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There is a forest,
Somewhere around; Nowhere.
And in this forest on a barren patch.
Is a cottage.

On one side of the cottage there is a field,
That burns through night and day.
On the other side is a river,
Where it rains from dusk till dawn.

In this small cottage,
Lives a poet and his two pets.
One a Raven; as black as night.
One a Phoenix; burning brighter then light.

They fight and tease each other.
But although the Phoenix is stronger
The Raven always gets the better of him.
So the Phoenix rages on.

Every night, the house catches on fire,
And the field of fire consumes the house.
Causing the fire to grow stronger.
And spread through the forest even more.

But at 4 am in the morning,
The raven flies up to the moon,
And commands the winds and waters,
To put the fire out of the cottage.

Every morning,
The poet re builds the right side of the house.
Making sure the next fire,
Wont be as damaging.

But one day,
The phoenix turned from a fiery red,
To a midnight blue,
And burned not only the house, but the whole forest.

The river went dry,
The forest turned to ask,
The poet could not re build.
And the Raven had no water or wind to call.

The poet had to go else where.
But could only take one pet.
And although the phoenix burned brighter,
The darkness of the raven seemed safer.

The phoenix was enraged,
He became one with the burning forest.
He rose up to the sky,
And promised to reign heavily on them with ***** of fire.

The raven protected the poet,
And called on to the night,
And with one strong swing of her wings
She blew out the fire that consumed the phoenix and the forest.

Out of the ash,
The poet could re build nothing,
But the Raven offered him protection,
Under her dark wings.

In darkest of nights,
He was protected buy the calmest.
In the heat of the fire,
He feared to burn out and cease to be.
eleanor prince Dec 2018
I see the boy's eyes
he can't grasp
how is this

on balance
tales and
lies do
for the spark of
a yarn's

or are the child's
ties torn
the parent's
solidity broken
his rock
in a world

an uncomfortable reality...
Hunter Dec 2018
Feel my emotions
And here drink these potions
Hopefully these fix you right up
And make you feel tough
It's a mixture of 3 things
Love, Hope, Luck, all give means
Of seeing us together
After all the weather
These three things hold us
So please don't put up a fuss
Let the potions do the work
So our pain can hit the dirt
So we cannot be hurt
Let me help you
To help me too
OpenWorldView Nov 2018
Thick darkness envelops my days
suffocating my will with idleness.
The gloom of being weighs me down,
but I keep dreaming of fairy tale endings.
Danielle Oct 2018
Under a full moon,
The light reflected in your eyes.
We sipped red wine,
You told me stories of days gone by,
Of windy days and blue skies.

Under a sun sat amongst fluffy clouds,
We laid on charred grass and played our music loud.
We exchanged tales of lies and deception,
I caught my wide smile in the reflection,
Of your blue tinted aviators.

Under a roof, made of slate,
We sat up watching TV late.
In a place we have come to call home.
My hand placed upon your knee,
With the greatest gift you have given me,
A glinting diamond ring.

Under a church with a spire,
We said our vows.
I pictured our future,
All the places we will dwell,
All the stories we will come to tell.
Nisrina Ulayya Oct 2018
Hey you
There you
Whose eyes are the brightest over the world
Whose smiles are the sweetest on the universe
Don’t you know that I keep on staring?
Will you see that I can’t hide these feeling?
Nisrina Ulayya Oct 2018
Sirius, Sirius
Would you like to set yourself down to earth?
Cause somewhere far away from the desert
Someone is wearing black T-shirt
He’s not a magician, even a wizard
But Sirius, oh Sirius
If you look deep inside his eyes
You will see something bright shines
Brighter than you or a thousand suns
You’ll get jealous of the brightness of those eyes
Sarah Sep 2018
Fairy tales have always had an antagonist;
an evil witch or vengeful pirate,
plotting against the beloved hero,
but not all stories are realistic.
There are villains out to get you,
but they can be a lot closer than a broom ride away.
The ones glaring with glowing eyes from the shadows emerge
and you recognize that reflection.

Sometimes the one preventing you from completing a task,
celebrating a victory,
or capturing the damsel.
Is because the distress is yours
and the hand locking it away can be your own twisting the key.
Written 09/10/2018
Blade Maiden Sep 2018

found a hope that prevails
reaching for me under a starlit tent
built a boat that sails
across all oceans as they bend
filled my book with tales
an anthology of moments I didn't attend

what a terrible word
holding such a stinging truth
felt like it's all worth the hurt
while wasting years of restless youth
called out and haven't been unheard
found something I couldn't lose

thought any path would get me there
where wholesomeness is not just hearsay
kept a fire in sight that brought me to where
I would find the light of day
made them proud of me, made them care
made them listen to what I had to say

And now
from where I stand
a lyrical sadness
paper in my hand
I know this is true
                                                            ­             I can almost see you
Saroj Basnet Sep 2018
Yes it is weird...
As U saw me but I never turn up
becz my Eyes can't handle
those charmin' gaze of ur Stars.

Yes it is weird...
As u felt me but I never sensed u
becz my Body can't handle
those slushy whiff of ur Soul.

Yes it is weird...
As u still won't let go but I never let u hold
becz my Hands can't assist
those pleachy finger of ur Shape.

Yes it is weird...
As we met as strangers yet to be nobody
becz my Heart can't resist
those nourishin' lure of ur Core.
I think .....sometimes is good to be Wierd.
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