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Nylee Oct 10
The night is here
Sleep is away.
I count the bats
Fly away.
Basil Watkins Jul 20
Echo moved.
Specs Aug 2018
I know I'm not a morning person
Not am I one at night
I'm not quite sure just what I am,
'Cause nothing feels quite right.

The night-time makes my eyelids droop
The mornings seem to crawl.
Not a morning or a night person–
I don't think I'm a person at all.

/\   /\
(  •w•  )
\        /
I'm secretly a bat
this is the result of poorly organized and divided notes and doodles

Happy Halloween!
Eno May 2018
Delete the film rolls
The black
The white
The kaleidoscopic
Of flowering Winter heliotropes
Now the wood has rotted
And our forest
Feels empty
Feels fake
Someone clangs a triangle
We all hate the sound
Of hearts breaking
Like sticks snapping
Ensnared in a love nest for one
Where the bats
Come out at sunset
And ****
All out
Til I’m gone
Eva Ellen Jan 2018
I will dance at night
Bats sing a dark, Hamlet song
Shadows make great leads
Martin Narrod Aug 2017
You were standing in a red cardigan.
You told me somehow a bat had got in.
I got a broom and a bucket and put on a hat. We put the bucket on the broom and that was that. You told me to get the bat back out outside or don't come back to bed, I went to war with this 4 oz mammal, the war is on I said. I'm going to get it. Get outta this house or you're going to find yourself dead.

I made a war face, it swooped down at me, I said oh no you don't and threw the bucket over his wings, and that was that. That was it, and I won the war. That was that, I put it outside and then I closed the door.

Your red cardigan was easy to spot, even though you didn't have any makeup on, I saw you sitting there in the corner chair. Bucket on a broomstick you looked absurd to me, I asked you if you wanted something to drink. You said no, I just want to go back to sleep. I said oh, do you want to go to bed back with me.

Take off that silly red jacket, and that hat that doesn't match. Put on something more for sleeping and then let's get it on. You said okay. I said I'm starving. I told me to eat something if I was starving.

I picked you up and threw you down on the bed, I pulled off your pj's and your underwear fast. I said I'd like to eat out, you said you were thrilled, I said I won the war now I'm going to stake my win. You grabbed my head and pulled it closer to you, I grabbed you with my arms I knew what to do. Mammal, mammal, animal in me, I said let's play for keeps, you said I want you inside of me. I laid you down down down down and it was on on on I said let's get things hot hot hot you said I turn you on on on, I said I'd just begun.

We danced ourselves awake until the morning light arrived. And then I heard a sound from the window outside. I think he's back, I said, you said don't focus on him, I said I can't leave it if the war hadn't ended. I kissed your face I kissed your legs, I asked you to spit in my mouth. I'm you're warrior just hold on while I **** this flying rat, you made a face, I grabbed the broom, you put your red cardigan back on and met me with the bucket inside the living room.

I took the broom as my sword and the bucket as my shield, I take our heraldry very seriously. I through the broom in the air, and caught the bat with my shield, she went to open the door, I went to open the freezer. Not in there she screamed, but he'll never make it out alive. She said it'll make everything else smell I said he's got to die, I grabbed him by the wings and took him to the kitchen at once, turned on the garbage disposal and pushed him through it. Blood on my shirt, blood on the stove. Blood was everywhere even across her nose. I won the war I said with a gleam of excite, she said now come back to bed so you can claim your gift and your prize. So I went back to bed and gave her back my head. I stuck my tongue out far as I possibly could. And I went down, I went down down town. Oh I went down. I went down down town. I went to town, I went down down town. I went to town. I went down down town.
Vexren4000 Jul 2017
The woods share,
A strange commonality,
All so verdant and green,
Even when they are landlocked,
By twisting city streets,
The jungles and forests,
Are akin in their insects,
Buzzing around in droves,
The birds that sing and dance,
Freely in the heights of sky and trees,
The trees that reach for the sun,
Attempting to get taller,
Sometimes falling victim to parasites,
Or human hands,
It seems also,
That no forest is safe,
From the onslaught of man.

Isaac Godfrey Jun 2017
Bat within the morning,
basking upon the dawn,
frolicking within the dull red,
as the heavens begin to yawn.
Bat within the skies,
enjoying the lulling breeze,
flitting through the autumn forest,
wandering 'round the trees.
Bat within it's home,
eaten many flies,
hibernate throughout the day,
then take to the skies.
This is a simple piece of literature that follows the delightful routine of a bat traversing the morning lands, heading home.
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