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Nov 2014 · 9.0k
Haiku (Sun)
Gladys P Nov 2014
The sun emit flames,
Into a starburst of light,
Sprinkled through the day.
Gladys P Nov 2014
Your invigorating scent, still fills the air,
Beneath my white satiny sheets,
When the morning breeze,
Escapes into my bedroom window,
And it simply feels like a retreat.

And I was overcome by nostalgia,
When you closely laid behind me,
Listening to the pleasant ocean waves,
Taking us to a blissful journey,
Far into the sea.

As you gently held my waist,
With your chest against my spine, unwilling to part,
Slightly breathing behind my neck,
And today, I heavenly drifted away,
In place and time, when you faithfully stole my heart.
Gladys P Oct 2014
Their eyes light up,
As they glanced into the mirror,
In their distinguished and fashionable costumes,
Awaiting to attend the first annual magical competition,
And their face glowed,
Upon departing their private rooms.

On a glamorous Halloween night,
When three endearing teenage girls,
Played Jasmine, Cinderella, and Belle,
They dressed in extravagant fairy tale gowns,
As they held on a prestigious lobby rail,
And their heart stood still, as they walked down the stairs, in a fine hotel.

When guest sighed and applaud,
Into a standing ovation,
While the princess' streamed upon the platform,
In their lovely long dresses,
Posing lavishly, in distinctive and vibrant colors,
And in amazement, they came to a halt, in an exquisite form.

When three young male ushers,
Gently, reached out their hand,
Slowly proceeding with their Disney queens,
Guiding them to the dance floor,
And soon their wishes,
Became quite a reality, like a dream.

But before the clock struck to 12:00,
The girls quickly ran towards the door,
When one of Cinderella's shoes, slipped off her foot,
And was unable to stop,
Since a curfew was set at home,
And there, it sadly stood.
Gladys P Oct 2014
Since the first day you touched me,
You've satisfied all my thirst,
And I still sense that tingling sensation,
As if it were my very first.

Even when you look into my eyes,
It seems like I'm melting inside,
And my life means so much more,
With you by my side.

Just wrapped within your wings,
Makes me feel so divine,
And my heart stimulates a poetic melody,
Each and every time.
Oct 2014 · 978
Until The Night Vanishes
Gladys P Oct 2014
Show me the way,
Until the night vanishes,
And the morning transitions,
Into a radiant day, circulating in passionate ashes.

And guide me through an adventure,
Where we're all alone,
In a world of ecstasy,
That's far and unknown.

To a secret place,
We'll make our own,
Away from it all,
Lost in the aroma, of your cologne.

With our hearts entwine,
And you by my side,
In the midst of nowhere,
Just you and I.
love, romance, adventure, ecstasy, passion, heart, entwine
Gladys P Oct 2014
Dressed as witches, ghost and vampires,
And the night almost near,
Brings creepy sounds, of howling wolves,
A fun celebration, at this time of year.

When an old and evil miserable witch,
Fly high in the skies, on her wooden broom,
Across  high rises and over the sea,
Below gleaming stars, and behind the luminance moon.

Fearlessly and wicked, in a squeaky soft tone,
Pointing her long ebony finger nails,
Casting a spell, to everything known,
Not leaving a sign or a trail.

And spooky ghost, gently drift through,
Into the misty mild breeze, in the midst of darkness,
Leaving soft whispers,
And nonsense.

And vampires, pace in ****** shot eyes,
In hollow fangs, bathed in scarlet hues,
Searching for his next savory victim,
Leaving a vicious trace and painful bruise.

When far away, howling sounds are repeatedly heard,
Loudly and fiercely, upon this gloomy upcoming Halloween,
A chilling and frightening tale, beneath the dusty twilight,
Unlike anything else, ever seen.
Gladys P Oct 2014
The more I think about you,
The deeper you fulfill my dreams,
Like the first day, your lips kissed me,
Almost as if yesterday, though it seems.

Yet once again,
You embrace me in your arms,
As you glance into my eyes,
With tears of happiness, and appear quite charmed.

And you softly whisper, "I miss you,
Please believe me ... I really do,
I can't stop thinking,
About you."

And I shall forever, hold you in my heart,
Until my last day comes to an end,
Because everyday I need you more,
Than just a dear friend.
Gladys P Oct 2014
It was a gloomy Halloween night, misty, dark and cold,
With madness and mysteries that were yet to unfold,
When a pretty and pleasant witch, simmered hot brew,
Preparing to cast a spell, to the young and old.

With a poisonous drink, in scents of sweet potion,
And a fragrance of pure white lilies, only if they knew,
Tasty and hot, similar to a steamy cup of tea,
Placed in a large ***, plenty for everyone, and not leaving a clue.

As ghosts glided through, generating spooky sounds,
Reflecting mysterious whispers, as light as the winds,
And scary black bats flew endlessly, into the darkness,
Sparingly stroking, their generous long wings.

As guest gathered hopelessly and anxiously, drinking her brew,
And became drowsy, falling asleep,
And the witch grew weary and tired, through the night,
Upon her awakening, her invitees managed to escape, and she started to weep.
Oct 2014 · 9.2k
Haiku (Pink Awareness)
Gladys P Oct 2014
A time for sharing
Breast cancer month awareness
Go pink, and save lives
Oct 2014 · 2.5k
As They Mesmerize The Season
Gladys P Oct 2014
A soft, and magical pearlescent blanket
Covered the alluring streets
Lightly and gently, to the touch
Falling slightly, beyond adorable tiny feet

With sparkling snowflakes
Streaming into delicate strokes, with ease
And frosty icicles, decorated the land
On this snowy, winter freeze

In laughter, tots place their teensy fingers
Upon their crimson precious face
Looking up in happiness, and reaching out
Capturing the beauty, of tumbling sprinkles, in amaze

While gently unfolding their little hands
And flakes, mysteriously disappear
A fantasy, and wonderful experience
As they mesmerized the season and shed joyous tears
Sep 2014 · 10.9k
When The Sunset Shields
Gladys P Sep 2014
The spirit of spring rises,
Into a blissful gate to heaven,
Where dreams revive, and flourish,
Into a luscious landscape,
Set like a haven.

When the sunset shields,
Against the vibrant contours of nature,
In a garden of enticing and cultivated blossoms,
Leaving a spectacular scenery,
With glamour, and a feeling of rapture.
Gladys P Sep 2014
Mild winds romantically whisper,
Beneath a sprinkled lit onyx sky,
Cuddled in a half-moonlit glow,
Beaming upon a fantasy world, air brushed,
In a white winter wonderland, quite high.

With streets coated in a blanket of snow,
Glistening through the night, in a fine array,
And tree branches engaging in a heavenly show,
In pearlescent tones and poetic notes,
As autumn seeps away, and a new season comes to play.
Sep 2014 · 4.5k
Hundreds Of Galaxies Sparkle
Gladys P Sep 2014
Into the night, hundreds of galaxies sparkle,
Secretly engaging, like a child's game of hide-n-seek,
Surrounded by soft puffs of snow,
In the warmth of the summer breeze.

And unfurl,
Into the tropical seas,
As waves mildly splash,
Upon a bed of sand, creating a feeling of peace.

When light whispers,
Vanish upon native shores,
And relive in my heart,
Forever and ever more....
Gladys P Sep 2014
Autumn adorns the universe,
Into a transitional seasonal display,
Preparing for a whimsical change,
Upon evergreen trees, in rouge and ember shades.

Lavishly, shedding slowly,
Into a fusion of tones, leaving embellishing grounds,
Bearing naked branches,
As they casually toss down.

Stroking their leaves, and sending colorful hues,
Like a genuine piece of tapestry,
Beautifully interlacing,
And harvesting, 'neath the suns abundance of energy.
Aug 2014 · 3.1k
Gladys P Aug 2014
The ebony skies
Pose a parade of crystals
Blinking through the night
Gladys P Aug 2014
At night, in the midst of silence I cry myself to sleep,
Thinking about the heartache you've caused me,
And wish I could disappear,
Into the bottom of the sea.

And hide away,
Because without you,
Life feels empty,
And the days appear quite blue.

Since I can't hold you,
In my arms anymore,
Like the innocent child, I held long ago,
And my heart only pours.

But I hope one day, we could build a foundation,
That will bring us back together,
In perfect harmony,
And be reunited forever.
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
A Soft Lullaby
Gladys P Aug 2014
Late at night, when you were sleeping,
I stood beside you, until the light of day,
While you snuggled,
Beneath a cuddly pink blanket,
And I found it hard to stay away.

When you rested in your cradle, with your eyes gently closed,
Tenderly nibbling upon your tiny fingers,
And innocently smiling in your sleep,
Listening to a soft lullaby,
And in my heart, it shall forever linger.

When the stars twinkled in the sky,
As I looked out the window to see,
And the moon illuminated with a smile,
On that charming and unforgettable night,
When you laid close to me.
Gladys P Aug 2014
They fill the air in sweet soft scents,
When their delicate petals unfold,
Slowly waving in the dulcet breeze,
In vibrant shades of yellows, pinks, and blues,
And stand tall, between an arched rainbow.

After a bashful touch of rain showers,
Forming into crystalize droplets,
Dripping upon the blossoms fragile leaves,
On a stimulating summer day,
As the golden rays offset.

Instilling a charming glow,
Adding a radiant ambiance, to a welcoming atmosphere,
As I listen to the precious birds chirping,
Into a melodious tune,
On this comforting, and inspirational time of year.
Gladys P Aug 2014
Time doesn't take away the tears,
Or words could never express,
What you've meant throughout these years.

Even though its been quite long since you went away,
I still miss you,
And in my heart you'll always stay.
Gladys P Aug 2014
You are now safe in heaven,
Embraced by everlasting light,
And united in His glory,
A beloved land,
Where you will rest forever, away from sight.

As He walks you through,
Into a resilient sanctuary, free from harm,
Only to seek happiness,
And many blessings,
Bringing calmness, within His arms.

And you'll fly gracefully .... like a butterfly,
Fluttering from flower to flower,
Ever so lightly,
Into a world of serenity,
Overlooking the splendors of the cosmos.
Gladys P Jul 2014
My heart sails,
Like the ocean breeze,
In search of the calming aquamarine waters,
As it rises with ease.

Sending a refreshing fragrance,
When the brisk air echoes upon the shore,
And cleanses my inner soul,
As I listen to the music of yore.

And the midnight sky,
Transcends into a luminous show,
As I sit back,
And enjoy the beautiful site from below.
Gladys P Jul 2014
You laid still beside me, with your eyes closed,
As if you were almost asleep,
Dressed in a lovely, dusty pink lacy dress,
Upon a white satiny sheet,
As I kneeled next to you and weeped.

And I reached out, and touched your frigid hand,
Something I've always been afraid to do,
But it felt like a horrible dream,
And it was quite difficult,
To believe it was you.

At times you appeared alive,
Sleeping through the night,
When they played your favorite soft music,
Surrounded by a gallery of precious family photos and video,
And I felt lost, but you seemed to fill the room with light.
Jul 2014 · 2.9k
Your Smile Will Live Forever
Gladys P Jul 2014
Your spirit now rests in harmony,
Since you were called with the angels above,
But your smile will live forever,
And it's only you, I think of.

With wonderful memories,
When you reached out from the bottom of your heart,
To  see everyone together,
A dream you left behind, and sadly unable to start.

But I believe in eternal life,
And some day we will meet again,
To celebrate and rejoice,
And it will never have to end.

Rejoined in a new world known as paradise,
An idyllic place to be ... without any worries or pain,
Bringing happiness and togetherness once again,
In His presence and reign.
An unexpected death, at the age of 25....found unresponsive in car in a garage, due to carbon monoxide.
Jun 2014 · 8.3k
A Tranquil Lit Afternoon Sky
Gladys P Jun 2014
A parade of fluorescent silhouettes,
Aim against a tranquil lit afternoon sky,
In a collage of interwoven blossoms,
Casually stretching,
Side by side.

Releasing a pleasant aroma,
Interlacing within the calming sea,
As the water creases, upon a bed of shimmery grains,
Below a shade of fluffy clouds,
A place you would never want to leave.

When the tides slowly washes in,
In a rich and mild lather .... lacking impel,
Underneath a ribbon of distinctive seashells,
Leaving a mesmerizing imprint,
And a magical spell.
Gladys P Jun 2014
The winds softly whisper,
Singing a gentle romantic tune,
As dusty pink roses ... bathed in dewdrops,
Leaving a pleasant fragrance,
In attune.

When the petals sway and unfold,
Into the tender breeze,
'Neath the lucent moon,
And the sky sparkle like diamonds,
Twinkling from above ... with ease.

Overlooking a refine emerald blanket,
Surrounded by sprinkles of white smooth pebbles,
Beside a lovely exotic tree,
On this playful summers night,
And it seems quite special.
Jun 2014 · 4.2k
Preciously Playing Peekaboo
Gladys P Jun 2014
Upon a bright spring morning,
In the warmth of the ember sun,
Adorable chromatic koi's pose,
Graciously leaping in a distinctive pond.

Casually stroking their fins,
In a flattering array,
On this delightful,
And cheerful beautiful day.

As they glide smoothly,
Hiding underneath huge stones,
Preciously playing peekaboo,
Each in a beauty of their own.

Near a tall brick wall .... beneath the purities of cascading waters,
Portraying a lively show,
As the zephyr gently embrace,
And the waterfall plays a soothing percussion, as it flows.
Jun 2014 · 949
Everything Seems To Fade
Gladys P Jun 2014
I was once lost in despair,
Until I found happiness with you,
And no longer see the colors of gray,
But true shades of the splendors of the sea, in a clearer view.

Everyday when I awaken feels like wonders,
Bringing unforgettable memories like the golden days,
The past no longer lingers,
Since everything seems to fade.

Leaving a smile,
As pleasant as the sunshine,
With an impression,
As if I were on cloud nine.

Because you stole my heart,
For all the right reasons, and comfort me throughout this time,
And I'm quite thankful,
You make my days genuinely sweet and divine.
Gladys P Jun 2014
Her eyes appeared as dazzling as the sea,
When she was bathing underneath the sun,
Splashing water upon her precious face,
With her tiny hands .... laughing having fun.

She was a bundle of joy,
Playing with her adorable white furry pet,
On this beautiful sizzling summer day,
And it was quite difficult to forget.

With her little bare feet,
Covered in greenish-blue waters slightly below her knees,
As I observed,
Near the lovely tropical coconut trees.

Along the shore was a small tern,
Dressed in white with yellow legs and bill,
And a black patch above its forehead,
Dancing in happiness, as we watched in thrill.
Gladys P Jun 2014
In the forest stood tall admirable pine trees,
As we walked hand in hand with ease,
Upon a blanket of snowy and frozen grounds,
Hearing voices and beautiful sounds.

While the cold winds softly echoed through the night,
Bringing harmonious whispers, as we glared into the moonlight,
And the trees were beautifully dressed in white, on this Christmas Eve,
With clusters of long evergreen needle leaves.

The breeze murmured through the branches,
Gently waving making advances,
Saying "please take me home,"
"I am stuck in the cold" in a low tone.        

Near lied an adorable reindeer,
Whispering words we barely could hear,
When we walked closer, it fearfully ran,
As fast as it can.

Joined by a polar bear,
Who sadly said "I am scared,"
And we quickly selected our tree,
Though it was quite difficult to see.

When we walked away and glanced behind,
The adorable creatures, followed appearing quite divine,
With laughter and smiles,
Softly saying "we hope to see you again," and their eyes looked as radiant as a child.
An early children's fantasy Christmas tale...
May 2014 · 2.2k
When I Walked In The Rain
Gladys P May 2014
Tonight, when I walked in the rain,
Raindrops gently fell upon my face,
Bringing fond memories of you again.

When  we watched the stars,  sparkle with reign,
And the crescent moon, emitted a translucent light,
Bringing a sensational feeling, that I couldn't refrain.

Without you life goes by very slowly, and it's difficult to explain,
Since you are the one, who blinds me when you're near,
And cuddles me when I am lonely, taking away all of my pain.
May 2014 · 2.9k
Where Dreams Comes True
Gladys P May 2014
Lost in a sanctuary,
In the midst of a magical land,
Where dreams come true,
Stands an open portal,
Leading into a lighted pathway,
Upon its natural emerald scenery,
Surrounded by an inviting waterfall,
Cascading, beside a haven,
Into a gated wonderland,
Where fairies and treasures,
Lie beautifully,
In an unknown enchanting palace,
A small world of fantasies,
Leaving an illusion, of an airbrush painting,
In an elegant gallery.
Gladys P May 2014
A poets muse, is like an artistic drawing or orchestra,
Sending one, to places of fantasies and dreams,
A night out of town, a destination, a romance,
A priceless nature setting, among other things,
Taking flight in wings.

Visualizing in silence,
Beyond what others see,
Seeking with desire and passion,
An ambience far from reach,
Into a forbidden site, within the soothing sea.
Gladys P May 2014
When you're not here,
Your voice still lingers in the air,
Bringing fond memories,
Of the passionate chats we share,
When you hold me close,
With a fix stare,
And shield your chest,
Against mine,
Softly placing your hands,
Upon my waist,
And engaging into the simplicities,
Of the moment, place, and time,
Leaving an alluring reflection,
Of our incredible nights.
Gladys P May 2014
Summers, golden rays
Sends out radiance,
Like capricious diamonds,
As it protrudes through the blue celestial,
And lounges upon the horizon.

Performing an appealing,
And luminous show,
Streaming into a wondrous glow,
In the mid-days calming air,
As it flows smoothly from below.
Gladys P May 2014
If I had a wish, I'd be a shooting star,
With magical powers from above,
And watch over you,
Where ever you are, with love.

I'd glare through the night,
Making all of your days bright,
Kiss your blues away,
Never leaving your sight.

I'd dazzle your life,
In hues of golden sunshine,
And fill your nights in radiance,
With someone to comfort and intertwine.

And purify the universe,
From sea to shore,
Embracing with kindness and love,
And there's nothing I would ignore.

From dusk till dawn, I'd rise upon the dusky skies,
Assuring you are safe and away from harm,
Twinkling through the night,
Guiding you endlessly and unharmed.
Gladys P May 2014
In stillness, and splendors of the oceans glint,
I casually walked down memory lane,
Leaving behind, lovely memories with each passing footprint.

Calming sapphire waters, creased upon the shore,
Bringing mild sudsy currents,
Crashing onto the smooth silky sands, like never before.

As sparkling seashells decorated the seaside,
Tumbling gently,
Upon the tiny creamy sprinkles of grain, as I glanced along the side.
Gladys P May 2014
Sweetheart, my love for you,
                                                Is as deep as the sea,
                                                 And without you,
                                          I don't know where I'd be.

Everyday feels like reign,
                                         And you manage
To take away,
                                                     All of my pain.

                                                 The fulfillment,
                                                    ­ You bring,
                                             Is like scented flowers,
                                             In the midst of Spring.

                                           And there's no place else,
                                                  I'd like to remain,
                                           Then to be in your arms,
                                               Time and time again.
Gladys P May 2014
Inside the tropical seas,
Sits a pinkish-red coral, in a lovely pose,
Like an elegant piece of jewel,
Concealed underwater, at dusk,
Unveiling, as the sun graciously arose.

Reflecting a fine portrait,
Of nature's gifted qualities,
Beneath the azure skies, and surrounded by sparkling waters,
A spectacular picturesque scenery,
Releasing all of my worries and ties.
May 2014 · 10.7k
Pinkish-Red Coral (Haiku)
Gladys P May 2014
In tropical seas,
A pinkish-red coral pose,
Like piece of jewel.
May 2014 · 2.0k
The Warmth Of Your Body
Gladys P May 2014
Today when you held me in your arms,
And whispered in my ears,
How you yearned this moment,
I sensed the rhythm of your heart beat,
When you kissed my lips,
Through the warmth of your body, when you were close to mine.

And I was breathing in apace,
When you softly stroked my back,
And was melting into you,
And didn't want this day to end,
Bringing out the magic in me,
Hidden for sometime.
Gladys P May 2014
In the awakening of the ebony skies,
A burst of translucent and shining crystals,
Flickered into a heavenly bliss,
Enlightening the night, like an amazing festival.

With a mild breeze, that gently sways,
Bringing warmth and a tender caress,
Leaving a beautiful and fresh fragrance,
Alluring romance, at its best.

Instilling a delightful glimpse, of a beaming smile,
Upon an enchanting moonlight,
Inspiring, a sensual and cozy atmosphere,
On this dazzling and magical night.
Gladys P May 2014
As I peeked, from my lanai,
Luminous air waves,
Flashed and sparkled, like thin spider veins,
Blinking into the misty dusk.

In rumbling and vibrating sounds,
Creating shocking frequencies and turbulence,
As thunder roars, neath the opaque clouds,
With a loud disturbance.

Followed by gusty winds, and cascading raindrops,
Streaming into the midnight hours,
Splashing upon the terra cotta rooftop,
Showering the garden, beautifully.
May 2014 · 5.7k
In A Soft Melody
Gladys P May 2014
At nightfall, in the midst of silence,
The sky turned,
Into a sheet of gray,
And droplets of rain,
Pleasantly came sprinkling down,
Making tranquil musical sounds,
Appearing to entertain.

Landing upon an adorned bed of roses,
In hues of reds, yellows,
Pinks and whites,
Lightly spreading their delicate petals,
As crystalline beads,
Gently dripped onto the ground,
In a soft melody.
Gladys P May 2014
Mommy, you've nurtured me,
Since the day I was born,
Watched me grow,
And taught me many things I've learned.

In my heart you'll always be,
A hidden treasure,
Just for me, since everything you do,
You do with love and pleasure.

And on this special day,
I'd like to say,
How much you really mean to me,
Because you always find time, even if it's out of your way.
Gladys P May 2014
Just when the sun illuminates,
Upon the sapphire skies,
And the clouds appear,
To slowly dance, side by side.

Shimmery, cobalt blue waters,
Perform a low sequence, on the seaside,
Leaving a bubbling blanket,
On the surface of smooth sands,
Washing away, pretentiously.

Bringing a gentle tropical zephyr,
With rhythmic sounds,
Echoing, through evergreen pinnate leaves,
Swinging gently, into the calming air.

Inspiring a magical after glow,
With dreams fulfilled,
In ecstasy,
Leaving a warm and peaceful impression.
Gladys P May 2014
Just when the sun illuminates upon the sapphire skies,
And the clouds appear like glamorous pearls,
In their own distinctive shapes,
With gentle movements, in puffs of florals.

I slowly walked beside a stream of water,
In least resistance,
And felt nostalgia take control of me,
Guiding me safely from a distance,

As I looked above, in amaze,
I felt your presence, as if you were near,
Suddenly everything became still,
As if you were watching over me, bringing tears.

And you touched my inner soul,
With a little prayer, in a soft whisper,
But even today, it's difficult to understand,
How I lost you, upon that dreadful day in winter.
May 2014 · 1.8k
Spring (Haiku)
Gladys P May 2014
Spring** has sprung, into
A display of cheerful shades,
Like painted canvas.
May 2014 · 9.2k
Blue Martini
Gladys P May 2014
An upscale lounge well known,
For its ambiance and specialty cocktail,
Which includes live entertainment dancers,
On stage, in fine detail.

While a  glamorous female stood in front of the bar,
With a deep sea blue martini, in her right hand,
In an ice cold oversized snifter, dipped in sugar upon the rim,
Where she leisurely stands.

With a pink orchid,
And blue twisted glow stick, placed inside her drink,
Taking rhythmical steps,
Side by side, in sync.

Dressed in a strapless dress, slightly above her knee,
Nicely fitted, in shades of purple, green and teal,
Displaying a genuine soft look,
With such great appeal.

When a young man walked in,
And gazed into her seductive dark brown eyes,
Reaching out his hand,
Asking her to dance, as he passed by.

She was absolutely stunning,
With fair complexion, short black hair, a beautiful silhouette,
And a radiant smile, reliving her early days,
An unbelievable night, quite difficult to forget.

She appeared divine,
Upon the dance floor, mainly surrounded by youth,
Dancing salsa throughout the night,
And mixed melodies, near the DJ booth.
Gladys P May 2014
Inspired*  by  Disney's  magical  kingdom,
And  ench­anting  fantasy  tales,
 You've  reached  the  learni­ng  age  of  five,
Leaving  precious  memories,  deep ­ in  my  heart,
Like  dainty  little  footprints, ­upon  a  trail.

Since  the  first  day  you  ent­ered  my  classroom,
Shying  away,  in  a  world  of  your  own,
And  nearly  in  ­tears,
Waiting  to  be  picked  up,
And  taken  b­ack  home.

But  you  gradually  surpassed  this  f­ear,
Allowing  me  into  your  life,
As  I  reach­ed  out  with  dedication,
And  unconditional  love,­
Opening  the  door  to  your  futureand  watched  you strive.

By  quickly  learning  your  ABC's,  123's,  colors,
So­unds,  and   mastered  the  writing  of  your  name  quite  ear­ly,
Including  other  tasks,  and  now  it  may  ­sound  effortless,
But  it's  a  gift  you've  cert­ainly  gained,
And  today,  I'd  like  to  wish  you  a  safe  and  success­ful  *journey.
May 2014 · 3.5k
Mountains (Haiku)
Gladys P May 2014
Splashes*  of  blue  skies,
Lie  upon  curvy  highla­nds,
Adorning  the  *land.
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