceased to be
Will see the end of our delay
And mark the death of our decree.

Elsewhere the despondent souls
Of smoke-stacks rise up from the coals...

As plastic melts beneath the glare
And long the Dream was dashed ashore,
Then will smog-clouds light the air
And cast the fires across the moor.

... Then, far beyond, the wand'ring mirth
Will strike the land, and scorch the Earth...

Until the sky is raised in flame
We'll walk the trail of frail regrets,
And once the world glows hot with shame
Shame will then our end beget.

... And so our doing will blaze the sky
A poem about global warming.
#29 in the Distant Dystopia anthology.

© Lewis Hyden, 2018
Levi Windolf Nov 2018
So many ways,
To count the days.
As they pass the array
Of eternal decay
Because as humans we play
And don't care how it sways
The environmental shame
That we take to our graves
As the sun burns our names
Into the crust of our ways
Our planet will be,
Forever displayed.
As a warning to save
The others who came
That if you neglect
This IS the affect
A planet of rust.
When our bones
Have turned to dust.
Isaac Ward Sep 2018
If you look out your window-
Don't dare look up to my sky,
Cinders choked the sun to death,
It's a black and smokey night,

Our last trees: you set ablaze,
And the grass, your kindling,
The birds and bees are dwindling,
We're left in this steel maze,

Are the streets and city lights-
Enough to guide you home?
When you choke on cinder, too-
The sun won't be alone,

And when your last fire dies away,
And the ice makes it's return,
And my sun can't shine from the afterlife,
It'll be too late to learn.
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