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Seeing it again
That innocent view
Undisturbed eyes
Bright, clear and new

Feeling it again
Pastures of grass and light
Butterflies as fairies
Magic is true sight
It feels so good

To be open
To feel alive
Excited to be alive

I am human
Imperfect naive little human
But it's so hard to Be
I have to give us some sympathy
This is a frightening journey
But I am doing it


This experience is art
My Life is a symphony
The human experience an exhibition
It's all so tragic and beautiful
I love it

given name
given ***
given the eyes of a billion
spectacles that look you
up and down, giving because
they have to give.
what to do then?
1. grip the silver lining
and begin a journey
2. face the glass doors
that lead to a different forest and bring
the honey back
to the hive
you must give
who are you?
Sy Lilang Aug 29

Nagbibilang na lamang ako ng oras
Upang ang bukas ay tuluyan nang kumalas
At kusang sumabay sa palakpakan
Sa entabladong nakatikom sa aking damdamin.

Ilang taon nang nakikibaka ang Iyong mga kamay
Sa modernong pagkatha at paglikom ng mga salapi.
At sa aming hapag-kaina’y ilang ulit na akong tinutukso
Ng mga matatamis na panimula sa telebisyon —
Na baka sakaling matikman ko rin
Ang hain nila sa sarili nilang hapag-kainan.

Minsan akong nangulila
Buhat sa kawalan nang may mga katanungang,
“Sino nga ba ang tama?”
Na sa paulit-ulit na pagtatapon ko ng mga ito’y
Ang mga ito rin ang sumasampal sa aking pagkatao.

Ngunit ang totoo’y:
Nilimot ko na ang mga katanungang iyon
Hindi ako sumabay sa agos ng galit
Na bumabawi sa aking paghinga
Na tila ba ako’y pagod na
At gusto ko na lamang manahimik mag-isa.

Nais kong sambiting
Hindi ako nagalit nang minsan mo kaming pinagtaksilan,
Inisip ko na lamang na iba ang latag ng kapalaran —
Iba ang laro sa loretang ito
At hindi ito madali —
Pero ito’y panandalian.

Siguro nga —
Iniisip **** saan nanggaling ang mga ito
Ang mga salitang tila ba hindi ko man lamang pinag-isipan
At tuluyan kong binitawan
Gaya ng pagbitaw mo para sa amin.

Pero gaya ng sambit ko —
Hindi ako galit,
Hubad ang aking emosyon
At umaapaw pa rin ang aking pagpapasalamat
Na sa mga oras na ito’y —
Hindi mo kami iniwan.

Higit pa sa pagpapabatid ko ng pasasalamat sa ito’y,
Nais kong ihagis ang aking mga kamay sa langit
Na tila ba higit pa sa nagagalak ang pakiramdam
Ang aking puso’y tiyak na ang grasyang alay ng Langit
Ang gumawad sa akin ng kalayaan.

Malaya akong piliin ang saya kesa sa galit,
Na parang paghihimay ng mga butil ng buhangin,
Parang imposible, di ba?
Pero naging posible
At wala na akong maihain pa
Kundi ang umaapaw kong pusong
Ginawang Malaya ng Maykapal.

Lubos ang aking pagsamba,
Salamat Ama.
Salamat sa dalawa kong ama at Ama.
GENIE May 28
This isnt a poem of my thought,
Its a deep lesson life taught
In the darkest wees of the morning,
I woke feeling like ****
The previous day drowned me in defeat,
Weakness overtook me without  warning ⚠
The dawning morning was no better
Rats had eaten my drugs
I've never felt such bitter
I cursed them little thugs
The shouting and horning came within warning
In the background, groans of pain
I happen to be a staff of accident and emergency
Where we treat injuries of utmost urgency
Someone was dying at my gate,
I let them before its too late
All who brought him were more tensioned than power lines
I only had to look to understand their deep worry lines
A man's gut was outside, dripping red
This ain't just red, it's blood
Being military born and bred,
Emotions never Flood at sight of the red
Kidney, intestines, liver and all
Whose for rhymes sake i call paul
We're torn, even his bladder and gall
My legs shivered, I almost took a fall
My body shivered despite engine heat
I searched for the nearest seat
At the sight of man's raw meats
My heart skipped 10 consecutive beats
What made it even more touching,
Was what he kept moaning,
What he kept asking
He'd been climbed by a tow vehicle engine,
While sleeping,
His tow vehicle engine
A trailer that tows trailers
He'd been virtually killed by it
Partially killed by it
Yet he kept asking of it
Praying nothing happens to it
My eyes almost broke in tears
Something that hadn't happened in memory long years
Despite everyone's fears
This man had different fears
This was something he didn't value before
But as he laid on death's dark shore
He valued it like never before
This made me feel bad, then sad, then mad
Realizing I don't value enough, all I had
Always complaining things are bad, times are hard
But not anymore,
I won't get to death's dark shore
Till I appreciate, give thanks even more,
What I have now even before,
Every single scrap in my life store
Life is a gift I realize,
A gift, a trophy, a prize
Not by chance or a game of dice.
To live is divine consent,
Every second, years, every moment
It's a gift called the present
Life's too short to resent
Be thankful sister, be grateful brother,
And please share this with another
This isnt a Made up story,
It's a true life story.
Moral lesson:value what you have now,
                         Look at your life and say wow
Kyle McClure Jan 27
a well liked man is a well cut ham,

bodies sitting around the dinner table,

the smell of salted snacks, cheap beer, and wine,

sibilance of love and reflection to pass the time,

curvature of lips in an upward spiral,

soft eyes, relaxed muscles,


the wise lady walks in,

time to toss the sin,

a prayer for rainbows in stormy weather,

a prayer the same goes through with a warming sweater,

many minds converge as one,

to speak and think of love,

for one another.
To my wonderful grandparents and the teachings of love they have shown me over the years. Thank you.
we all need to be rested
not on the bed wasted
but in our mine" cruise ship
never mind you're at that school or
that so called company
you're more than a concept
accepted as an identity
abundant flat in the souls
pulled away til the both poles
never "ever" gotten enough
wash your pale face
that you used to put off!
Vinolin D Dec 2019
Lost some people
Lost some friendship
Got so much pain
Felt sadly

Didn't make to lose the precious thing
Saved our lives this entire year
Made us to survive in the world

Thank you so much
It's a thanksgiving for God. It's for year end.
Amanda Dec 2019
We have spent every Thanksgiving
United the past 5 years
Don't know what your plans are today
I know you're not spending it here

Looking backwards twelve months ago
The place I've come to despise
Compared to now is not all that much worse
Both are still getting high

Though at the time seemed like life
Was not anything more than broken
Feel like a fool for not appreciating
Sweet words no longer spoken

Strangely discover myself wondering
If I stayed would we be at peace?
Miss your presence more than you know
Without my heart is missing a piece

I have holes inside my heart
Kind that can't be filled with food
And shame instead
Of turkey being chewed
Written last year on Thanksgiving
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