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Zeus is a man who has been around for long
in his long life he has heard the siren song
the song that make men
jump overboard into the ocean
he said it's an echo of "help! help!" for long
© A B Faniki all right reserved  8/11/2019 this work is part of my work for my next book  the work is in limerick form
ALesiach Jul 27
Under a starless sky,
the sails billow in the wind
and across the deck surges the tide,
while the ship's wheel spins.

The wind carries with it a hypnotic melody,
luring sailors with a passionate plea.
Eyes captivated by their seductive beauty
and blind to ships broken on the reef.

Long, shiny hair in various hues,
green descending scales on their backs
and lustrous eyes, bewitching you,
leaving you oblivious to the trap.

Slowly sailors inch to the rail
and then they start to dive.
While others swept away by scaly tails,
but none will see another night.

They kiss you with honeyed lips,
letting you inhale their sweet breath.
Then, entrap you with their lovely limbs
and drag you into the deep and death.

ALesiach © 10/22/2014
ALesiach Jul 24
Strolling along the white sandy beach
Aquamarine waves lapping over my feet

A gentle breeze brushing against my skin
Billowy clouds hide a cerulean sky within

So I took a dive into the aquamarine sea
It's dark silky depths enclosing me

Swimming fiercely into the tides
Through the chartreuse seaweed I glide

A tangerine octopus smiles up at me
As sea lemons hide in the coral reef

Sea horses spin pieces of sea lavender
Through my green and ruby watermelon hair

Fastening saffron flowers about my neck
As I hover above a woeful shipwreck

Lips are shined with pale lilac shells
As above a summer wind swells

Always returning to where I belong
Casting spells as I sing my song

ALesiach © 8/12/2017
Deanna Dellia Apr 28
I sing a single cadence
and you come
I lure you towards the shore
and bury you in the sand
because I can’t be alone
I drown myself in the bottle
because I don’t want to feel
Sometimes I hope you will sail away
for your own good
But then I sing again
and there you are
loving me in all of my misery
glimmering and broken
And you make me feel
like I can

- A Siren’s Song
C H A T A N T Apr 28
Through the wind and across the sea
My true love stares and he waits for me
Upon the water near the open shore
Where sea dust and foamy waters soar
The mermaids stare and they weep for me
Aware of my kin and what is unto me
The sirens watch in their blissful prose
They've blessed me with love and a voice of gold.
My name means "maiden born of the sea,
Forever ****** and youthful be",
I love a sailor tall and fair
Whose heart I hope to one day bare
My hair is made of the ocean waves
Colored with the sands of the ocean floor
My skin is tinted with the bliss of sun
And my lips are of red coral stone
I enchant and bewitch all who stare
And hope to catch my sailor fair
For I do love a man as he
Him as free and bold and charming be
random song inspired by pirates of the caribbean and mythology
Ormond Apr 27
Her fine hands gentle
With lithe and spiny fingers
Of bone and fin.

Her eyes are opal,
Essence of emerald and topaz,
A hoard of treasure.

Her hair is sea gathering
And dances in the blue currents
Deadly as the sea snake.

Her skin is coral,
Made of mineral and sorcery,
A fatal beacon.

Her lips are urchin,
Set in a whirlpool of face,
A spiral of doom.

Her voice is dream,
Rocking the lost wrecked ships,
Ground into sand.

Her long tail is fable
Of paradise, beyond faraway seas,
Cyclones and waves.
God like beam, your radiance in my eyes
this time is fast going, it’s turned exotic
having fun, I’m the one you want adoring from
right now good as any for a holiday, a fulfilling flash is harsh but alright
save the tender for your talking, waste me like my dreams I hold tight

sullen eyes, I can take you there
past the electric tremolo strings you give my heart, golden
so proud, real dreamy, saying
hope you get what you want, word taking siren

glow of a flame sort of dreamy glow to your face
a sweet and lovely burn, so I let you take over, let you know my mind
going down as stars dull silver like already a memory you
saying never seen such exhausted delighted still eyes, barely afraid but
bravely assured, let me see your soul in the moonlight’s enthrallment
do it your way that means you give me heaven
feeling warm though this breeze is as cold as the loneliness before dawn
where I like to be and always will be, even now

keeping it brave and deliberate

felt you near though I was alone
met all sorts but they can’t shine you out of my mind’s gallery
such music even when I sleep, round my head, waking brings
a strong dose of immersed in the blazing and angel energy, that talk is faith
that walk is true like ice winds
inventive my daring, my deadly find of life, that’s the light you have
and the death you give

show me, show me what you got
I can stay up in distress like a god
for that demand
my deliberate and brave
lethal dose of living sure
for you
Raziel Apr 17
Cold heartless liar,
A gun loaded for the siren,
Behold and never ceasefire,
Pull the trigger
Spark the fire.
Scott Mar 30
Her hips sway
The tide moves
A buoy tolls
A distant warning
Her lips part
The waves thunder
A ship breaks
On coral reefs
Chants in droning, layered voices
spin around me as the portal whips and swirls.

Vision leaves for blindness, then
returns again in purple tunnels, bending, twisting.

My mind appeals to enlightened reason
as a pain begins to escalate.

Somehow, I know the feeling coming,
and this one, I do not want to come.

My feathers and my skin, then reject
my body in its whole. I feel it peel away.
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