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wyle tan Jun 2018
Good morning from Chumphon, Thailand

I awake with happy birds
and country roosters' crow
lazy and slow

I pity busy morning
filled with noisy cars
rushing downtown
anxious and hurried with cares

By Wyle Tan
Written in bed.  22 June 2018
Dark n Beautiful May 2017
It is May Day
Not a sign of the tulips blooming
The sun won’t stay behind the clouds forever,
Said the weatherman  
What the hell do they know”.

I woke up with the intention of burning
The African scented candle stick: forgetting
That I didn’t purchased them yesterday:

Darkness fell upon this May morn
The air is cold and gloomy: somehow my
Favorite visitors took time from the morning routine,

Landed on my window and sang to me

I texted my brother and reminded him
To water the roses,
Trimmed the dry leaves,
On my outdoor patio upstairs

I remember  May Day long ago
When I finally broke the *****
I have pondered about that old lover
From time to time: with a genuine smile
So far my memories is kind to me,

There is a picture of a rooster on the kitchen wall
it reminds me of my grandmother kitchen
Where food wasn’t an abundant
Despite adversity:  
but lots of love was there in that old house:

Dark sky can dampen one spirit.
However, a hot cup of coffee, a keyboard
Can boost ones energy,
Composing a poem, a happy poetess
Or a game of slots can brings out the art of creativity
As she takes on the morning with a few
Words, a few lines, hoping to put a smile
On the faces of sadness
Erin Suurkoivu Dec 2016
Stuffed on chicken wire,
no rooster in the yard.

I’m practicing magic
while the lawnmower rides.

Funny that,
said her valentine.

They hadn’t yet learned
there’s so much to know,

her body opening
like a rose.
Sally A Bayan Jun 2016
Rooster's time,
Amber fields, blush with ripe grains,
Coffee is brewing...



Copyright June 3, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

Sy Lilang Dec 2015

Siya ngang may pakpak, walang laya
Siya ngang boses ang umaga, walang hininga.

"Pisi Mo'y walang tugon,
Sinumpang lupai'y may butil ng biyaya --
Pukpukin Mo ang pakong may anay na kalawang,
Pagkat Balangkas Mo pa lang,
Ako'y napayuyukod na.
Ako'y marupok kaya't nasilo Mo --
Na-silong Sa'yong pag-ibig."

"Aking paglisa'y pansamantala lamang,
Ako'y magbabalik sa panibagong araw,
Babalikan kita,
Huni mo'y siyang sigaw sa balintawak,
Ika'y patotoo sa Aking pagbabalik
*Kaya't humayong may sigla."
plied playful pied piper oh puppeteer dream writer of a wonder and future so bright,
oh tell pray chance the grand wonders in morrows to come a stored store for the wondering fools of this world tonight.

casting, the irons so hot, malleable, tender in the hearts delights, here in this awkwardly worded flight, of fearless tendency, oh ****, necromancy?
****, yeah, that, that can stay far from sight. now, lets lead with the fixxen to wack the mole of ridiculous vixxen and fiction so true, so true the crookedly made house, rousted clout, for he is an ego far too large this alley mouse, pretending to be a cat without a house, oh wait that's me, scratch that last part, before someone figures out i was only a silly little roustabout, and hoping to rooster, and goose the calling of mine own loud *** mouth out. crap. this *****, but we are far from done, oh almost forgot you standing there, will you do us all a solid and tell us the way out? or at least what horse to bet on in the triple crown and the powered ***** all hanging out? your a Daisey if ya do.
(please look at this as satire and a poking of sorts, and with jumbled fumbling wit an egg on mine own face crouched on the couch with little flow to talk about. cause this is just what it is, nothing but foolish fun for the mere running of the bulls.)
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