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Manvinder Singh Aug 2020
In a tearing hurry, came the clouds
bellies fat, moods dark
They swallowed the moon
They chewed the stars
     each one
          one by one
Whole night the show was on
boom bang – fury & twang

When they were done,
I surveyed my ground:
     dripping trees
          shivering leaves
               wet petals
          twinkle eyes
     an azure sky, and
One angry sun.
farhan Aug 2020
She's wearing rain, and
Fragrance of petrichor;
The best beau for her,
Is life.
Credit for inspiration Sheena (S S).
Shrika Jul 2020
Monsoon's panoply,        
               a dimpled day's
                    windstrewn        ­­      ­              
                    ­          a blushing brocade,
                     'plop'-ing droplets,      
                     a lilting cadence;
                                                ­       ­     
    pervading through                      
  the silver-scented      
       ­            puddles of a        
paperboat's elation;        
July evenings                              
                                         trinkets of

...Tiptoeing back inside in my wet shoes
Sum It Jul 2020
मन~ सुन

कहिले काहीँ तहल्न निस्कदा
दिन भरी पानी पर्दा
उर्लेको हनुमन्ते झैं
एकान्तमा बसेर चियासगैं
तिम्रो यादहरूमा तड्पिन
मन लागेझै लागेझै गर्दा
मन अझ शून्य शुन्य भइदिने
मन ~ सुनको दिन।।

अरूबेला लिखुरे देखिने
र आज
सारा धर्ती बगाउझै गरेको
त्यो लिखुरे हनुमन्तेको
छेउमा गएर
मनको सारा भावना बगाईदे न
भन्न लागेझै लागेझै गर्दा
मन यतिकै यतिकै
शून्य शुन्य भइदिएको
मन ~ सुनको दिन।।

तिमीले पनि मलाई
सम्झेको छौं कि जस्तो
र त्यही सम्झनामा
बगेका आशूंहरू पो
हुन् कि
मेरो घरको छतमा आएर
मलाई कविता लेखुझै लुखुझै
मन पुरै शून्य शून्य भएर अल्मलिने
मन ~सुनको दिन।

बादलमा लेखेको नामले त
वर्षातमा यादले भिझाउने रहेछ

मनमा लेखेको नामले चाहीँ
बेला बखतमा
मन व्यग्र व्यग्र बनाई
शून्यताले भिजाउने रहेछ

मन ~सुनले बेइमानी गर्यो
या हो प्रेमले...
Ayesha Jul 2020
So fresh and free
Joy is spread
Calm is instilled
Heat withdraws
With drops of life
All is cleansed

Whispering monsoon breeze
Goes swish swish between the trees
Makes a good recce of the place
Green and proper the trees
Some laden with fruits, it’s pleased
Tickles the magpies hid amongst the leaves
Ruffles the sparrow pecking at the seeds
Waves at the clouds and the crows passing by
Giggles at the trembling basil leaves
The touch me nots, wiggle at the very thought
The champa flowers that slowly bloom
Heady the fragrance, wafts through the rooms
The swift monsoon breeze,
Whispers between the trees
Agile in its ways, soon leaves for another place
Kelsey Banerjee Jun 2020
you sit
**** on mango skin
the juice on your chin
drips on
basil leaves,
your hands already wet
before the rain
we watch the yellow mountains
spring back to life
verdant, almost emerald
green foliage tender at the end of summer,
nourished by the dead roots
beneath softened soil.
Aparna Jun 2020
The rain fell, delicate as muslin
heavenly threads, coming undone
From pearly gates of paradise.
Weaving fluid intricacies underneath
The grainy sands, grooved with drops
And canopies laden with silken film
Dewy, with crystal orbs suspended
A diamond mosaic radiant
Under the ashen gray clouds.

Crystalline drops clung
Onto ends of leaf blades
Forming a grand chandelier
Hundreds of them hung
On slender boughs
And the tree stood
An embellished crown
Bedecked with clear dew
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