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Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Love is her Belief and her Commandment
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

Love is her belief and her commandment;
in restless dreams at night, she dreams of Love;
and Love is her desire and her purpose;
and everywhere she goes, she sings of Love.

There is a tomb in Palestine: for others
the chance to stake their claims (the Chosen Ones),
but in her eyes, it’s Love’s most hallowed chancel
where Love was resurrected, where one comes
in wondering awe to dream of resurrection
to blissful realms, where Love reigns over all
with tenderness, with infinite affection.

While some may mock her faith, still others wonder
because they see the rare state of her soul,
and there are rumors: when she prays the heavens
illume more brightly, as if saints concur
who keep a constant vigil over her.

And once she prayed beside a dying woman:
the heavens opened and the angels came
in the form of long-departed friends and loved ones,
to comfort and encourage. I believe
not in her God, but always in her Love.

Keywords/Tags: Love, God, belief, commandment, faith, desire, purpose, tomb, resurrection, soul, heaven, heavens, saints, vigil, angels, tenderness, affection
A B Faniki Jan 2020
My book of life is
Made of stone tablet and fill
with Ten commandment
© A B Faniki 001/06/2020  all rigth reserved . A haiku about one of the great things in life books
Anya Nov 2017
A thousand loves

A thousand years

For each love lost

A thousand tears

My dear
My goddess
You who was born in light
Elegant enchanting
And I
Your silver knight

Out of spite to the worst
Shall soon shatter this curse
And live our days in death
Our lifetime of bliss
In our abyss
Satisfaction in our last breath

And though your grace
Has not changed my face
I bear this burden with you
And soon after years
Hundreds of thousands of tears
We bid our life adieu
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
I say learn to practice what you preach
You have no rights to tear other people down
Remember this life is a long sandy beach
Each man has a unique print of his own.

So learn to always show love and support
No man is an Island, the famous adage says,
Brother-keeping is what life's entirely about
And kindness is a blessed seed sown for better days.

Love your neighbor as thyself, the good book says
How long will we go contrary to this universal law,
Commanded by God Himself since ancient of days?
A law in which he invested time and love to draw.

So where is humanity, where is that universal love?
It's time for the strong to give the weak a helping hand
The seed of love is the will of the Most High from above
So let love become that unique footprint left in the sand.

#Vanguard-Poetry23 ©️✍️ #IvanBrookspoetry©️
twitter @ivanclappers #IvanBrooksquotes©️
'' Love your neighbor as thyself ! ''...This is the closes we can come to loving and obeying God..
Knights Jun 2015
What is a sin?
An immoral act?  

To lie, is a position where I have been
Lying being tempting is not only a statement but a fact

It is a daily struggle to resist
It is my job to beat the temptation

Before an unfortunate event preexist
I most make the right decision

"but oh darling I can't take all that pressure"
but why?
"I have to find a way to get my own pleasure"
is innocence just a lie?
*" Yes we're sinners you and I"
Nathan Box Feb 2015
Offering aid and comfort to the poor isn't a calling.
It is a commandment.
Something all are to do,
But few attempt.
Rather, we formulate a showdown.

"For the least of these,"
Is how the words of the supposed savior begin.
They may be the most ignored words in the whole book.
Ignored out of sheer inconvenience.
Rather, we formulate a showdown.

The posturing must end.
We either give of ourselves fully, no matter faith,
Or we quit pretending.
We can't do both.
No more manufactured showdowns.

— The End —