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A B Faniki Mar 2022
My soul is almost drowning
In the flood of my
Depression; wave after wave of

It rolls over my soul.
I was just about to give
Up on life. I was just like

Water spilled on the ground that
Couldn’t be gathered again. Then
I felt your presence in

The quiet breeze of the
Night, It was like a soft
Whisper that calms a wild horse.

Now every morning I long
For the quiet nights with
The gentle breeze and soft

Whispers in the winds that
Give my soul hope about life
And anchor it to earth.
peaceful at night symbolic
  Dec 2021 A B Faniki
Elizabeth Squires
a brilliant star shone
o'er Bethlehem the very night
Jesus was birthed
  Dec 2021 A B Faniki
Salmabanu Hatim
throw away your grief
a season to be merry
here comes santa claus.
A B Faniki Dec 2021
If I have not wronged someone today I will not have told
Him that our ability to be able to forgive is what made us
the most compassionate beings alive to ever walked
The earth, like how our ability to forget also made us humans

If I knew someone that I like that keeps meeting disappointment
With every turn of events in life will it not be alright to cry a river
On his behalf, the moment such a thing happens and to comfort
Him with kind and loving words that could do amazing wonder

For his broken spirit by lifting it up and enabling it to be free
As free as the North wind that brings colder weather to Irving,
Or as free as the air that we breathe without paying any fee.
If not for circumstances beyond me I will have not done a thing

For wrong, for forgiveness, for compassion, for forgetting,
For disappointment, for events, for comfort, or for loving
circumstances beyond us  make us do thing  that are humane
A B Faniki Dec 2021
Meet Jane, she squanders her life chasing love
Now everyone thinks she squanders her life
On sweet nothing but
By Jove! what a thing she has experienced in her lifetime:
Only God knows;
Yet they thought she squander her life on sweet nothing

Meet John he lives his life struggling
Now everyone thinks he is in love with struggles,
But is life not full of struggles.
O! What a thing he has seen in his lifetime,
Because he struggled with it, yet they though
He squanders his life searching for fool’s gold
And empty dreams.

Meet Jack he spends his time drinking and partying
Now everyone thinks he squanders his life having fun.
Hmm! All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and this
Dull Jack has the hounds of hell on his heels when he is
Sober, they had no idea what he was going through;
Yet they thought he squander his entire life
Being miserable and drunk all the time.

Meet Matt he works all his life to earn a living
And everyone thought he squander his life working,
Ah! Is not more work the reward for hard-work and
No one cares that he has promises to keep and places to
Be, yet they thought he squanders his entire life working
And may end an old lonely fellow.

Meet Abby she squanders most of her livelihood on fashion and
Material things and everyone thought she squanders her livelihood on useless things.
Oy! Some things have to give, that’s the way it has been but
No one cares she had a craving to satisfy and insecurities to hide
With cloth that glitters, yet thought she squanders her life on material things; so that she could be the center of attention.  

Let them think all they like. Let them say whatever they think of
We all have our crosses to carry, our insecurities and habit, and promises to deal with.
Life is meant to be squandered on something whether it's on a noble deed or a selfish act?
Life is meant to be squandered on something whether it's on a
Meaningless or meaningful Things?  
Life is meant to be squandered on our wishes and whips and
We have seconds of it to squander,
We have minutes of it to squander,
We have hours of it to squander,
We have days off it squanders,
We have weeks of it to squander,
We have years of it to squander,
We have a lifetime of it to squander till we are no more,
Till we return to the very dust that we are created out of.
all fingers are not equal. We all have our crosses to carry. Different folks different stroke. yada yada yada
A B Faniki Dec 2021
You happen to be one of the best
Things that she has wanted out
Of life and now that she could not
Have you it hurt like never before yet

She could not believe that she held
Her dream once, she held it in her hand
Yet she let go of it, trying to chase the Wind;
She took everything she had for granted and

Now that it is all gone, bittersweet memories
And a broken heart is all that she has.
She didn’t know what she had until it was
Gone. These days she misses the way he opens,

Up to her with just a touch like those sunflowers
In Andy’s backyard, that are planted in rows
and opens up to the sun, at sunrise. What is
left for her is to try to get back her old dreams.
Taking things floor granted have you been down that road before, when thought you love not perfect
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