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My city sings like a siren
Its brash tenor, an incision 
Fading into mundane life

My city rises like smoke 
From a freshly lit cigarette
Until the sickness sets in  

My city mourns like a lover
Begging for more time
Before the flame subsides

My city trembles like a sinner
Before a god 
Indifferent to her pain
deadhead Mar 22
the birds fell silent
metallic whine of siren
screaming tornado
belbere Jan 29
i cast myself into the sea
an anchor mooring an empty vessel
to a body that never asked to carry
a weight heavier than its own,
the waves roiled,
the moon called out
the sea called back and
i cried out beneath the waves,
the night was quiet.

i cast myself into the sea
the moon slept on the surface,
i called her harbour and jumped.  
her craters swelled and burst
into the night, the stars collided
and i sank beneath the waves,
i opened my mouth
and swallowed a star whole
as the sea swallowed me,
i tasted salt,
licked it from the corners of my lips,
wiped it from the corners of my eyes,
the moon rippled back into place,
i reached out beneath the waves
and watched her shrink.

i cast myself into the sea,
i thought the moon would swim after me
i found a siren instead,
she beckoned me into the deep,
took my hand and led me
down, down into the trenches,
i felt the moon in the currents,
she reached out to me
and i shrunk.

the night was quiet.
Adam Jan 10
Oh, men.

How we lend our ears to the siren's song

Just to realize

that the siren's wrong
I cast the muse into the sea
to wake her from a peaceful sleep.
This poet’s quill is void of ink;
it needs her words to strike the page.

She’ll fight the waves Poseidon sends
til Sirens drive her back to shore
to sip an oleander brew
and hoist the cup of Socrates.

Bring wolfsbane and a death morel!
Bring nightshade and curare too!
We’ll fatten her with woe and pain!
We’ll ready her for war and hate!

She’ll writhe and quiver, seethe and foam
until she spews her putrid verse
upon the blackened sands of time
from which men’s darkest dreams are built.

And when the gods are satisfied,
when Ares’ sword has slashed and burned,
this poisoned pen will rest at last.
Calliope shall sleep once more.
Henri Bariselle Dec 2020
i hear a Whistle
burning, yet calming my ears
i hear the nymph in my heart
her beautiful tongue, the source of tears

her words were prickly
she became a thistle,
but when she lured me,
it started with a Whistle
This was my interpretation of the Sirens in Greek mythology. If anyone could comment on anything I should do more or do less, it would be greatly appreciated!
M R White Dec 2020
I am from the sea. Always slick and taunting.
The pull that radiates from me, will be irresistible.
You will not know what to do in my grasp. As I chop you up,
And throw you side to side. You will be consumed by the utter chaos that plagues me.
I will keep you warm, luring you further.
I am loving, kind and warm. All a man wants and craves.
You will build a home out of me. I will feed you plenty. Warm you every night.
But I warn you, you mustn't get comfortable.
And you mustn't forget who I am. I am from the sea.
I will pull you under, and before you know, I will have you drowned.  
You shan't forget that water erodes and tires.
I am all a man wants and craves.
I will become a home for you.
I will pull you under, and drown you in my sea.
Psychosa Oct 2020
Lonely are the men I seek
Beneath the seams I make them weak.
They hear me sing from far away,
but I come close
to my dismay.
Water rages all round me
But on the surface is a beautiful sea.
My hair falls upon my naked breast
And the wind is blown to the west.
I trap them in my gaze,
with eyes that send them into a hazy daze.
They begin their descent into my void,
I will become what they need,
an escape from their pathetic realities.
Intoxicated from my facade,
they lean from the ship, hoping to taste  ecstasy.
Their eyes meet mine,
and I have fully hypnotized.
One last breath,
And suddenly they see
No longer the reflection of who this seductress could be,
But the siren that drags them to the bottom of the sea.
Aimee Phelps Oct 2020
A sliver of sun scorching cerebrum
Whispers on the lips of an encephalic cloud
An old friend, whose company I keep
Warning against silhouettes and uncertain peril
Liberation is nigh from a skeletal prison
Beating on my skull and tearing at my muscle
I fear my old friend will return
As a siren, luring me to the bottom of a macabre sea
This is my first poem. I wanted to capture my recent, raw feelings about my mental illnesses in this little poem.
Isabella Sep 2020
...A blue aurora full of brume, an atrabilious expression of grief
A haunting sight watched by the moon, sheltered by the cobalt reef
An arrantly perfidious man, where arrogance lies beneath
Distressing her and even then, apologies never escape his teeth...

‘Tis a broken song to sing, a bleak melody to ponder
The aching loneliness does bring, wounds not healing any longer
Tune flows out like streams of blood, lyrics sharp and somber
A poet’s hurt such as a flood, waves crashing ever stronger

Teardrops of the mighty flood, have now trickled to a river
Feet treading through the layers of mud, in their failing feat they quiver
A siren weeping ripples here, mourning love you refused to give her
That plangent song caresses ears, touch chilling as a shiver

Her throat burns yet she goes on, soft enough to make the earth quake
The very ground you step upon, rumbling with her tragic ache
How do you turn a blind eye, she’s been torn by your mistake
Her very soul does cry, while you can hardly even shake

She exonerates all you have done, furthermore she does beseech
Perhaps she’s lost but you’ve not won, alas her heart you shall not reach
A precious gem amidst the coal, enchanting those who wander near
The scene is stirring as a whole, dulling any calm presence here

A storm has passed tonight, though you still do not repent
Siren sings beneath blue moonlight, of the love she does resent
A lullaby to make you tremble, deep beneath the twisted torment
No longer shall she dissemble, all but you shatter at the poet’s lament
added a few paragraphs and rewrote some lines, enjoy <3
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