The Stage is set,
As they all leave their fountain,
Mindless hunks of flesh,
Coming down from the mountain.

And now the Curtain rises,
As the first one falls,
A flourish of death,
My one true Protocol.

Our performance begins,
As they blossom to life,
Once a pointless mortal,
Now true art in the afterlife.

Watch my Puppets Dance,
One, Two, Three, Four!
Sprouting, blooming into beauty,
Now this, I truly Adore.

Smiles, Everyone, Smiles!
Don't scorn me with those blood soaked eyes,
Your misery is my masterpiece,
Together we can harmonize.

I've outdone myself this time,
There is almost no more art to be made,
I've reflected on my pieces,
And I'm not done I'm afraid.

I cannot be good, I MUST be perfection,
As they all break out into a brawl,
From far off in the distance I whisper,
This is your curtain call.
It's about Jhin from League of Legends, he's my favorite champion and his voice and attitude inspired this piece. :)
Phrases heard In:
Black Jack,
League of Legends,
and The Bedroom.

"This is supposed to be a team game".

"Tap like this, to hit it".

"Let's Double up".

"I need a leash".

"No, no, no, never do that".

"That's everything I have"

"Forfeit Forfeit.. Just forfeit."

"There's no chance"

"Just keep trying! don't give up! we can do it!"

"It's just not in the cards, man".

"I wouldn't risk it".

"Never stray from your strategy"


"just take the tip".

"Nice job!"

"We're fucked".

"We should end it".

"When you go in and out like that, it throws everything off".



"Okay, let's finish"


"I always end up on bottom".

"Hit me".


"split them".

"stay in your lane"

"Stop being toxic".

"He busted!"

"We won!"

"this is a battle of attrition".

"I don't have enough money for that."

"I'll move to the middle"

"Look at this champion!"

"Consider yourself honored"

"You didn't listen, you should have listened".

"How do I play this, Champ?"

"Don't hit the 18!"

"Come onnnnn!!!! COME ON!"


"That was a terrible start"

"You got lucky"

"We got lucky"

"That was a hell of a match".

"Good game"
the Manly team racked up a big score by half time
they executed play with the brilliance of prime
Parramatta couldn't register one single point
their brand of league not of the try or goal anoint

when play resumed for the second half's concluding session
it was clear that the Manly Eagles would lead the procession
the Parramatta Eels were lacking game commitment
they needed possession of the ball's vital equipment

penalties and mistakes bought Parramatta dismay
of their play there'd be no hip hip hooray
the final tally showed Manly's field advantage
which was to the loser's woeful disadvantage
Alec Feb 16
Casually not okay
I mean granted you’re allowed to say anything you say.
Yeah i know I’m not perfect I’m not preferred
And I’ll be honest it’s expected so it’s not like it actually hurts.
I’m not tall enough, I’m not strong enough.
Which makes dating pretty tough and rough.
Short guys get the short end of the stick
Fitting isn’t it?
I should work out more i should eat better.
Would that mean i could go get her?
She’s out of my league to begin with
And me, stealing her heart? That’s a myth.
I’m the one she’s interested in,
But I’m not the one she really likes.
People are interesting
BW Jan 27
"You are out of his league"
I know
"You used to date football and rugby players."
I know
But haven't you seen the way he looked at me
How he dolls me up in dresses
The snuggles. Wine. Abalone and caviar.
You haven't seen the way
He waits for me with roses at the station.
Massaging me on a Friday night, ripping off
his tie to cover me with kisses.
The way he calls me "Princess" and builds me a blanket fort

So what if he is below my league
if he is the one picking out shoes for me carefully
and the one who holds me
When I cry, tears streaming down like a baby
I have a high league.
I know falcons will circle beauty.
At Davos, or maybe Boao.
But he is not out of my league, He is the league
I belong to.
Snow boots and suits through the Swiss snow.
Just to tuck me in
where my heart is at home
NW, such a beautiful master xx
Rashed Dec 2017
2017 was a wonderful and joyful year,
All the happy moments and those filled with tears.
All wonderful things must come to end, so do not fear.
'17 is about to leave and '18 will soon be here.
A few tips for those whose intentions were unclear.
Confess to your crush in the awkward atmosphere,
whatever his/her answer may be, you must be persevere.
Love aside, your family is above all,
Once or twice a month, do not forget to call.
'17 will haunt you for your actions that seemed so small,
Commit the same mistakes and you WILL fall.
Cherish every friend, as each to their own story,
Listen and you will appreciate him/her greatly.
As to enemies, keep them closer
with time, they will be the reason you have grown stronger.
For the new year :)
Alissa Belle Nov 2017
It was a blind pick type of match, premade
You're a full kit, a pro, a stunner
But my focus, my chase, my dive, my pathing
For you, my target, to you, my destination, were on lockdown

With a flash spell you summoned
I was instantly cast
Unsuspecting, you took me off guard
Hooked, gank, gap closer, leash, pull

I was a full tank
building up my defenses
MRes, taking care to keep myself safe from the kill
But I'm Rdy, a Sleeper OP

I'll Hold
I'll cover your lane
Defend your tower
Protect your base

A Rambo attempt; diving in alone
A Proxy strategy; high risk high reward
A Skillshot; an aim that can potentially miss

Say you'll commit,
That you won't retreat
Say that you'll fight
Until the battle is complete

To my Champion, my Main,
My FotM
FF; I surrender my heart
No DC, No MIA, No QQ

WP my love GJ
GL my love HF
A love poem using League of Legends lingo.
John Cena Jul 2017
urgot, u big oaf
do u want to eat another bread loaf?
ur just so fat
i hope ur not a democrat
because this spider
might cryder
if u dont hug janna
with a bannana
soraka is now sad
and that is bad
league of legends is gay
but we play every day
Jaycee Nov 2016
I need to stop overthinking
and just pause for a moment, something distracting
just become frozen.
League it is.
Guen Sy May 2016
they take pictures for u
paint portraits
and write
all i can do is pray
that someday youd notice
the future i built
supposedly for u
& i
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