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btp May 2019
Crystallized cards and bleeding hands
Empty minds and dull reflections
Desperation spread accross the lands
People divided into seperate sections
Skins burnt crisp by brands
Bodies braking down by neglection
Time without the flowing sands
Faith lost in crucified interception
Pedro Aug 2018
Close your eyes
I want you to visualize
And look deep into my mind
Feed into my thoughts
And play with my emotions
You'll be surprised with what you'll find
There are some things I only want you to see
Look at my past, present, and future
Look at the good and bad
And tell me what you see

Now imagine walking in my shoes
Seeing what I've gone through
The obstacles I've overcome
The struggles I've faced
Some things will never be the same
Life is such a crazy thing
It's never really what it seems
But before you, I stand tall
And through it all
I've become the person that I am today
Devin Ortiz Apr 2018
I decided to make council,
With the restless thoughts
Who so loudly impose their
Selfish will, stealing all sanity.

Mind goes dark, rekindled.
A chorus of ill, surrounds the hold.
Farther, at the castles court,
The loudest voices quarrel

Those of past, present, and future.
Essence of good, bad and indifferent.
Hands drawn with wild cards.
But no full house or flush to play.

They've taken notice, grins gone wide.
For the anarchist win, this game of pride.
An outcast falls, over and out the wall.
To scream the song of wanting.

Eyes open, light returns, palavar done.
None the wiser, but the time has come.
It works slowly, in effort's guise.
Rework the master, or meet demise.
Light House Jan 2017
Do I even dare..
If I refrain, then how
do I even begin...
not to talk of your bare skin?

They say to listen.... to make
women laugh ...& on & on
with such things; but, men...
love to visualize & see.
Even if is to gaze
at a something, which
will never be..

So go on of such things.
Lucky for you..
the fire
between your thighs
matches the
twinkle in your eyes
& the spark of your mind.

So go on'll feel no guilt...
I'm pure in this w/ no regret.
So go on ..take us all along for your ride;
& some of us will just do
what we do best, replacing bed
-- rather than rest --  which is...                  |kicking ../back visualize.
Thank You, FS
For the title idea
name Jun 2015
A constant reinvention where the outlier becomes the mainstream and circulates back to the outlying regions. Beautiful layers on a bed of kindness and understanding.. compassion mixed with passion and hot tempered moments of reality checking in-your-face murals along the textured walls..seen through crisp, foggy mornings.
Gladys P May 2014
A poets muse, is like an artistic drawing or orchestra,
Sending one, to places of fantasies and dreams,
A night out of town, a destination, a romance,
A priceless nature setting, among other things,
Taking flight in wings.

Visualizing in silence,
Beyond what others see,
Seeking with desire and passion,
An ambience far from reach,
Into a forbidden site, within the soothing sea.
i Apr 2014
let's go away at night.
go to our imaginary land and take your guitar.
i'll play away the time, singing our song.
joining the stars in the beautiful dance,
the dance of happy tears.
let's scream as loud as we can,
let the world know we're awake at night.
let's create a dream,
a dream we should visualize when we're feeling down.
let's leave this world and go away together.
go live a perfect dream.

— The End —