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Carlo C Gomez Sep 10
Soft shoulders

shoreless summer

out of the sinking

and onto the floatation

hunting for mermaid

while taking islands

along the river's mutiny

blue coda dreamwater

but fire in the organism

the hour is thin

the ice is even thinner
Ricki Jul 2
Kids are blowing bubbles in their lawn,
Sleepy hair—all messy— with pajamas on.
Yellow dandelions turn to grey.
They make wishes out of childs’ play.
As their seeds and pollen float away,
The sun is kissing freckles, tans, and burns.
Leaves are dressing trees, and flowers turn.
But suddenly it’s super, super hot.
Plants are drying out; their roots rot.
Firm plastic is so mushy that it’s bending.
Global warming is no longer impending.
Politicians and corporations act estranged
They pretend the climate hasn’t changed.
After all, why would they even care?
They won’t even live through the big scare.
Everyone and everything is melting.
The heat is excruciating and sweltering.
Nobody’s right, if everybody is wrong,
As people get warm under the collar,
Singing the continuous global warming song.
Planet Earth, hot lava inside, which builds,
Up steam over time, which needs to escape,
Every day, more asphalt, concrete, buildings,
Covering vents on the surface, creating internal binds.
More world - wide population, each person close to 100 degrees,
Then the sun, that burning out star in the sky,
the orange ball we see, as we circle it 24 hours a day,
These reasons, are never mentioned, in any way.
Rivers, waterways, rising, from melting ice burgs, far away,
Our planet, many voids, from coal mines, pumping of oil,
Sand, rock… always something being removed, some way,
Direct that rising water, into those empty spaces,
Which would help, cool off that inner fire, during our stay.
Fires in California, A flood on the East cost build a maze of,
PVC pipe, every time a utility, installed in ground, put pipe,
Along the side, eventually connecting, open valve in flooded areas,
Free water moved to the fire, connect to fire hydrants, farms for spraying,
Places we do not need to pay to treat water, to use
Saving money for towns, we need to take advantage, of situations,
Stop blaming the people giving them the run around.
The Original: Tom Maxwell© 3/13/2022 AD
A morning coffee--
  warming the cold body that
   longing without hug.
Indonesia, 28th October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
soo doo nimim Aug 2021
I think the world has had its fill

And soon humanity must pay its bill
Nat Aug 2021
No need to worry, they really do care
They'll fight fires with floods, droughts with monsoons
If things go to ****, they'll go to the moon
If you get too hot, they'll smoke out the sun
They've even got discounts on water and air!

No worry, no fretting, no fear
They won't tolerate hunger
They'll beat sickness with numbers
They'll hire us all on
To build them a new atmosphere
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2021
a falling boy's
measured out footprint,
slipping in vain search
for a breadcrumb of solace

lost is spring, and green,
and bird nesting,
lost is his mother's smile,
he breathes in deeply

a memory of trees,
an afternoon sun
emptied of fertility:
a high wood on its last, teetering legs

urban air is everywhere
and wishes to be free,
but we are all carbon emissions,
separate living-dying pieces

polluted hieroglyphics
with nothing to convey,
fragments of a prayer
with nothing left to say
Too young to have an opinion
Yet not too young to know the truth
Too young to know their orientation
Yet not too young to know its not a phase
Too young to experience racism
Yet not too young to have slurs tossed at your face like small talk

Too young to understand global warming
Yet not too young to negatively affected by pollution
Too young to understand politics
Yet not too young experience the effects of an incompetent president
Too young to dress like that
Yet not too young to be denied education because the boys are distracted by your shoulders

Too young to experience real pain
Yet not too young to be six feet under because of it
This poem was written by someone who knows what it feels like to be "too young"
You're never too young to make a difference
A change in this unvarying world might be just what it needs
This is the second poem I've ever written, so let me know if you like it.
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