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Ken Pepiton Aug 2019
she was jest one knotch too weird wired for regular folk
smile was sorta crooked,
'til she grinned,
the whole ****** room lit up like

Christmas Eve and New York New Year on TV

she was thereafter ever after I vanished
in the undamming of the flow,
past the weir on Tenant's Creek.

We walked in the moonlight,
to a famous cavern
Dreamtime, dust stirred in the cave...
hear the sea?

way yonder, hear the ocean?
Sh, touch the dust, ashes of the past,
roll in the dust.
cough choke joke joke
you pass
you pass heko heko finiinish wink.

Wood pecker rythmn in a hummingbird realm,
one two three for five six seb

seberal cebral lesions appear, pop-outa-gno-where

evil imaginations in your hear, dear reader,
go binge all Purge movies,

then rewatch five seasons of that sup-augmented
puppy show, where each episode is a win,
for the
favorite, in any any child's hierarchy of worth.
Patrol verses Oscars Oasis--
Get some goodoldfashion ethotical archeo-types
Etched in acid,
splashed in face of the diva asking ever who who who

is fairest of the fair?
not fair?

har har har, fair's fair, in Love 'n' War glory stories,

that end well, all's well.
That ends.

Next is no longer just
around the corner... this junction is some

past all that. Here is where
the rubber met
the road,

the one that leaked and changed reality
for me.
How small the co-incidental nature of our nativity. It's a miracle you can read this.
George Krokos Oct 2018
Are you an accidental parent in the world today
when there's so much uncertainty about at play?
People are so caught up in the lusts of the flesh
and don't really know how to escape this mesh.

They fall headlong into a premature parenthood
and don't allow things to unfold as they should.
Sure, nature has a way and takes its own course
but are we not all a victim of some blind force?

It starts at puberty and right through adolescence
there's a really strong urge involved with essence.
Our bodies undergo transformation into adulthood
there's no way around it; all are subject to the mood.

Also, there is so much ignorance in the world today
embedded in the minds of most people in such a way.
They can't see themselves when being taken for a ride
ending with an unwanted burden they're unable to hide.

If they follow those ways of the common throng
it will only lead them into a place that is wrong.
And if revolving around the centre of their groins
they go against the advice 'to gird up one's *****'.

However, this may happen without much thought
and they find themselves very often being caught.
Especially if there are two willing to fulfil desires
that between them both aren't what Love inspires.

For Love has a lower cousin which is called lust
those who are much controlled by it can go bust.
It doesn't matter then who you may happen to be
lust over Love has made a stand, we do now see.
Written early in 2018.
I hope that this poem is not taken to be mocking any person who find themselves in such a state because it can happen to just about anyone.
Leydis Sep 2018
Even if you were an accident
I can never say I regret you
You cracked open my soul
and showed me the nastiness that lives there
That only you have the power to uncover
You taught me that not every intention is good
That not everyone can be saved
That life bring about ways and answers you cannot explaine
But for the moments we were happy I will cherish
I will continue my path with an understanding of never allowing someone to lavish onto the evil I didn't know I had
But to clean it with new lessons life is sure to bring along
Harri Jun 2018
I never meant to love you.
You caught me
On the way to my solitude
And tripped me,
So casually.
Did you even notice
That I fell?
Kelly Shea May 2018
I know this isn’t just a crush. I haven’t known you for long but when we look at each other there’s something burning inside of me that I’ve never felt before. The connection is deep and it’s destroying me with every accidental touch. You have changed my distinction on love. You have changed every thought I’ve ever had about my past relationships. You have shown me everything I want but you can’t give me everything I need. I do believe that one day, this space created between us will end. But for now, I haven’t gone a second without thinking about the sound of your voice saying my name as you pull me in for one more kiss.
-- Mar 2018
We search seas for rough
cleansing, but
some times, some new
some old,
we search for her to lap away
the warmth in our sun-born flesh,
to ease away the white-hot-heat and frenzy,
till her cold wet fatigue may kiss us full
of calm, of passivity, of loftiness, of sea-foam docility
and to chill our temperment some.
Sip her blessings, child,
but I warn you, her cup overfloweth
and in your wanting,
your pining doubt,
an open mouth spells a ominous quiet,
and a hushed sigh of grief--
for the sea mourns your passing--
or rather, the passing of the warmth
she grasped too quickly at
when your heavy head dipped too low
too weakly, and bright eyes closed cold
and meekly.
Cana Feb 2018
I’d love to write something clever and witty
To capture the essence of Dr Suess in a ditty
But try as I might, the words don’t take flight
And the whole thing just sounds kind of ******
This was not supposed to be this way! Sneaky limericks just popping up and taking over.
Samantha Dec 2017
Anyone here have
Any quesions about the
Latest announcement?

We may be getting
Our first doggo tomorrow
and I'm excited

Each fan role gives you
Access to a special chat
Related to them

So I learned that there's
A website that lets you make
Your own fonts for free

She kept slapping and
Throwing things at me so I
Kissed her and she stopped.

Ahh... yeah. Kind of the
Reason why I thought you were
Older honestly.

Cats walk by putting
Both right feet forward and then
Both left feet forward.

I was unaware
I was being annoying,
My apologies.

But then again, in
That case you can use your socks
To kinda itch them.
A collection of accidental haikus I found. Some were mine, others were said by other people.
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