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Gladys P Nov 2014
The sun emit flames,
Into a starburst of light,
Sprinkled through the day.
Gladys P Nov 2014
Your invigorating scent, still fills the air,
Beneath my white satiny sheets,
When the morning breeze,
Escapes into my bedroom window,
And it simply feels like a retreat.

And I was overcome by nostalgia,
When you closely laid behind me,
Listening to the pleasant ocean waves,
Taking us to a blissful journey,
Far into the sea.

As you gently held my waist,
With your chest against my spine, unwilling to part,
Slightly breathing behind my neck,
And today, I heavenly drifted away,
In place and time, when you faithfully stole my heart.
Gladys P Oct 2014
Their eyes light up,
As they glanced into the mirror,
In their distinguished and fashionable costumes,
Awaiting to attend the first annual magical competition,
And their face glowed,
Upon departing their private rooms.

On a glamorous Halloween night,
When three endearing teenage girls,
Played Jasmine, Cinderella, and Belle,
They dressed in extravagant fairy tale gowns,
As they held on a prestigious lobby rail,
And their heart stood still, as they walked down the stairs, in a fine hotel.

When guest sighed and applaud,
Into a standing ovation,
While the princess' streamed upon the platform,
In their lovely long dresses,
Posing lavishly, in distinctive and vibrant colors,
And in amazement, they came to a halt, in an exquisite form.

When three young male ushers,
Gently, reached out their hand,
Slowly proceeding with their Disney queens,
Guiding them to the dance floor,
And soon their wishes,
Became quite a reality, like a dream.

But before the clock struck to 12:00,
The girls quickly ran towards the door,
When one of Cinderella's shoes, slipped off her foot,
And was unable to stop,
Since a curfew was set at home,
And there, it sadly stood.
Gladys P Oct 2014
Since the first day you touched me,
You've satisfied all my thirst,
And I still sense that tingling sensation,
As if it were my very first.

Even when you look into my eyes,
It seems like I'm melting inside,
And my life means so much more,
With you by my side.

Just wrapped within your wings,
Makes me feel so divine,
And my heart stimulates a poetic melody,
Each and every time.
Gladys P Oct 2014
Show me the way,
Until the night vanishes,
And the morning transitions,
Into a radiant day, circulating in passionate ashes.

And guide me through an adventure,
Where we're all alone,
In a world of ecstasy,
That's far and unknown.

To a secret place,
We'll make our own,
Away from it all,
Lost in the aroma, of your cologne.

With our hearts entwine,
And you by my side,
In the midst of nowhere,
Just you and I.
love, romance, adventure, ecstasy, passion, heart, entwine
Gladys P Oct 2014
Dressed as witches, ghost and vampires,
And the night almost near,
Brings creepy sounds, of howling wolves,
A fun celebration, at this time of year.

When an old and evil miserable witch,
Fly high in the skies, on her wooden broom,
Across  high rises and over the sea,
Below gleaming stars, and behind the luminance moon.

Fearlessly and wicked, in a squeaky soft tone,
Pointing her long ebony finger nails,
Casting a spell, to everything known,
Not leaving a sign or a trail.

And spooky ghost, gently drift through,
Into the misty mild breeze, in the midst of darkness,
Leaving soft whispers,
And nonsense.

And vampires, pace in ****** shot eyes,
In hollow fangs, bathed in scarlet hues,
Searching for his next savory victim,
Leaving a vicious trace and painful bruise.

When far away, howling sounds are repeatedly heard,
Loudly and fiercely, upon this gloomy upcoming Halloween,
A chilling and frightening tale, beneath the dusty twilight,
Unlike anything else, ever seen.
Gladys P Oct 2014
The more I think about you,
The deeper you fulfill my dreams,
Like the first day, your lips kissed me,
Almost as if yesterday, though it seems.

Yet once again,
You embrace me in your arms,
As you glance into my eyes,
With tears of happiness, and appear quite charmed.

And you softly whisper, "I miss you,
Please believe me ... I really do,
I can't stop thinking,
About you."

And I shall forever, hold you in my heart,
Until my last day comes to an end,
Because everyday I need you more,
Than just a dear friend.
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