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All the glory I sought,
and all the pain I brought.
I wrought havoc to all those who incurred my wrath.

A demigod in my way,
and destruction grew in my stay.
I vanquished all those who opposed me in my wake.

But what brought about this madness and created endless sadness?
It was envy and greed,
the curse of the weak.

The betrayal of my friend,
was the birth of a foe.
But to what end?
Treachery and lies,
they brought him joy and great pride,
and in the end, death with great spite.
Annie Dec 2018
I met raw infidelity once —clenching its fists upon me, not ready yet –to leave me. And when it finally did, it left bruises and scars which I myself couldn't hide but look upon –with dismay and filth because the old me is long gone, dead and buried in graveyard of lies and treachery –all the ****, wild things which feared me once and made my body tremble -as of cold and fear. I screamed so loud before the words of bitter truth suffocated my lungs, burning the only emotion I had left —disappointment. I was, yet again, left with "nothing".
Talia Nov 2018
Mister psychopath
I can see through your facade,
faking innocence.

You want to hurt me,
tear me apart limb by limb,
to bathe in my blood.

to make me suffer,
it would make you laugh once more.
stay away from me!

Mister treachery,
you're a wolf in sheep's clothing,
you're not who you seem.

only using charm and wit?
that won't work again.

I'll overthrow you,
because you're no longer king!
I, the queen, mean war.
Julia Martin Jul 2018
The chess champion
Fell in love with his ****.
The master of games,
Couldn't leave her alone.

He spun her around,
While she had no clue.
She was simply a person
That he liked to use.

But somehow she slipped
Through all of his schemes.
Blew through his defenses,
He thought he could win.

Alas, the lowly ****
Over his heart had reign.
So he reached out
And pulled her out of his games.

She was no longer used,
He altered her fate.
She became his queen,
That was it, checkmate.

Finally, she was out
And far from harm's way.
He loved her so much,
He taught her how to play.

She sat right by his side
And learned all his moves.
In her he would confide
How to never lose.

And for some time,
They battled other players.
They became a pair
Of little chess slayers.

But then the girl grew better
And walked across the board.
She became the enemy;
She became a chess lord.

And our chess champion
Knew not what to do.
He had taught her everything,
He wondered if she could lose.

"Silly boy." She spoke,
Laughter in her eyes.
"I was never just a ****,
I was simply your demise."

"You think you can play?
Watch me yawn through this game.
I have sat by your side
For defeating you was my aim.

I thank you for saving me,
For teaching me how to play.
But I think  I'll enjoy this.
A chess champion I must slay."

So the chess champion was beat
And another took his throne.
Perhaps he should've left
That lowly **** alone.
RBWhite Jul 2018
It will never be complete,
Such as love can't compete with Eve,
Leave her King under white wings,
And leave her dreams tear apart the seaming,
Winter's leaving and in my spirit I feel her deceiving,
Mark my sweetest with joyful feelings,
And be a witchess on the beaches,
Cascading bridges underneath my bleeding.
“Honey, let me fix that -
You've got your perfidious smile buttoned up all wrong
I couldn't remove her lipstick from your shirt,
Unfortunately it's on your heartless sleeve

This is your last tie, don't cut this one as well
Refrain from wearing these pants again, just give it to her
Maybe that way she'll stay out of yours
And here's your socks, your feet has been cold for a while now

Put on your new shoes, I hope it fits,
Since you can't place yourself in my shoes
I wiped your glasses this morning,
Maybe that way your wandering eyes won't mistake her for me

Your integrity is in the last drawer of your wardrobe
It's been in there for a while now
Oh, and I see your watch is broken
Maybe that's why you don't have time for me

Don't forget your coat of sympathy on your way out
I put a bit of empathy in its pockets
There, now you're all dressed to succumb to sin
Have a lovely day, honey” ~ Demi.M Potts
For the adulters: Imagine you're on your way to work and your wife recites this poem.
these tired blood-shot eyes
have left me
for the alarm clock
in the dark
and death is making
shadow puppets
on the wall
lethargically shifting
gears out of bed with
shuddering bones dancing
all around me in the
twinkling candle-lit room
splashing water on my face
while the demons dictate
my mind with scraps of
stipulations that I must
involuntarily attend
another day of
onerous labor,
leaving behind scars
as deep as canyons
that told more stories
than broken hearts
and gaping buttholes

and when you get there,
to the bar, after work,
you can always tell who
has been outfoxed by
the smoke screen of
cutthroat commanders
handing down the
punishing orders
by emptiness in glass
needing a refill,
emptiness in provision
needing subsistence,
emptiness in soul
needing inflation
and bags of exhaustion
rest in the dark blue
hammocks under my
weary eyes as I take
another sip and
teeter-totter on the
brink of insanity
and stare at the mirror
behind the bar
with a reflection of my own
skeleton staring back at me
and hallucinations of the
devil standing behind me,
massaging my shoulders
singing me the most
beautiful aplomb
serenade I’ve ever heard

“**** is perishing and festering
off the pews of treachery and
absurdity from vacant hearts
and complicated minds that
the living will ****** and ****
without one conscience hair
but when the day comes that
someone puts ketchup on a
hotdog, everyone loses their

I suddenly
no longer
felt alone
and swallowed
a pocketful of
and chased it
with a tumbler
of liquid doom
straight to my
thimble mind
went home.
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