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  May 30 A B Faniki
Dr Peter Lim
It's useless
      to ruminate
     that which was once desired
     it's just too late!
  Mar 19 A B Faniki
Dr Peter Lim
I love your laughter
more than words can describe
you draw me nearer
your very beauty I imbibe
  Mar 16 A B Faniki
You are the one that breaks the Lord Jesus heart.
When he sees you are crying your heart out late at night.
When he sees you are feeling lonely and want to give up.
When he sees you are struggling with moving forward.
When he sees you listen to the lies of evil one about him.
When he sees you are desperately running straight to him.
When he sees you over-come an obstacle here through him.
Christ heart is always for your love and obedience.
A B Faniki Mar 4
The sun tans the skin
into beautiful brown color
and adds natural glow.
In my haste 2 published my poetry book I uploaded a MS dat was nt edited it got a 3 star review. 4 those dat bought it I have gotten d book edited & update it u can get it 4 free. Please leave a review if u could
Thank you everyone here. I have Also corrected over twenty poems here I will get to rest soon!
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