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Nishu Mathur Dec 2023
Step into to her world, a world where she lives,
Of colours a plenty and flavours many,
A flick of a hand, in measures she gives,
Spices that tantalise, worth every penny.
Red chillies an ounce, turmeric a pound,
Spices scarlet, yellow, in hues exotic,
Peppercorns, cardamoms, whole or ground,
Brown bay leaves, cinnamon, aromatic.
Wonders for the body that soothe and heal,
Nurturing from nature, a stoic promise,
From the choicest gardens, as senses reel,
Fragrance of flavours in sensual bliss.

Within her world, another world entices,
Her voice in sweet whispers has tales to tell,
Magic in dark eyes, the mistress of spices,
With a flick of her hand, she’ll cast a spell.

Written in 2013

( inspired by the title of the book by Chitra Divakaruni)
Nickolas J McKee Oct 2023
Of darkness to unfold,
I know where the boats go.
Tales that shouldn’t be told,
Of souls, demons told, “No.”
Where forth the demons bayed,
No other place love shown.
Forced evil seen and slayed,
Darkness is where I go.
Finding nights of terror,
Tears lingering unknown.
Knowing you of all things,
Let gone, a deathly glow…
Wincing and knocking, no…
A rattle and tattle,
Death dark and all alone…
The wind felt breezed and cold,
The chilling breath spirit.
Not known… till screeching end…
This all too conclude so,
Tales that shouldn’t be told…
Unpolished Ink Dec 2022
A harp that needs no fingers
no hand to pluck the strings
it speaks of love’s betrayal
and ****** when it sings
Chris Saitta Mar 2022
So Herodotus muttered marble dust into his beard,
And foretold the white clay of the mule road,
And the whiskers of Greece grew long with legend.
The Histories (c. 430 BC) of Herodotus are widely regarded as the cornerstone of historical works in Western Culture.  Though it primarily documented the Greco-Persian Wars, its reliability has often been questioned, giving rise to the belief by some that it is a work of fable and legend rather than chronological accuracy.
Stalwart Dull Aug 2021
Oh! How I love to write my feelings for you
You're my knight who saves me for feeling blue
Feeling these butterflies were new
In my stomach, I wonder how they flew.

Oh! How I love to write tales of you
I Iove you and this feelings were true
Even there were so many battles I went through
I want to win these fights with you
Mark Toney Jun 2021
exotic fish swim
aquarium-like setting
~ Roku screensaver

Mark Toney © 2021
6/23/2021 - poetry form: Haiku (for you) - Mark Toney © 2021
Jay M Apr 2021
I call into the moonlit gleam
Though it may not right away seem
It was but a weary dream
Conjured by the heart
Only told in part
The remainder for another night

What more shall this tale tell?
What more shall be revealed
In the levels of the subconscious?
Only time and the will of a mind shall tell

- Jay M
March 26th, 2021
ZL Mar 2021
I would have you my way;
Soon or some lucky day.
I usually procrastinate,
But this charm is rarely late.

My heart was in a rush
As your cheeks turned blush
Your thighs grew moist...
So, I made the choice...

I caressed you slow,
You held me tight,
I'm forever in love,
With you and that night.
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