my soul is drenched
from the storms
he causes within me;
his hands, his laugh, and his words
are pulling me in like they’re sirens,
lord, keep me at bay,
for i want to drown
in his ocean trench.
02.26.18 12:25am
i still hear the songs of your allure
i remain enveloped in cerulean waves
an' when at lasste
they reach'd
the fartheste shorre

an' placed
their booted feet
'pon her virgin soil

they turned and lookt
wi' shaded eyes
farr 'cross
the Tranquil Sea

beheld the beauty
of their mothers' grayce
a crowne of starrs
Her diadem

an' tho they long
for Her embrayce
must heed the calle
an' join tha' race

oh tha' Song of Destiny
tis tha' which burns
within our souls

Her ardent voyce
doth beckon us
to reach
the farr-flung starrs

Her siren's song
drawin' us
to touch
the fartheste shorre

beyonde the seas
beyonde the klouds
out to the starrs
we journey farr

we venture forth
to search
to know
to reach beyond
and touch
The Fartheste Shorre

p. j. upchurch
circa 1997
I drew my inspiration for this poem from pictures
of the July 20th 1969 - Apollo 11 - Lunar Landing.

I  have attempted to use "old/middle english" in an
effort to evoke the times of early explorers that sailed
the uncharted seas, discovering new lands.

So - Here's to the Explorer Adventurers throughout the ages -
and within each and everyone of us...
"You were a siren,
A rare beauty uncompared
who beckoned the unsuspecting me -
of love, lust & happiness -
I was in a trance
Unknowingly in danger -
For I never noticed you were pulling me in,
My feet dipping in along the shore
And before I knew it,
I was drowning in the coldness -
Your blood red kisses bringing me life
that I would die without."

< e.i. >
My tongue feels like lead.
There is a buzzing in my head.
Th lights are too bright,
It's too late in the night,
I just want to leave,
Can you even believe
that I am on a boat?
I'm not supossed to float!
But now I must sing,
for only I can bring
A calm to the sea
These sailors are looking at me
with a new found clarity.
For I can bring them prosperity
all because of my shimmering tail.
But don't worry for I will prevail.
Because with the shinning of the moon.
I will bring them all their doom.
Sometimes I feel trapped with no way out then I remember I have claws.
Danielle Mar 19
Perhaps 2 am is more a siren’s song.
It softly calls to bed
Or maybe urges
For one more look,
Chapter, song, show.
I have a love hate relationship with time and thought about a small series relating to how each hour of the night makes me feel.
Vivian g Mar 15
Never go to the shore alone
You may forget what it’s like to be in the company of another
And when the siren’s song grows louder
You may forget you’ve never learned how to swim
I fell out of everything
into this selfarranged set,
stuck in front of your lense,
in a temporary reality.

A distractive attraction,
noone wants to see,
in a zoo I created
just for me.

Long ago you left
to be
no longer my cameragirl.
One of your tapes free rolling though,
one of your tapes still in me.

On the face you´ve got
my desert stopped
being a desert.

while all those people I adore,
don´t wear their faces for
too long.
in between faceless
and the one in the mirror
I don´t want to see
I don´t want to see anymore

On the face you´ve got
my desert stopped
being a desert
and ran out of sand.
Was going to be  a song, but the project dried out. Ironic. :P
Hey there little siren,
Somewhere between girl and woman.
How you play,
Swim with the current,
And sing to those boys.
Honey, that bright smile could kill.
You'll be a heartbreaker someday.
Those eyes could peirce men's souls,
But be careful
Don't play too hard
Mother always said don't play with
Your food.
ethan gaskill Feb 25
have you ever
hung out the window
in love with
the lack of control
similar to the
red beaches
that i lay on
waiting to hear
the siren's song

she draws me in
needles and pins
and i never realize
until i look
into her hazel eyes
and i notice that
i'm trapped in paradise

have you ever
hidden behind the sun
not wanting to be
in the light
i do my best thinking
with no one around
a romantic but only
at night

she fills a void
and draws me in
like gravity towards
an asteroid
but i see her eyes
and i think she's realized
and i wake up
i'm just being paranoid
on a roll recently
Pale in comparison to a heart dancing in tune,

Waltz to the songs my memories play,
Stand in the hand that plucks my strings,

Sing to me, Sing to me,
Your Siren Song

~Robert van Lingen
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