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Dreams are my play ground where i
Am far from a cold reality.
Until morning comes.
#dreams #reality #playground
  11m A B Faniki
Humanity is nearing it's watershed
and yet the world still lays dying.
We look to the stars for the future
as the ground withers beneath our feet.
Medicine is advancing constantly
while people lay starving to death.
Our world has a bigger economy than ever,
with its abundance of manufacturing
and ever progressing technology...
Everyone could live free and in harmony
with everything that we have achieved,
but the poor are still laid waste to
by the fat thieves and their machine.
Eat the Rich
  18m A B Faniki
Being real is
the simplest
form of honesty.
  20m A B Faniki
You used to adore me
Then I finally let you in
And now all you see
Are my flaws and insecurities

Is it all in my head
Or did you prove myself right
Is it because of what I said
Or what I did that night

I was so stupid
I was so foolish
I knew I shouldn’t have done it
But couldn’t help and be selfish

All I wanted was to express
And now I’m depressed
Because of the excess
Actions I could’ve accessed

I can be obsessive
But please see my intentions
I was trying to be impressive
But all it caused was tension

This is my flaw, I know
I just wanted to show
All the love that you deserve
But it’s that I couldn’t preserve
i give my all and give up everything for everyone
I **** myself trying to be there for everyone
I’m a shell of what I once was for trying to help everyone
But I do not get the same in return
Just because I'm continuously searching that doesn't mean I'm forever lost.
You are
The mind
I am
The heart
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