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Brandon Conway Jun 2018
In this land of freedom
Not a single thing to do
Just sit and stare at static
Play the victim, be dramatic
Lounge in your echo chamber
And eat
and eat
and eat.
Shaded Lamp Jun 2014
Wake up
Got the shakes
Get some black mirror
Brush teeth
Get washed
Get some black mirror
Feed yourself
And the kids
Get some black mirror
Out the door
In the car
Get some black mirror
Seat belts on
Drive kids school
Get some black mirror
Blood spilt
Kids crying
Get some black mirror
Blue lights
Loud sirens
Get some black mirror
Waiting room
Get some black mirror
Wife arrives
All in pieces
Share some black mirror
Police arrive
No more black mirror
In a cell
Need some black mirror
In the dock
Because of black mirror
Everyone else
In the court
Getting some black mirror
I am as addicted and as enslaved as anyone to the little black mirror that glows when I touch it.
The Universe has a vision for me, of what I am to become and Life is the artist, the sculptor. Everyday it chips away parts in which I don't need. It refines me n smoothes my sharp edges, it carves into me intricate details which will grow to define me. Everyday a part of me dies, but only to be reborn as a newer more refined individual.  Every strike of the chisel hurts, but pain is required for growth so I embrace the pain I embrace the hurt cause ultimately it will help me grow. I'm not completed yet so the blows still come, I'm an unfinished work of art. Half a stone tablet and half a man.

— The End —