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Sabika H Jun 15
Pigs carry giant whips
and shoot bullets
and spray their spit
at bats.

Bats fly and bump into rats.
Rats claim they are cousins
yet eat some bats and
become poisonous in their speech.
Bats cry out that everyone can have
a slice of the freedom cake
take one piece each.

Rats are hungry
because there's a hole in their tummy
so they tell the pigs to steal the whole cake.
Bats bat their eyelids to the darkness
realizing their alliance
was fake.
Phil Lindsey Apr 24
There once were some bats in Wohan
Who infected the meat they were on
The Chinese got sick first
But we have suffered the worst
We can’t even shake hands till it’s gone!
We met in our minds
One enchanted evening
Blue black hair
Dark eyes that pierce the soul ... MY soul
We embraced for a fleeting moment
Glassy eyed ... dream believers
Fools like us keep the world entertained
Like human dartboards
We dodge poisonous arrows
We play the games that others don't dare to play
From the pages of a book
The story comes alive
We are able to make believe
Then like a bat in the night
You mysteriously disappeared out of sight
At the first glimpse of the morning sun
Headache ... empty glass
The stench of wine combined with silence
Tangible silence ...
Suddenly it doesn't matter where we are
We're somewhere on the planet ... You and I
The face of the earth they call it
Under the same blanket of stars
And I think I have learned to love you from afar
A necessary evil to survive
S. Achilleos
March 29, 2020
Nylee Oct 2019
The night is here
Sleep is away.
I count the bats
Fly away.
Basil Watkins Jul 2019
Echo moved.
Andrew Rueter Sep 2017
Birds own the day
Bats own the night
Birds see in grey
Bats think they're right
At the break of dawn
Both take flight
Until darkness is gone
And we live in light
The beginning of dusk
Spells the end of our luck
Vampire bats steal our blood
Empire gats steal our love

The birds and the bees
Are no match
For the bats in the trees
They drain our youthful creed
And cause our heart to freeze
Until we hear the pleas
Of others being drained
We're glad they're in pain
We want them to be stained
By the nightly game

We've nightshifted into bats
Encouraging a nature nocturnal
It's like herding vampire cats
When the winged war is internal
Specs Aug 2018
I know I'm not a morning person
Not am I one at night
I'm not quite sure just what I am,
'Cause nothing feels quite right.

The night-time makes my eyelids droop
The mornings seem to crawl.
Not a morning or a night person–
I don't think I'm a person at all.

/\   /\
(  •w•  )
\        /
I'm secretly a bat
this is the result of poorly organized and divided notes and doodles

Happy Halloween!
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