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Megan Hammer Nov 2019
Take me to Treasure Island beach
It’s way too cold for me
But I'll go swimming in the sea with you

Or we can get the bikes
We'll ride along the Pinellas highway
Racing to the bottom is what I do best

Come on, what would you like to do next?
The store - I'll get your coffee and your dates
And when it gets late, we’ll go to the bay
Say a film you'd like to watch

The lock is somewhere in Bruges
He put it on the bridge by the hotel room
The one we lived in for a time
When we went rogue in the mountains

Our crime on the coast of Normandy
Hand me the shell and I'll keep it forever
But take back your coat
It's too cold for you to be without it

Stand here where you stood
Kidnap me as you thought you would
It could be so nice to ride across the border

Take me to Treasure Island beach
We'll find a boat and float away
In Gibraltar, we'll never come back
Megan Hammer Aug 2019
The River Seine, I remember well
And his bedroom window just above the stream
The gleam of a basement bar in Bruges
Blue eyes he poured out of over a mug

All I can think of is laughing and stumbling in the street
The cathedral as I sat in his lap, soft as the hour passed
Laughing at boys who were drunker than us
Asking each other which way the hotel was

Kissing in the dark in the back of the pub
Just look at him - how the eyes pour out
Pouring the most important thing into me,
Words I keep scrawled on a note in my pocket

Because he’s not here to tell me anymore
Doesn’t mean I can’t go back to the River Seine
Or a cathedral or the bar or the square

I can still hear it, the eyes pouring out
A B Faniki Jul 2019
There was once a rich youth who was a chief
officer, he squander his dough on drugs for cough
the chief now is not fine
the virus in him is immune
which made his handkerchief always filled with cough
L© A B  Faniki 7/21/2019 limerick for my book banal Tells . This one is about drugabuse
Paul Jones Jun 2017
Near the alcoves of      a secret garden
you'll find me lost in      the maze of my mind.
13:30 - 12/06/17
State of mind: calm; serene; peaceful.

Thoughts: from experience - of being in an alcove of a secret garden, lost in the maze of my mind.

Questions: none.

Edited: 10:20 - 13/06/17
Original Post:
Near the alcoves of      a secret garden
you'll find me lost in      the maze of my mind.

Edited: 10:20 - 28/10/17
Original dyad reinstated.
Edited version:
You'll find me in the     alcoves, the cradle
of secret gardens,      lost in my minds maze.

(A coincidence I noticed afterwards, that the time of both edits is exactly the same.)

— The End —