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fee Jun 30
living in two different tales
telling two different lies
he asked
who am I?
I can't answer
there's no lies to begin with
it's just me
with my various trait
Mark Toney Jun 24
exotic fish swim
aquarium-like setting
~ Roku screensaver

Mark Toney © 2021
6/23/2021 - poetry form: Haiku (for you) - Mark Toney © 2021
Jay M Apr 5
I call into the moonlit gleam
Though it may not right away seem
It was but a weary dream
Conjured by the heart
Only told in part
The remainder for another night

What more shall this tale tell?
What more shall be revealed
In the levels of the subconscious?
Only time and the will of a mind shall tell

- Jay M
March 26th, 2021
Femi Mar 29
I would have you my way;
Soon or some lucky day.
I usually procrastinate,
But this charm is rarely late.

My heart was in a rush
As your cheeks turned blush
Your thighs grew moist...
So, I made the choice...

I caressed you slow,
You held me tight,
I'm forever in love,
With you and that night.
She’s the last of the fairy tales.
The mobs came with pitchforks and torches.
The ashes of the golden era stains her skin.
Her magic dwindled, wounded by the sins of man.
She seeks not revenge, nor justice.
She seeks punishment.
I have been the guardian of her heart;
A heart she feels she no longer needs.
There will be a day where it beats again.
Not this day.
On this day she waits in the dark,
Waiting for the day her memory is forgotten;
The day her tragedy becomes a myth.
On that day, reckoning will come
To remind them their cruelty is unequalled
By the spirit of a fallen star.
On that day, I will be her harbinger.
On that day, I will resurrect the memory
They wished would stay buried in the depths.
On that day, the hearts of man will cry for mercy,
Only to fall upon deaf ears...
Because I made a promise.
Cross my heart, she’ll never die.
Look your devil in her eyes.
Emma Lawler Feb 4
Cinderella walked on glass
for a man who didn't know her name

Sleeping Beauty married
the first man she met

Ariel gave up everything
for the boy brown eyed Prince

They knew nothing
know nothing
of the men they marry

Ariel never spoke a word to the Prince
But she married him
And never saw her home or family again

Sleeping Beauty had never known men
But one kiss and she marries
How does she know that Phillip is the one

Cinderella was a slave that had never known kindness
One romantic night off and she's in love
They never said a word

How do you know
When your in love

How do you know
When someone loves you

Is it a spark in their eye
Or a tingle when you kiss

Or is there no tell
Is it all make believe
Stories we tell children
To make ourselves feel better about life
And love
Allesha Eman Nov 2020
Two withering souls
Lost in downtown fog
With their stories written in neon lights
And their destinies tied together
Gazing at each other
Through the reflection
Of blazing streetlights
In hidden puddles
Scattered around vacant parking lots
Dancing like ghosts
With honey on their tongues
A million longing words
Without ever uttering one
A sleeping city tells their tale
Of a longing moon and a loving sun
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