She draws attention with spellbinding dance,
No man has ever looked and looked away.
So much mistaken beauty for romance,
Those men who see with just their eyes, her prey.

Her body is the uniform she wears,
Nubile and innocent in father’s eyes.
Enchanting beauty fueled by endless stares,
Of men who see with blindness idolize.

She’s only all the beauty, nothing more,
And nothing else she ever wants to be.
The promise of a Siren on the shore,
Exposed to every seaman on the sea.

She’ll never lack for men she can control…
Just not men who see Beauty with their soul.
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Uta Jul 2
She sings very softly,

making the whole ocean fall asleep,

and all the fishes start to dance,

humans above follow her voice,

and in seconds, fall in love,

but later when they discover what she is capable of,

when you enter the underwater world,

you are only, but a simple prey,

to her and others below.
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Annett Jul 1
The moon whispers secrets,
If you listen closely.
You can hear her cry out,
If you choose to listen.
She shines from the heavens,
Smiling to our waters.
Pulls the waves and moves our tide,
Lighting up the midnight sky.
Her stars glow boastfully,
Petite suns, lamps of the galaxy.
Every song we sing to her,
And, like the moon to tide,
We draw the lost.
The hurt.
Those who want to be wanted.
We fall in love and take them, ready for forever.
But broken hearts never learn.
Our loves sleep below the waves, never to awake.
The only love who ever stays is her:
The moon and her little suns.
Until the break of day.
Disclaimer: I don't think I'm a siren, this is fiction.
Annett Jul 1
I've been out so long.
Sailing the sea aimlessly
Perhaps I once had reason for this, but it's been swept in the tide
I lean to the side of my wooden boat, water kisses my fingertips.
The waves rock my boat softly, as a mother to her child.
As my eyes grow steadily heavy, my throat croaks a Lullabye for the sea.
I have long forgotten the words, my voice cracking as the tune moves.
How nice might it be to slip beneath that midnight blue?
Dissapear to something new...
A crystal sound fills my ears,
A voice like bells ringing clear,
Oh how enchanting it is to hear!

           o sail away,
far away,
           sail to the golden day

Her voice swells my Lullabye, the water holds my elbow now
She sings-

              down below,
my heaven home
              you can come here too
take my hand
             don't let go
you can follow home
             the waves sing
the sky meets the sun
           the moon pulls you closer to me
        to me

Her voice fades to a near hum,
I am so close my nose brushes the cool night waters.
Perhaps if I got closer...
A hand grabbed lightly to my submerged arm,
I needed no convincing.
I fell to the sea,
All the while humming the Siren song.
Hope everything is spelled right. If not-
bret Jun 15
As far as I remember
You came in a dream
Washing your blonde hair
Causing quite a scene.

No words left to swallow
No swords left to fall on
I thought you looked nice
But what the hell do I know right.

Cold september evening
Under friday night lights.
A family affair
A quiet kiss goodnight.

A bullet through my stomach
Coming through my spine.
Feeling dead as air.
Feeling cold as ice.

Never learnt my lesson
Not sure what it was
What I was supposed to learn
What I should overcome.

Anytime I’m anywhere
I always see the same
Pictures on the wall.
Things I gotta take

And I’d beg for your forgiveness
If I was certain I was wrong.
But somewhere in these pages
Is my secret siren song

All that I have
Is all that I shared
I pray someday you hear this
I pray someday you care

I know it can’t be me
I think I understand
How I could love a girl
And how she could kill a man.
coming soon
Bryce Jun 7
And when I met that girl in San Francisco
Off a dusty little pier
with rotting wood
and squawking seals
And screaming bayside wind

She caught me off-tropics
and danced with the grace
of a palm tree
lines between the quaked
off telegraph avenue
On an obscuring Sunday morning

and no
she didn't go
to church or any silly thing
like a temple or synagogue
She said those were no places
for god

God was the trees

We smoked cigarettes and got off to each other's
carcinogenic practices
oxidizing a little faster in conjunction with hopeful
Dropping the formalities
of small talk and trivialities

She liked her guitars with nickel-wound strings
I with nylon
But I couldn't play songs
that sounded any good with them
while she could
and did.

and girl did it ever sound good

She'd laugh at the contests on the radio
while we drove on a half-moon
to half-moon
full and whole of ourselves
We'd stopped in the lobby of a cheap motel
And waltzed to background
wacked out of our minds
Sniffing in deep huffs of subliminal
that mind-numbing

Who ever really listened to that?

And then she left
at the end of one fine winter day
in a cloudless sky I waved
watched her plane
skip off
towards the edge of a pale blue horizon
back south
to warmer climes
to wherever she truly stayed
The tugging on my heartstrings
chimed grotesque in
A major.
Fxrz Ramirez May 6
Beyond the chaos the beauty intertwines. the very essence truly one of a kind. voice of an angel song of a siren. You lure me over, like youre someone to confide in. See from the outside, the battle within. A war in its own right, to pull together and win. That kindred spirit. Turned out to be you. Who i've waited for.. Yet I never knew. You let me wander into this world of your own. To find a home together in this all alone. I'd carry you with me through the rising tide.. You would pull me under with a lies you cannot hide
A love song i started for someone years ago. I finished writing it after she split on me..  I could say it was for best.
Breon Apr 28
I dreamed of you again last night,
A Venus wreathed in seafoam light
And sheathed in midnight,
bruise-black dress all cinched up close
Around your figure, clinging tight
To every curve, each tidal wave -

As if the moon, tempestuous,
Stirred in together lust and wrath
Her darkened face all smoldering,
No pity left in her loving eyes.

I dreamed your sweet, voracious sin,
Your laughter and your wicked grin,
And barely dragged myself away
To wake before the dawn could come.
The bruise-black sky awaited me,
As if my eyes could find you there.

The moon, so blinding-bright, just smiled
That deadly teasing twist of lips.
I won't deny. I searched her glare,
Spent fragments of eternity
In one more step, another slip
Before the slide back into dreams.
In dreams, our minds explore our lusts, fears, and hopes through a thin veil. Where was that veil when I saw you?
Elle Celeste Apr 17
my soul is drenched
from the storms
he causes within me;
his hands, his laugh, and his words
are pulling me in like they’re sirens,
lord, keep me at bay,
for i want to drown
in his ocean trench.
02.26.18 12:25am
i still hear the songs of your allure
i remain enveloped in cerulean waves
an' when at lasste
they reach'd
the fartheste shorre

an' placed
their booted feet
'pon her virgin soil

they turned and lookt
wi' shaded eyes
farr 'cross
the Tranquil Sea

beheld the beauty
of their mothers' grayce
a crowne of starrs
Her diadem

an' tho they long
for Her embrayce
must heed the calle
an' join tha' race

oh tha' Song of Destiny
tis tha' which burns
within our souls

Her ardent voyce
doth beckon us
to reach
the farr-flung starrs

Her siren's song
drawin' us
to touch
the fartheste shorre

beyonde the seas
beyonde the klouds
out to the starrs
we journey farr

we venture forth
to search
to know
to reach beyond
and touch
The Fartheste Shorre

p. j. upchurch
circa 1997
I drew my inspiration for this poem from pictures
of the July 20th 1969 - Apollo 11 - Lunar Landing.

I  have attempted to use "old/middle english" in an
effort to evoke the times of early explorers that sailed
the uncharted seas, discovering new lands.

So - Here's to the Explorer Adventurers throughout the ages -
and within each and everyone of us...
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