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Johnny walker May 11
When was a kid I never understood abuse I didn't know meaning of the
word even though
that's what I was going through
myself Strange looking back now I thought It was normal that other kids went through the same that was what parrent
It wasn't until much later In life when through flashbacks I started to
see and feel all the pain I had suffered at the
of my mother being locked In cuboards alone In the dark all the beatings I took and to very day I'm
still asking
Helen had a fear of going to sleep and never waking up just one of the many illnesses she had fear of
Helen would try to avoid sleeping as long as she possibly could I myself do not have that fear more so
I'm alone got to confess I say goodnight to Helen turn and go to sleep with a little prayer I don't wake I dont thinks Its being selfish but don't really won't
struggle with my ever Increasing disabiltise similar
to what destroyed my wife so I know how Im deteriating saw It first hand with
Helen a fear of dying she would avoid going to sleep as long as possible so sad In the end that's what happened to her
i understood Love pretty well when she left me.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Finally opening up freeing
myself of that laid deep within all my fears, facing my demons to which there are many, thing of the past once never spoke
Finally surfaced displayed for all to see, free of abuse suffered as a child that ruined my time as I grew up as a young
I was saved by the love of my lovely wife who gave a life I'd never known before for she understood all I'd been through, so she put all of her trust totally In
Helen understood me and therefore put all her trust
totally I'm me
Z Oct 2018
I loved you fully; I was young
I wanted to be understood
And in my mind you still live on
You were my childhood
PJ Aug 2018
To the world I didn't made sense

I didn't made sense
when I'm awake and the world was asleep

I didn't made sense
When I wrote endless scribbles

I didn't made sense
When I was standing outside when it was pouring.

I didn't made sense
When I laugh when it hurts the most

I didn't made sense
When I smiled, even when Im sad

Yes I didn't made any sense doing all of those but I dont need the world to understand me. I just need only one.
Yes its hard to find someone who will understand you, many will think you're crazy and have lost it. But Continue to find that someone who will.
Genevieveish Jul 2018
All my journals disintegrate to poetry
I begin a rant,
One point, two points,
Three in my head
Happy, angry, silly or sad
Rhetoric fully planned,
This happened, then that,
But soon, I begin uniting the words,
Sentences connected in meter and time
I'm lost in rhyme, pentameter, prose
Lines flowing,
My mind rolling,
Memory erasing
Lost in something,
Distracted by creativity,
Fulfilled by a need that's in me,
Drained of the pent-up energy
Satisfied, sated and understood by the page.
Arcassin B Jul 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

I gave my all,
It was in Vein,
Life's turning over.

You died for yours,
I died for mine,
Why do this sober?

My voice is shot,
I can not breathe,
This makes it so worse.

Tell everyone,
I hurt you so,
But they don't know hurt.

I gave my all,
I gave my all,
We had it all.
I gave my all,
I gave my all,
We had it all.


Beautiful is the eyes to the human soul,
How could you be this cute?
How could you be this good?
How could you be a saint?
What made you understood?
Your eyes say it all in this moment for sure,
How could you ever love me?
What made you want to trust me?
What it good for you like it was for me
When you first kissed me?
I thought it was very good.
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