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Zywa Jan 11
Office is a place

of meeting where people talk --

and that creates work.
Novel "Een Fries huilt niet" ("A Frisian does not cry", 1980, Gerrit Krol), Prologue

Collection "Rasping ants"
Jellyfish Nov 2023
Interruption creates dysfunction,
I try to stay focused but find myself distracted
When my flow state is corrupted
It causes a malfunction.

Why can't you send a message
Instead of speaking to me in person
Calling is a last resort,
I'll wait for your text.

The talking in the office is irritating.
The sound of the fax machine
Papers shuffling
Quiet is key

Headphones help me,
I feel like I'm time travelling
When I put them to use,
Please stay away from me.
Zywa Apr 2023
What a strange office!

Still, it turned out that I stayed:

I got used to it.
"Het Bureau - Afgang" ("The Office - Failure", 2000, Han Voskuil), page 218-219, Maarten Koning and Jantje Bavelaar on her farewell (1983)

Collection "(Not too bad [1974-1989]"
Steve Page Mar 2023
Two words that are joy and salve to my soul
That have my full attention at their mere mention
Two words that together complete one another:
Steve Page Feb 2023
On your last day,
at your leaving speech
you let your real self show
(just a little)
and then I saw you
stop yourself
just before you got interesting.
An office observation.
Zywa Dec 2022
Think of the office

as a madhouse, then the rest --

is pretty normal.
"Het Bureau - Plankton" ("The Office - Plankton", 1997, Han Voskuil)

Collection "Not too bad [1974-1989]"
Spicy Digits Aug 2021
I want to touch your base,
I want to touch base.
Now we're gonna circle back
To our circle ****.
Feel the warmth of my regards
Deep in your archive folders.
Savour the tingling of my best wishes,
Between your table of contents.
I want to touch your base,
I want to touch base.
Man Aug 2021
Take all your taxes and see if you aren't able to get more done with them
Then those that represent you.
Do those that do, really represent you
Or do they resent you?
And secretly tread with scorn?
If you truly want change, seek an office
Grab a gavel
Do your part
Zywa Jul 2021
Swimming in windows

dark with all the office ink:

the ghostly white fish.
"San Francisco" sketch (1954, Jack Kerouac)

Collection "Appearances"
Spicy Digits Dec 2020
Harken unto thee all cubicled rats
Furrowed brows
And mortgage rows
A cocktail of sneezes, wheezes and white lights

Leave me the soil under my fingernails
The monsoon and the snakes,
Heavy lifting, creature coexisting

Just spare me from the circle-backs
And obituary emails.
The stale air, ergonomic chair.

Hallowed be the slow mornings
Birdsong breaking the dawn
A soul full of tea
Softly resting chin on knee

Save us from the flood of empty words
Of formality and forced smiles
The glorification of busy

Crumble the ancient hierarchy

Let us wander home.
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