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Kyrie Hajashi Apr 23
Sail far my dear heart
Away from her name
Row fast, my dear, row away
Away from her flood and her flame
Her heart untamed.
I bet you guys knew what is an acrostic poem right?
it's a poem where each first letter spells out a name or an object.
BeckyH Mar 16
We all deserve to walk in the dark if we wish.
We all deserve to get home safe.
We all deserve to be policed by kind hearts.
We are all Sarah.
In memory of Sarah.
Ekzentrique Mar 2
Wala pa sa paaralan
Matunog na kaniyang pangalan
“Sarah.. Sarah..”
Anak ng isang mayaman

Dahil sa kaniyang ama
Marami siyang kaibigan
At dahil sa maraming pera
May mga taong nakamata sa kaniya

Ngunit ganoon ba talaga
Sa pera at pangalan bumabase ang mga tao
Kahit hindi pa nakikita
Kahit pa na ang destinasyon ay malayo
William Jan 8
An orchid for Sarah, a being so fine.
Her hair like winters breeze, her voice like a spring rain.
With eyes brown, bold and piercing, piercing into my heart like only she can.
Her lips are bold and soft, a single glance brings my soul aloft.
Even the orchid shuts its petals in envy of her beauty, blushing as though it were a rose.
Her hair long and flowing, spilling over her shoulders, mimicking the waterfalls that she admires.
I walk along a stream leading to a single orchid,  the orchid that is Sarah in my eyes, that rare flower that I so desire.
There she is, Sarah among the flowers.
Another crush of mine, I wrote this before she ghosted me...
kiran goswami Dec 2020
When Sarah Kay said "we all sound the same underwater"

I realised some people belong to outer space.
A B Faniki Jul 2019
There was an old woman name Sarah that
her future was in shamble, that we thought
but God who has created
her, use her for great deed.
this woman gave birth to, nation of might
© A B Faniki 7/20/2019. Reedited
sarah kayy Nov 2019
I just need to write
I just need to leak
I won't say what's on my mind
I'll have the words search and find
Since when was opening up a crime
Only in this day and time
I want to speak
My tongue is locked
My eyes open wide
To flood things out
Stupid .
In a time where no one reads
No one reads the eyes
No one reads people
No one looks enough to care
If one doesnt listen , would one look?
Oh how foolish!
Teach my words to find contentment
Teach my thoughts to rest
An  escape does not exist
Only in unseen space
Nik Bland Nov 2019
You are absolutely the most gorgeous
Goddess on two feet
Those ambitious
Auditioned, failed
Had to sign a non-compete
You exemplify amplified
Realism till I’m knocked right off my feet
And meeting you leaves me
Tongue tied
Buy and refund vowels
Because I can barely speak

You are Artemis and Athena
Sometimes meaner
You’ve both the brain
And brawn to back it
Not many times do sights
So right
Prove worthy of me
Being flabbergasted
Mere mortal men’s minds cave in
And bow at your intricacies
And you blush, turning crimson
As humbleness rushes to your cheeks

You may not feel the heat
But I know the stakes
Grade A
You are prime to me
Prepared, unshared
With utmost care
And it’s the only time I’ll compare you to meat
I’ll avert my eyes as you rise
A gentleman for eternity
Because love was fantasy
Utter blasphemy
Till you made a believer of me
Sarah Nov 2018
you are important beyond your thoughts,
you have come so far in such a small amount of time,
your efforts are not ignored.
three hundred and sixty-five days have passed twenty times,
and you are still breathing.
i have loved you for three hundred and sixty-five days times,
the days you have suffered,
the moments you failed,
the hours in which you felt alone;
you were locked in but you wanted someone to pry the door down to let your demons out.
i have not stopped loving you and i may have stopped showing it but
that showed your determination.
you pushed on in your personal dark hours just to make it to the light.
the glow of hope that now radiates onto your skin,
you are living proof that strength lies within.
love brought it out,
but your courage kept it constant.
Written 9/25/2017
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