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K 7d
Breathe a breathy, "How have you been doing," in your white coat, Dr.
And cast blank but not wholly unconcerned glances my way.
Press cold against my chest, ask me to breathe.
Coax my blood forth-
I can't watch it fill,
Joseph Rice Sep 19
My Office

Veneer and gear cogs orbit my sky eyed bored writ
Face, fuzzy bottom trace rings masculine tell bells ‘cuz
I’m lazy, not hazy on congeniality or veneer reality.

This cube main lines fake hued bane mines and vain finds
Purchase on surface of brown turf dust or brick fur guts.
Veneer reality.
Jon Thenes Sep 12

leave no rock unthrown
pummel out base energy
and breath yourself down



the workday complete
pastimes can become primal
predators compete



leave no throne upturned
collapse the authority
prior to it’s role as...
OpenWorldView Aug 19
Pointing out
the truth.
the future.

It's all for naught.
As words spoken
remain unheard.

Ignored you start showing.
Giving all you have.

But again
all is for naught.
As results
remain unseen.

So you keep toiling
silently hidden
unknown unseen
til the end.
Pooja Jajoo Aug 9
Knock knock
Get up, it's 5.40A.M.

The tired soul
Woke up, half awoken.

Sweat her out
That fresh air on her face
Those cold winds blowing her hair from right to left

It's 7.00 a.m
She rushed to shower
Groomed her hair up

It's 8.30
Felt not to go,
But those eyes dragged her out.

Tired Soul
Rushed to office..

That work load made her overtired
Those lunch break where she could heal

It's 5.30 P.M..
It's time to head back to home
Undressed her in and out
Scribbled her thoughts away.

Tired Soul ..
went to sleep again
Went to sleep again.

-Pooja Jajoo✍
A B Faniki Jul 28
Some superiors know how to hold a grudge,
That only death could pry them away from it;
Some colleague are inexperience in every aspect
Of their work, but well verse in treachery and groveling;

Some customers know how to transfer their aggression
And run out of patience at the sight of frown;
So we overwork nonentity most remove our crown
And put a barrier against these office hurricane for protection;

We most tell ourselves little-lies everyday that we're strong,
For this little make belief is our safety at work;
Like we hope for heaven we hope today won't
be as bad as tomorrow and our joy to be long
I wrotw these poem after experiencing these things in my place of work. I hope you enjoy it © A B Faniki 7/28/2019. This qork is ark of my WIP bannal yell soo all copy right are reserved
Little Piper Jul 19
You wake up
Do you feel jittery?
Panic runs through your nerves
Tired and restless
Heart pumping wildly
8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours sleep
Still feeling choked by a headache
Numbness filled the back of your mind
Watery eyes from fatigue

Time for work

Getting called in
Do you feel the anxiousness?
The tension in the air
Sweaty palms and feet
As you drag yourself in

You're in
Do you feel calm?
Empty and a lil nervous
The thought of 'I dont give a ****'
You knew where this is going

He screamed
Do you feel upset and angry?
With the demeaning insults
Threats after threats
And you sat there silently
Allowing him to

You left
How do you feel?

Your day begins
Do you feel better?
Work after work after work
Piling up like hills so high
Jittery feelings return

Do you feel dead?
Exhausted and drowned with work
It does not stop here
Unfinished business to continue
Type away with blank stares

Your day starts again.
For a friend who feels all sorts of negative feelings with her job and her boss on a daily basis.
Piyush Gahlot May 31
New in office she came in unnoticed,
A tech trainer she is! someone quoted.
Seemed like an introvert at first,
had no work, pretty sure it was August
yeah, she is a head turner,
being a North Easterner.

Cool, implicit, **** that adorable smile!
Eyes closed, stretching lips a quater mile.
Her pure skin, cute little chin, that side profile.
Every day she keeps a new hairstyle.

Uninterested at first but I had a formal talk,
had some coffee, went for a walk,
sat there talking, just around the block
calm, composed, returned from Bangkok,
I got interested And decided to stalk!

We have a great tuning I intuited,
at each other our eyes were fixated,
always looking for reasons to talk,
In that party we danced together,
catching embarrassing eye contacts
and cheeky smiles.


She's uninterested whenever we text,
Responding in a word or two flat!
After minutes or an hour by math.
This is confusing, irritating, **** that!

I am kindda interested , like worth a nickel,
got a crush on her, just a little,
Should I ask her out or not! I am in a riddle!
Or wait for of her clear signal?
Confused by her Mixed Signals!
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