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Gem Palomar May 18
I visit graves once and lay flowers, then leave
I lay flowers on the grave of fireflies
Where once a light so bright, shined
I lay flowers on the grave of butterflies
Where wings once flapped and swayed
I lay them on the graves of children
Where warm laughters once echoed

But I came across the grave of your heart
And instead of leaving flowers,
I planted the seed of my heart
Seeds of spring, warmth, and hope
It was the only grave I ever came back to

Grave visitors are forbidden to visit again
More so, they are forbidden to plant
But I visited yours everyday and never missed
I tended the seed that I planted
When graves are watered with rain and love
Will the light pass through the cracks?
Would roses bloom on hearts that died?

Roses bloomed, and my time has come
While you thrive, I'll vanish as a punishment
For the grave visitor laid his heart for love
Perhaps, my darling, in another life
I wouldn't have to die to bring back life to you
Are we not all of us mere visitors upon this Earth,
here but only for a few brief moments,

awaiting an end to our exile,
anticipating the return to our ancestral home,

the Celestial Domicile,
the Heavenly Abode from whence we came,

the birthplace of our spirits,
the sanctuary of our souls?
Inspired by way of response to "stranger" by Arozo.
Picturebook Princess

for Keira

We had a special visitor.
Our world became suddenly brighter.
She was such a charmer!
Such a delighter!

With her sparkly diamond slippers
and the way her whole being glows,
Keira’s a picturebook princess
from the points of her crown to the tips of her toes!

Keywords/Tags: Princess, visitor, charm, delight, sparkly, diamond, slippers, Cinderella, crown, glow, glowing, angel, fairy
Every Day You Play
by Pablo Neruda
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Every day you play with Infinity’s rays.
Exquisite visitor, you arrive with the flowers and the water.
You are vastly more than this immaculate head I clasp tightly
like a cornucopia, every day, between my hands ...

Keywords/Tags: Neruda, translation, Spanish, day, play, infinity, infinity's, rays, exquisite, visitor, flowers, water, head, clasp, hands
Seanathon Aug 2019
It’s a quiet town just waiting to be
Infatuated with you

Waiting around
A B Faniki Aug 2019
Friday the 1st of August, 2019 started with a
Little drizzle of rain but by one o'clock pm
Of that day -huge sheet of rain was falling
On everything in my sight, this
Droop lets as little as they are began to increased
In number and in no time began to carry everything
Not tied to the ground those tied down, the break down
And carry the pieces, I could have sworn I heard their voice
until the lapping of water drown the voices.
Giving oder to each other as the go on doing what the do best
under the sky finding their way back home to the ocean,
Sea or river of their choice. This August visitors have
Taking many lifes and things worth millions in less than 24 hours.
© A B Faniki 8/17/2019 acrostic poem form . This work is about flood in august the Acrostic reads FLOOD IN AUGUST front vertical..  All right reserved part of banal tell work I hope u enjoy it
ryn Aug 2019
Open doorway
and there you stand, backlit.
Only feet away
yet too many steps too far.

A heavy veil of shadow
draped over your face.
Stand there, forever,
as I try to discern who you are.
Reimers Jul 2019
Feelings that were once lost
Knocking again at my door
Indeed a risk I crossed
But missing an opportunity, I abhor

Felt like I was in cloud nine
Not caring about anything
But the moment I blinked appeared a vine
That pulled me away from everything

Darkness everywhere nothing I see
The place reeks of despair and pain
The farther I was pulled the more it desecrates me
It never stopped, my sanity slain
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