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Wrap me in silk
and send me home
I am nothing but a sinner
who knows
how to drown.
writerReader Mar 26
What the **** is going on?
I really don’t know anymore...
Jonathan Moya Mar 22
The rose has thorns because
it cares not to be touched.
Its color is a warning
for animals to stay away.
Its scent is a scream and
not a delight for us to own.
It exists in ****** stillness
bending only for the sun.
The scientist knows this
having heard its sub audible
howl with delicate machines
that probe its roots.
The poet plucks the bloom
unaware of the pain that
created that beauty,
the aroma that shouts
its death to its vegetable kind.
Jack Harrell Dec 2019
Spaceman come back,
you'd only just made it here.

What's it like out there?
I wonder if there's no atmosphere.

Crazy, it seems to me,
that you have come so far

and all you've done

is leave
typed with no intention other than avoiding cleaning up after a dog
Justice Sep 2019
I can’t tell you how much it hurts
When it starts and it doesn’t stop
It’s gonna **** me
I’m in a cell and this game is hell
Girl with you I can’t tell
It’s a stand still
This wieght you’re putting on me is heavier than anvil
I want to just cancel
All of our plans I’m mad still
When you do this
I confuse us
With the true us
But it’s delirious
I need to slow down take this serious
And finally ask the question
Am I just begging for your attention
Or do you feel the tension
The push the pull
It’ll roll you away
Like a peaceful melody
I guess I finally got to say what I wanted
Let’s just see how she responded

We used to talk in the dark
We used to be not apart
But we fell away
You were the one that got away
I come to think of this everyday
I hate when it be this way
Girl can’t you see the way
There’s a Path back to me
Back to us
Back to when we once was
I hunt the feeling of your memory everyday just to see you again momentarily
Aleena Aug 2019
A spy
No one knew where his true loyalty lied
Connor Armenti Aug 2019
Sitting lonesome at the wheel
By my side the only one
Who ever tried to understand,
So many thoughts afloat,
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words

Picking of strings float to my ears,
I can hear it but I'm not listening,
Thoughts drifting from place to place,
How I long to let it fall away
And be cleansed from what I have to say,
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words

Before me is only what is lit
Behind is the dark that flows past
Not sure if I should say anything
There would not be much point anyway
Too many thoughts to say at once
The burden is great, near unbearable
Who is to know if that should ever change?
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words

What is in front is all I can see
Nothing more and nothing less
It all comes to an end eventually
I before it, most likely
Always moving though the view never changes
A pair of lights approach and disappear
They always say the journey, not the destination
This journey is one what never ends
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words

A soft glow form the corner of my w\eye
Renders the rest a dull grey
All the things that pass by
Once seen, never again
That's the way it is for everything
Here once, then gone forever
They do so little yet there are so many
Is there much point to it at all?
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words

So now I am here in the dark
No longer moving and all is quiet
Sound that once was is now no more
Gives me clearance to ponder further
The seat to my side still feels warm
Where there was once compassion
Never will the words ever be heard
With me now they go, forever more
And so many words to be said that need saying
So many words
Just to clarify, this was my first attempt, unedited, at this kind of thing many years ago sat in a car in the middle of the night. Which is why it is like this.
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