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A B Faniki Dec 2019
I miss you more than u know my dear friend
I remember you more than any body care to know;
I am mad at you more than you ever know for leaving.
I also know your father and mother miss you more than
I, we have all been crying since your passing away
I don't know why God allow death to rob us of you, but
I now understood that death will be the ruin of everyone including
I -by taking away all the good people that we love most.
I feel the pain of your death more deeply because
I felt you were a goodman with a great career and
I knew you would had Made a difference.
I had wish you had more time on earth like Methuselah had and
I do hope you make it to heaven so you can tell my mother that
I miss her a lot as you both walk in the city of light.
© 12/29/2019. I is a free verse poem about the pain i felt after the passing away of a friend. What I felt, wish, hope, rembered, and knew after his passing away. Free verse poem
Emma Nov 2019
why would you understand
i had bad time and memories
i try to struggle hard
to clean my mind
like pictures from the gallery
why couldn't wait till heal
why rush and be insulting
i wish to be an understood
but how could I?
if you not me and never had this memories
David J Nov 2019
Your eyes sang the song of loss
And I recognized the chorus
I was reading a book in a place no normal person would be. When I was accomponied by a lovely gal who had the same plans as me. We never spoke a word to eachother but I've never felt so understood.
Amazing and brilliant
Her sight is sharp and is interacted
My deeper heart calling, "I surrounded"
Her talk is low but is understood
Her hair as the waves once up other downward

She walked as the dear coming to hunt
Not is hunted by she will hunt
All are amused and surely asked
Who is that smart, we must engaged
Get fiancé act or marriage at fast

The crowds get in struggle that will begin
But she goes and evaporates as the vanish
That is the end and the finish
the beauty one comes and says no word. all wants to know and have a look
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Talking to you
when I felt weird,
makes me feel insane and crazy.

Talking to you
when I am sad
makes me feel I am sensitive and emotional.

You made me feel all this in the worst of ways,
because I met someone who,
when I was crazy, was crazy with me.
When I was sad, they understood me.

In their acceptance I found who I was
and embraced myself for who I am.
Philomena Jul 2019
If you were to ask if I missed you
I am supposed to say no
Supposed to say I've moved on and far away
Supposed to put on a smile and walk away
But the truth is I do miss you
I miss never feeling alone
I miss how you understood what I was feeling
I miss the awful jokes
And the long days
And you weren't perfect
I know that now
But you were there when I needed you
You gave me my life back
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