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Annie Sep 7
Of all the poisons that run and grow
Many I´ve studied and stored for my own
But none of them vices works as strong
As the words been spilled by your rivals tongue

Oh, many a poison acts swift or slow
Some crueler than others, either painfull or dull
Yet none of them traceless, as the feelings below
Caused by defilement of a broken vow

True a poison works baneful
Yet compared to attaint
It is mellow and gracious
Saving further complaint

Oh I rather choose the poison
Than the tainted, evil words
Poured by trusted, out of treason
For the poison barely hurts

And I rather die in pain
Than suffer by my pride
And I rather die in vain
Than stay by the devils side
A B Faniki Jul 28
Some superiors know how to hold a grudge,
That only death could pry them away from it;
Some colleague are inexperience in every aspect
Of their work, but well verse in treachery and groveling;

Some customers know how to transfer their aggression
And run out of patience at the sight of frown;
So we overwork nonentity most remove our crown
And put a barrier against these office hurricane for protection;

We most tell ourselves little-lies everyday that we're strong,
For this little make belief is our safety at work;
Like we hope for heaven we hope today won't
be as bad as tomorrow and our joy to be long
I wrotw these poem after experiencing these things in my place of work. I hope you enjoy it © A B Faniki 7/28/2019. This qork is ark of my WIP bannal yell soo all copy right are reserved
RixusPrime Mar 20
All the glory I sought,
and all the pain I brought.
I wrought havoc to all those who incurred my wrath.

A demigod in my way,
and destruction grew in my stay.
I vanquished all those who opposed me in my wake.

But what brought about this madness and created endless sadness?
It was envy and greed,
the curse of the weak.

The betrayal of my friend,
was the birth of a foe.
But to what end?
Treachery and lies,
they brought him joy and great pride,
and in the end, death with great spite.
Annie Dec 2018
I met raw infidelity once —clenching its fists upon me, not ready yet –to leave me. And when it finally did, it left bruises and scars which I myself couldn't hide but look upon –with dismay and filth because the old me is long gone, dead and buried in graveyard of lies and treachery –all the ****, wild things which feared me once and made my body tremble -as of cold and fear. I screamed so loud before the words of bitter truth suffocated my lungs, burning the only emotion I had left —disappointment. I was, yet again, left with "nothing".
Talia Nov 2018
Mister psychopath
I can see through your facade,
faking innocence.

You want to hurt me,
tear me apart limb by limb,
to bathe in my blood.

to make me suffer,
it would make you laugh once more.
stay away from me!

Mister treachery,
you're a wolf in sheep's clothing,
you're not who you seem.

only using charm and wit?
that won't work again.

I'll overthrow you,
because you're no longer king!
I, the queen, mean war.
Julia Martin Jul 2018
The chess champion
Fell in love with his pawn.
The master of games,
Couldn't leave her alone.

He spun her around,
While she had no clue.
She was simply a person
That he liked to use.

But somehow she slipped
Through all of his schemes.
Blew through his defenses,
He thought he could win.

Alas, the lowly pawn
Over his heart had reign.
So he reached out
And pulled her out of his games.

She was no longer used,
He altered her fate.
She became his queen,
That was it, checkmate.

Finally, she was out
And far from harm's way.
He loved her so much,
He taught her how to play.

She sat right by his side
And learned all his moves.
In her he would confide
How to never lose.

And for some time,
They battled other players.
They became a pair
Of little chess slayers.

But then the girl grew better
And walked across the board.
She became the enemy;
She became a chess lord.

And our chess champion
Knew not what to do.
He had taught her everything,
He wondered if she could lose.

"Silly boy." She spoke,
Laughter in her eyes.
"I was never just a pawn,
I was simply your demise."

"You think you can play?
Watch me yawn through this game.
I have sat by your side
For defeating you was my aim.

I thank you for saving me,
For teaching me how to play.
But I think  I'll enjoy this.
A chess champion I must slay."

So the chess champion was beat
And another took his throne.
Perhaps he should've left
That lowly pawn alone.
RBWhite Jul 2018
It will never be complete,
Such as love can't compete with Eve,
Leave her King under white wings,
And leave her dreams tear apart the seaming,
Winter's leaving and in my spirit I feel her deceiving,
Mark my sweetest with joyful feelings,
And be a witchess on the beaches,
Cascading bridges underneath my bleeding.
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